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Chapter Directory 307 Deserved Name!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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After Tan Hong took away the only lifetime achievement award in the [Asian Chinese Music Awards], the award ceremony continued, and the media recommendation award, best music video, best composing music and other awards were won one by one.

     "What will be announced below is the Best Newcomer Award of the Asian Chinese Music Awards..."

     CCTV Host Xia Jun’s passionate voice echoed in the ears of the 5000 audience: "Look at the big screen!"

     On the giant LED display that served as the background of the stage, a picture cut into four pieces appeared in an instant, and the photos of the four best newcomer award candidates appeared at the same time, and their respective representative works were shining below.

     "The first candidate, Zou Bei, is his masterpiece "Blooming Flower"!"

     In the top speakers arranged around the hall, Zou Bei's beautiful singing voice was immediately heard.

     Zou Bei is the winner of the 2015 Deep Sea TV ace variety show "National Idol". After signing with Starlight Media, he released his first album "Blooming Flower".

     She is about the same age as Lu Chen, has a good appearance and a reputation as a talented music girl, so she is highly praised by Starlight Media, and her announcement endorsement is soaring. The number of fans on the Inspur blog exceeds 5 million.It is worth mentioning that Zou Bei is the celebrity spokesperson of [StarryLive]. She has more than one million viewers each time she broadcasts the live broadcast. She has a vaguely oppose each other with equal harshness with Lu Chen, who signed with [Whale TV].

     The two competed more than once. The first album, Lu Chen's "My old classmate" Album, and her "Blooming Flower", were only a few days away from the release of the WeChat music online shelf.

     However, in terms of sales, "My old classmate" has finished "Blooming Flower".

     In addition, Zou Bei was also nominated for best newcomer last time on Xiangnan TV [Chinese Music Chart].

     It's just that both of them lost to Cui Zhengzhi.

     When he clicked on his name, Zou Bei stood up from his seat with a smile on his face and bowed to express his gratitude to the audience applauding.

     She is sitting in the row behind Lu Chen, the distance between the two is no more than ten meters.

     Lu Chen clapped his palms and turned his head curiously to look over, but it happened to match Zou Bei's gaze.

     The latter's eyes condensed and nodded at Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen smiled and nodded.

     In fact, the two nevertheless faced each other for the first time, and they were again competitors.

     "The second candidate, Lin Chuxuan, is his masterpiece "Dark Night Burning Love"!"Lin Chuxuan is a newcomer vagabond singer who was very popular in China in 2015. His family background is extraordinary. His father is a professor of Conservatory of Music and his mother is a dancer. After graduating from junior high school, he was sent abroad to learn music. He returned to China in 2014 and at the end of the year. He debuted and released his first album in March 2015.

     His masterpiece "Dark Night Burning Love" sells very well. The style of his work has strong European and American popular elements, so it is loved by many young people, and the advertising endorsements one after another.

     The album's title song "Dark Night" once topped the original sound chart, and has won two weeks in a row.

     Among the four nominated candidates, Lin Chuxuan poses the greatest threat to Lu Chen. He is talented and powerful. His parents have a lot of connections in the show business community, which will definitely affect some judging panel (member) members.

     But Lin Chuxuan also has a weakness, that is, his personality is relatively arrogant, and his temper is a bit violent. He once yelled at a blogger who talked about his height on the blog, and there was a lot of noise at the time.

     Lin Chuxuan's height is 1.65 meters, and some people say that his real height does not exceed 1.60 meters.

     "The third candidate, Lu Chen, is his masterpiece "My old classmate"!"

     Lu Chen, who was named, stood up and thanked him.

     "The fourth candidate, Xiao Bingbing, is his masterpiece "If I can re-love"!"Xiao Bingbing is also a newcomer in the music industry who debuted last year and signed a contract with the domestic media predator Jiahua Entertainment. However, she has not made an Album yet, only a few music singles. "If You Can Love Again" is a masterpiece that has been on the Original Sound list.

     Compared with Zou Bei, Lin Chuxuan and Lu Chen, Xiao Bingbing is a lot worse in all aspects. Her only strength is probably her appearance, young, beautiful and sexy, and she is good at hot dancing and very popular.

     The show business community generally believes that she can get the nomination for the best newcomer in the [Asian Chinese Music Awards] entirely because K. Wah Entertainment’s public relations skills are too strong. It is basically impossible to win the award-CCTV is not Xiangnan TV. The ethics index is relatively high, and it is rare to do things that can cause an uproar in public opinion.

     Therefore, this golden lark trophy will only fall into the hands of one of Zou Bei, Lin Chuxuan and Lu Chen.

     Lin Chuxuan and Lu Chen are the loudest!

     After announcing the nomination list, Xia Jun said loudly: "Now, please, the famous vagabond singer Ms. Chen Fei'er, to announce the winner of the Asian Chinese Music Awards Best Newcomer Award!"

     As soon as his voice fell, a bright light struck Lu Chen... next door.

     Chen Fei'er showed a charming smile. She lifted the skirt with one hand and left the seat. She walked onto the stage to the enthusiastic applause of the audience, and took the envelope from another CCTV Host.The main hall was quiet for an instant, and everyone's eyes were focused on Chen Fei'er.

     In addition to the first provisional lifetime achievement award, the Best Newcomer Award is undoubtedly the first truly significant award given tonight, especially the [Asian Chinese Music Awards].

     Since the beginning of the new century, the domestic entertainment industry has developed extremely rapidly and the scale of the industry has continued to expand. However, the overall quality of the popular music scene with more and more vagabond singers has shown a downward trend.

     Chinese pop music is greatly influenced by Japan and South Korea in Europe and America. Many entertainment Record Companies seeking instant benefit do not pay attention to originality. Covers, imitates and even plagiarizes foreign works have become popular, and there are fewer and less praised quality original songs.

     Many a person with knowledge and experience in the industry is deeply worried and sick at heart call loudly, which has also attracted official attention.

     As official representatives, the [Asian Chinese Music Awards] led by CCTV and CCTV naturally advocates the correct value orientation and enhances the gold content of the awards.

     Like the Best Newcomer Award, which was not highly valued before, its weight has increased a lot in recent years. The most direct manifestation is that since 2010, all vagabond singers who won the Best Newcomer Award that year will get the Spring Festival Gala next year. Eligibility for singing and dancing programs!CCTV's Spring Festival Gala is the strongest program with a ratings of more than 85% for decades. Many artists have become popular through the Spring Festival Gala and have embarked on the road to leading the industry.

     So even if it is just a qualification for the program, it is enough to make people break their heads, and they can't ask for it!

     [Asian Chinese Music Awards] The best newcomer award has a connection with the Spring Festival Gala, and its weight can be imagined.

     Three of the first five best newcomer award winners made their debut on the Spring Festival Gala and became famous in one fell swoop!

     The next moment, as Chen Fei'er opened the envelope and took out the cardboard with the name of the award winner, the fierce accompaniment drum beat suddenly, beating in people's hearts like a storm.

     Even if it is Lu Chen, a heart is also mentioned!

     Chen Fei'er opened the jam, and then opened his eyes wide in surprise, as if he felt very inconceivable.

     Drums to a sudden stop!

     The singer Heavenly Queen / days later looked solemn. She looked forward and said into the microphone: "The one who won the 16th [Asian Chinese Music Awards] Best Newcomer Award is..."

     Chen Fei'er's corner of the mouth evokes a beautiful smile of shaking one to the core: "Lu Chen!"

     Lu Chen!It has only been more than half a year since his official debut, without signing any entertainment agent company, Lu Chen, who has risen miraculously in the pop music world, won an important award in his music career.

     The 16th [Asian Chinese Music Awards] Best Newcomer Award!

     When Lu Chen heard his name from Chen Fei'er's mouth, although he had anticipated and prepared in advance, there was still a wave of blood rushing straight on his head, making his face flush, and he couldn't help showing excitement. color.

     After walking all the way to the present, he finally got the honor he deserved.

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Congratulations Lu Chen!"

     The audience thunderous applause.

     Except for a very small number of people, most of the guests and audience were not surprised or surprised by Lu Chen's winning the Best Newcomer Award. Their congratulations were warm and sincere.

     Looking back on 2015, the rise of Lu Chen in the pop music world is really a bright spot in the industry. He has created more than 20 works so far, each of which is excellent and outstanding, and there is no lack of classics.

     So talented, so productive, so eye-catching!It can be said that because of Lu Chen, the Chinese pop music in the second half of 2015 has vitality and vitality. His success has also greatly encouraged the original force of the new generation, especially the campus folk music. It is to make people like this kind of nostalgic works, and wash away a lot of impetuousness that floods the music scene.

     For his contribution to music alone, Lu Chen is fully qualified to win this trophy.

     Who can be stronger than him? Zou Bei out of the question, Lin Chuxuan out of the question, Xiao Bingbing is even more out of the question!

     The only shortcoming of Lu Chen is that his foundation in the show business community is too poor. He did not sign a strong broker company or entertainment company. Instead, he chose the difficult path of independent workshop.

     Previously, he was suppressed by Xiangnan TV in the [Chinese Music Chart] for a big reason.

     But in turn, it also proved the power of Lu Chen!

     "Tomorrow will you think about the diary you wrote yesterday, and will you still think about it tomorrow..."

     The music sounded, it was Lu Chen's "My old classmate".

     The spotlight shone on him, accompany him on the big stage.

     At this moment in the guest table, as a defeated competitor, Zou Bei bit his lip and clap his hands.

     After losing to Lu Chen again, she was unwilling but still able to maintain her demeanor.In contrast, Lin Chuxuan's face was ugly, and he patted his hands at random and put it down.

     As for Xiao Bingbing, he probably knew that he was out of play, laughed heartlessly, and reacted most enthusiastically.

     And outside the venue, on the Internet, in the audience watching the [Chinese Music Chart Top] awards ceremony, countless people congratulated Lu Chen!


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