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Chapter Directory 303 I've Forgotten My Sister
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The entertainment circle is a big circle that accommodates countless people of all kinds, but people in this circle are often inextricably linked to each other, and that kind of completely independent individual does not exist at all.

     Some people praise, some people black, some people blow, some people spray... tangled and complicated.

     The only faith is profit!

     Lu Chen initiated the Leukemia Charity Fund on the Inspur blog, and Chen Fei'er does not need to say much about his support.

     Tan Hong, Liao Jia, and Sister Li are friends. It is normal for friends in the show business community to support each other, but those who know or don’t know actively join in, and the purpose is mostly not simple.

     But no matter what their purpose is, as the so-called when everybody gathers fuel, the flames are higher, the momentum on the Internet suddenly rises.

     Lu Chen really didn't expect to play so big!

     He quickly posted a new blog post on his blog to express his gratitude to all the supporters and indicated that he would complete the registration of the foundation as soon as possible.

     According to domestic regulations, individuals cannot conduct charitable fundraising activities, and the approval and registration of charitable foundations are very strict and require high qualifications to pass.

     But now that Lu Chen has made a decision, his will will not waver.In addition to his own efforts, the status, fame, and money he now possesses is mainly from the memory in the dream world.

     Lu Chen never thought that he would spend his entire life by squandering this immense wealth of memory. He thanked God for his gift and is willing to extend this gift to many people in need.

     The establishment of a charity foundation is the first step that Lu Chen has taken.

     How far a person can go depends on how broad his mind is!

     Chen Fei'er asked: "Who are you going to let to manage this foundation? Managers are very important."

     There are a large number of domestic charitable foundations, and there has always been a problem of uneven good and bad. Some foundations have a bad reputation because of the chaotic and disorderly management, which has become a tool for collecting money.

     For a star artist like Lu Chen, he certainly does not have the time and energy to manage a charity foundation, but the foundation's reputation and credit are closely bound up with his reputation.

     If there are management problems or other scandals, the impact on Lu Chen will be great.

     So the manager of the foundation is very important!

     Lu Chen scratched his head: "Sister."

     The person he trusts most is, of course, his relatives first, so let Lu Xi take care of it.Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Sister Lu Xi doesn't have three heads and six arms. You let her take care of so many things, can you get busy?"


     Lu Chen seemed to see himself being sprayed pour dog's blood on by his sister.

     With his growing popularity, Lu Xi, the manager and agent of the Lu Chen Workshop, is getting busier and busier. He used to say that she would make her dream of studying in Beijing to fulfill her graduate school dream, but now she doesn’t even have time to review her homework. No.

     Studying for further studies? Ha ha da.

     If the burden of charitable foundations is pushed up again...

     Lu Chen wiped a cold sweat: "Do you have any good suggestions or candidates?"

     Chen Fei'er said: "If I want to recommend, then I would recommend Sister Li, there is no more suitable candidate."

     "Sister Li?"

     Lu Chen's eyes lit up suddenly: "Is she willing?"

     Sister Li in the show business community is every voice gives praise and is happy to be charitable. Just now on his blog, she said that she donated 500,000 yuan to Lu Chen's charity project. The most important thing is that she is smart and capable and has a wide network of contacts outside the show business community.

     This is very critical. In contrast, Lu Xi is really far behind.

     If Sister Li comes to the oversee foundation, then Lu Chen really has nothing to worry about.

     The problem is that Sister Li has her own business, and her agent, Company, has always been very prosperous, and is usually very busy.Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Let me ask first, it shouldn't be a big problem."

     Lu Chen couldn't help holding her in his arms and praised: "What should I do without you?"

     Others heard the numb words of love that can get goosebumps, which made Chen Fei'er's pretty face a faint shyness. She gave Lu Chen a coquettish look and said: "Greasy mouth and tongue! I'm going back, A' News from Xuan."

     Lu Chen looked at the time: "Oh, let's go to lunch together."

     It was 1 o'clock before I knew it.

     Chen Fei'er said: "It's too late. I have another announcement in the afternoon. Go and eat by yourself."

     She kissed Lu Chen comfortingly: "A'Xuan is downstairs, you don't have to give it to me."

     The wonderful time always flies too fast, Lu Chen reluctantly sends Chen Fei'er wearing a mask and sunglasses out the door.

     He thought that he should buy a new house. It is really inconvenient to continue living here.

     After Chen Fei'er left, Lu Chen didn't stay in the apartment for long, so he rushed to the workshop for a bit of food.

     As a result, as soon as he arrived at the Workshop, his sister was called into the room and scolded him too much!

     The phone calls between Lu Xi and Workshop were blown up. Some important things must be decided by Lu Chen. As a result, the call to him has been turned off. If Lu Chen had not contacted him in the morning, I thought he was missing!"Also, don't discuss with me first about something as big as your charity foundation..."

     Lu Xi groaned: "I don't have the energy or ability to help you!"

     Lu Chen explained: "I discussed this matter with Fei'er, and she recommended Sister Li to me."

     Lu Xi was stunned, and said, "You were with Fei'er this morning? No wonder you turned off your phone."

     She said sourly: "Now you really have a daughter-in-law, forget your sister!"

     Lu Chen smiles bitterly-life has been so difficult, why do we need to expose some things?

     Lu Xi didn't want to ignore him: "The latest work and business are all on my computer. You can handle it yourself. I am going to the hospital now.

     Lu Chen was stunned for a moment: "Why are you going to the hospital?"

     Lu Xi said, "I'll visit Manager Wang. You brought all the workshops of others, so why don't you have to visit it? You don't need to go, it's enough for me as a representative to give condolences."

     Lu Chen couldn't help but blush.

     All the members of Nirvana Workshop are now recruited under his own banner. He has known about Wang Changsheng's hospitalization a long time ago, but he was too busy these two days to visit the hospital.

     Sister nevertheless is attentive. Although it is a trivial matter, she can take care of the feelings of Wang Jing and Wang Hui.Seeing that Lu Xi was about to leave, Lu Chen hurriedly called: "Sister..."

     Lu Xi stopped at the door of the room and turned his head: "What?"

     Lu Chen said sincerely: "Thank you."

     Lu Xi hummed, but his eyes became much softer.

     After the elder sister left, Lu Chen sat in her seat and opened the work document in the computer.

     The first is the publication of the "Blue Life and Death" version. Because the TV Series's ratings have set a record in recent years, plus Lu Chen's serial update on the blog some time ago, the version is very popular.

     There are more than a dozen publishing houses contacted by telephone or directly sending people to seek cooperation. Among them, the three most powerful are Shanhai Publishing House, Qunwen Publishing House and Jingdi Publishing House.

     So far, the privately-run Shanhai Publishing House has given the most attractive conditions, 15% royalties + 500,000 guarantee!

     The royalties of domestic writers are usually between 8%-12%, and newcomers are even as low as 5%. A copy of 150,000 words priced at 20 yuan can only get 1 yuan in income, and the first printing is only 10,000 or 20,000.

     In the field of literary publishing, Lu Chen is definitely a newcomer. He hasn't published any works before.However, the influence of "Blue Life and Death" prevents any publishing house from treating him as a newcomer, but even so, the price offered by Shanhai Publishing House is far beyond the normal range.

     15% of the royalties are the treatment of top famous artists, and the guaranteed print count of 500,000 is even more costly. As long as Lu Chen signs the contract, the 1.5 million remuneration will be immediately credited to the Workshop's account!

     If you sell more later, the royalty share will be further increased.

     And such conditions are not available to the state-run Qunwen Publishing House and Jingdi Publishing House.

     Therefore, Lu Xi's suggestion is to sign to Shanhai Publishing House.

     Lu Chen has no objection to this. Whoever pays more will sell it to whoever. There is no hesitation.

     In addition, the comic copyright of "Blue Life and Death" also has an eyebrow. The color impression comic company previously contacted gave the final price of 1.2 million.

     Lu Chen also gave an approved reply.

     Then there is a clothing company that wants to obtain the brand license of "Blue Life and Death", and two film and television companies want to cooperate with Workshop to adapt the film...

     Lu Chen glanced down, and there were as many as a dozen pieces of content related to the IP copyright of "Blue Life and Death". If all were authorized, it would at least bring nearly tens of millions of additional profits to the Workshop!This makes Lu Chen have to sigh the power of IP. The value of a popular IP is really inestimable.

     All the copyrights of "Blue Life and Death" have always been firmly in the hands of Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er and Conduit Pictures only get the revenue share of TV Series.

     Lu Chen has a feeling of cramping after counting money, but think about Chen Fei'er's house at 30 million, and he feels like a poor person-buying a house is not enough!

     despair! despair!

     He was thinking about money when the door of the room was knocked softly.

     Lu Chen coughed and said, "Please come in."

     It was Wang Hui who came to Lu Chen. He asked a little awkwardly: "Brother Lu Chen, I want to ask, when will we build the Recording Room?"

     Lu Chen was surprised: "Didn't you let you make a budget first? You can choose 5 million yuan."

     Wang Hui asked bitterly, "But where is the Recording Room going to be built? The place here is too small."

     Lu Chen thinks that this is really a problem.

     Originally, he rented it out for the Workshop, but he never considered building a Recording Room. Now that Nirvana Workshop is merged in, the scale will be greatly expanded, and the current venue is really too small.

     If you want to make Workshop bigger and stronger, moving is already a circumstances require action!It is reasonable to increase the area of the new area by at least three or four times, which is a high investment.

     Lu Chen is already seriously considering selling himself to Chen Fei'er.


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