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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Rome was not built in a day, and the video studio was not built in a day.

     Not to mention Workshop moving. Although the capital is very large, it is not easy to find a suitable venue.

     Of course, Lu Chen nevertheless patted his chest to assure Wang Hui, let him choose equipment first.

     In fact, for Lu Chen, the most important thing right now is neither selling the copyright of "Blue Life and Death", nor moving to build a Recording Room, or preparing for the establishment of a charity foundation, but will be held on February 18th [Asian Chinese Music Awards】Awarding ceremony.

     [Asian Chinese Music Awards] Founded by CCTV and CCTV in conjunction with major TV stations and radio stations across the country, it has been held for 15 sessions so far. It is currently one of the most influential and authoritative pop music awards in China.

     The most important thing is that it has been confirmed that this year’s [Asian Chinese Music Awards] is the last one, and it will be merged with [Chinese Original Music List] and upgraded to [Global Chinese Music Awards].

     At that time, the brand new [Global Chinese Music Awards] will surely become a count as number one pop music festival in China. It will easily crush Xiangnan TV's [Chinese Music Chart] and become a benchmark in the pop music world!As for the last [Asian Chinese Music Awards], it has also received extensive attention from outside the show business community circle. A large number of well-known vagabond singers, artists, musicians and figures in related industries have all been invited. The list of guests is estimated to be printed out. It is several meters long.

     Lu Chen was also among the invited guests, and he also received four important nominations for best newcomer, best composer, best wordings and best album.

     Best Newcomer (Nominated), Best Composition "I Love You, China" (Nominated), Best Wordings "I Love You, China", Best Album "My Old Classmate" (Nominated)!

     The judging panel (member) of the [Asian Chinese Music Awards] is composed of professionals. The judging panel (member) includes members of the Music Association, well-known predecessors of the show business community, professors of Conservatory of Music, famous voice critics, etc. The total number of members exceeds one hundred.

     There are no audiences who are prone to cheating and vote, and the organizer is an authoritative organization, so the [Asian Chinese Music Awards] has a lot of gold, and the list of nominations for 21 awards is also attracting attention.

     Lu Chen was able to win these four important nominations, and his position in the show business community was immediately promoted. He immediately eliminated the negative influence of the particles in the Xiangnan TV [Chinese Music Chart] selection at that time. It had to be clean, and in turn slapped the latter.However, Chen Fei'er analyzed for Lu Chen that he is most likely to win the Best Newcomer Award, and the most hopeless is the Best Album Award. As for the best composition and wordings...

     [Asian Chinese Music Awards] The phenomenon of seniority has always existed.

     Lu Chen is still too young.

     Lu Chen is not angry about this. His second year is long past, knowing that there has never been true fairness in this world. The members of the judging panel (member) of the [Asian Chinese Music Awards] are not robots.

     As long as they are flesh and blood, they always have their own selfish thoughts and perception tendencies.

     To win the best newcomer award, Lu Chen is perfectly contented.

     After dealing with the backlog, he called Li Mubai and asked him where he was going.

     Li Mubai is actually in the Mu-Chen Company upstairs.

     This surprised Lu Chen, because according to habit, most of the private companies officially went to work on the eighth day of the first lunar month. Li Mubai actually appeared in the company on the first day of work, and he was hardworking.

     Without asking too much, Lu Chen ran upstairs to find Third Young master Li.

     After selling most of Muchen Crowdfunding's shares to Li Mushi, he rarely appeared in Mu-Chen Company and basically did not participate in the company's business affairs. He was an invisible founding shareholder.Li Mubai hasn't seen each other for a while.

     "Ah, no wonder I heard a magpie screaming on the branch in the morning..."

     As soon as he saw Lu Chen, Li Mubai teased and said, "Sure enough, there is a happy event. The big stars are coming here. It really makes my little place flourish!"

     I haven't seen it for a while, and this young and old hasn't changed much.

     Lu Chen sat down opposite him and said with a smile: "Don't talk, I have business with you."

     Li Mubai smiled, sat upright and asked, "What's the matter?"

     Lu Chen directly and plainspoken said: "I want to register and set up a charitable foundation and ask you for help."

     In the early years, there were quite a lot of domestic charitable foundations or similar organizations, and many things happened, which caused considerable negative effects. Therefore, relevant government departments have strengthened management, especially in the examination and approval process. With strict management and control, the application process cycle is also very long.

     So after Lu Chen made up his mind, the first person who thought of asking for help was Li Mubai.

     As the saying goes, there are people in the DPRK that are easy to handle. If Li Family comes forward, things will become much easier.

     Lu Chen has no mental and moral habit of cleanliness, and what he has to do is to do good deeds. If the charity foundation can be established one day earlier, it may be able to save a few more patients in desperate need of help.He understands Li Mubai's character, and knows that polite and courteous words can hurt feelings.

     According to the third young master of Li Family, being polite is not a real brother!

     Li Mubai really took this set, act without taking time to think, agreeing: "Your business is mine. I will first ask my eldest brother to ask what procedures are needed before telling you. If it is troublesome, I will come forward to help you solve it!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Thank you, I will invite you to drink in two days."

     "Drinking is fine, but I have one thing..."

     Li Mubai rarely showed a look of embarrassment: "I need your help."

     Lu Chen was curious: "What's the matter? Writing songs? That's very simple."

     Classmate Li Mubai is also a fan of popular music, and there is also a Band, which is very fanciful.

     Lu Chen gave two works to Li Mubai before. It has been a long time since he thought Li Mubai would like to have a few new songs for his own entertainment, or album?

     Unexpectedly, Li Mubai shook his head and explained: "It's Fanny. She really likes the TV Series you made. If you want to shoot a new series, can you arrange a role for her?"


     Lu Chen remembered, isn't it the girl Li Mubai has been pursuing?He remembered that he had met Fanny, very beautiful and very temperamental, and heard that nevertheless returnees.

     Li Mubai undoubtedly wanted to use this to please each other.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but smile and said, "No problem!"

     Isn't it just a character? That's nothing at all.

     But Li Mubai also asked: "The character can't have a sex scene, and the kiss scene is also out of the question. It's best not to hold hands..."

     Lu Chen took it.


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