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Chapter Directory 311 Public Opinion Response
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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As the first heavyweight awards ceremony for pan-entertainment in 2016, the end of the 16th [Asian Chinese Music Awards] is undoubtedly a major event in the entertainment industry, especially the pop music world.

     The next day is February 19th, the headlines of major entertainment newspapers and websites are basically occupied by the content related to the awards party. Various eight-trigram commentary articles are flooded with the media, which is an authority that has lasted for more than ten years. Sex music award farewell.

     [Ten years of hard work, Zhang Linzhi finally won the best female vagabond singer in the Chinese Golden Melody Chart! 】

     [Chen Fei'er is defeated by Zhang Linzhi and faces a difficult transition!]

     【The end of an era, Tan Hong withdrew from the pop music scene with the Chinese Golden Melody Chart! 】

     【Lu Chen live up to expectations, won the Best Newcomer Award on the Golden Songs Chart. 】

     [First win the best newcomer, and then the best composition, music talent Lu Chen shocked the Chinese Golden Songs Chart Awards Gala! 】


     In the morning, Lu Xi deliberately emptied the file cabinets displayed in the office, and put the two Jinbailing trophies solemnly in it, and inserted the glass in the cabinet door cleanly so that you can see more clearly point.

     This is the first time Lu Chen has won a music award, and nevertheless two trophies full of gold.

     My sister wants to cherish his honor as an eternal remembrance.In addition, she also posted Lu Chen's interview video clips on CCTV's 15th music channel on the blog of Lu Chen Workshop.

     Like many celebrities, there are currently three V numbers related to Lu Chen in the Inspur blog.

     The first is the Lu Chen FMX registered by Lu Chen himself. It has more than 15 million fans and belongs to celebrity personal blogs, mostly life and entertainment blog posts.

     The second is to sign up for Lu Chen Workshop official V two months ago. The number of fans is currently 3 million+. It mainly publishes news related to Lu Chen, such as he is launching a new song, or participating in a certain endorsement event.

     The last one is the Lu Chen fan support group (Lu Family Army), with 5 million+ fans.

     The first two blogs are mainly managed by Lu Xi, especially the official V of Lu Chen Workshop. My sister personally completes daily content updates.

     The situation of the last support group is relatively more complicated, and there are several managers including Li Mubai.

     With the continuous emergence of Lu Chen’s music and film and television works, his reputation has grown, and his influence on the Internet and reality has also grown. It has only been less than a year since his debut, and he has faintly gained a few first-line stars. Momentum.Of course, the world is so big and complicated, it is impossible for any celebrity idol to be liked and admired by everyone. Just as there is light and darkness, there will be black fans if there is real food, and some people will praise it and others will sell it.

     The entertainment channel of NetEase, one of the largest domestic portals, had the headline title of the day "Best Composer on the Chinese Golden Song Chart, the biggest unpopular nevertheless, the biggest shady? 】

     Among the four major domestic portals, NetEase has always been known for being bold, and often provokes sensitive controversies in advance for popular topics in order to earn more traffic attention.

     Many news headlines on national conditions, current affairs, entertainment eight-trigrams, and military economy are extremely eye-catching. Editor’s entrainment of private goods is often afraid of the consequences, causing a lot of jokes, so many netizens jokingly call it "pig farm".

     For example, when reporting on the [Asian Chinese Music Awards], NetEase Entertainment Channel is obviously unwilling to be similar to other media, and directly set Lu Chen as a target. The article attacked someone by innuendo, and the title was quite horrifying.

     In this article, Editor first brought out the other three nominated composers for the Best Composition Award, and introduced in detail the identities, qualifications and works of Dong Zhen, Zhang Keyi and Tang Xia respectively, and then he was a sketch of Lu Chen. A stroke of in light shades.In this way, if readers who do not know the truth read it and feel that all the first three can dump Lu Chen's three streets, how can Lu Chen win the Best Composition Award? Is it really shady?

     And this article will not tell readers that in 2015, Lu Chen's works steadily surpassed three competitors in terms of quantity and nevertheless quality, and did not clearly tell readers that Lu Chen won the award for "I Love You , China" This red song is sung in the north of Jiangnan.

     Attacked on CCTV, attacked Lu Chen, and by the way provoked the relationship between Lu Chen and the predecessors of the show business community. The headlines of the NetEase entertainment channel made Lu Xi, who just watched the news online, almost burst his lungs: "I want to sue them!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Don't pay attention to them, the more you pay attention to them, the happier they are."

     Celebrities dealing with the media are very knowledgeable. Some celebrities have been muddled and completely collapsing by the media, while some celebrities are so much loved by the media from all walks of life. How well can I say this is because of the morality of the two. Are there any differences?

     The answer is totally no. The entertainment agency company has a public relations department, which is responsible for dealing with the media. The agent of the celebrity artist also has this responsibility, which is a very important daily work.Like ordinary entertainment reporters for interviews, a red envelope is necessary. For large-scale media, the benefits of conveying points are equivalent to paying protection fees. In the event of a scandal by a celebrity artist, how to emergency public relations is actually very important.

     Lu Chen's rise is too fast, so Lu Chen Workshop really lacks a lot of experience and network accumulation in this area. Even if you want to spend money, you have to spend it in the right place, otherwise you will only be taken as a fool.

     The headlines of the NetEase entertainment channel are actually a wake-up call for him.

     Of course, as Lu Chen said, this matter doesn't need to be bothered at all. The more you argue, the easier it is to be discredited. As for litigation or something, it is purely Lu Xi's angry words.

     Lu Chen is really lifeless, and NetEase has come to discredit himself, indicating that he is very influential.

     A cat and a dog, NetEase doesn't bother to waste space!

     Lu Xi also understands: "In fact, they are jealous and revenge. Before, our Album was not released on NetEase, and TV Series did not broadcast it to them."

     NetEase owns NetEase games, NetEase music, NetEase videos, NetEase live broadcasts, NetEase YY, etc. When Lu Chen’s "My old classmate" Album was released online, NetEase Music also actively approached, and "Blue Life and Death" I have had contact with NetEase’s network premiere rights and NetEase video.But Lu Chen chose the more powerful WeChat music and WeChat video. It would be strange if NetEase didn't have any complaints! ——Even Sen Qi, endorsed by Lu Chen, advertises on the WeChat portal.

     If the release of "My old classmate" Album is a mosquito leg, but "Blue Life and Death" is simply a piece of fat. So far, the total number of views on WeChat videos of this 20-episode TV Series has exceeded 3.5 billion. Created the highest record for the average number of hits on Episode!

     Relying solely on video advertisements and the number of new members, WeChat videos have made a lot of money, making many colleagues envy and hate, and NetEase video is undoubtedly one of them.

     Now NetEase blacks Lu Chen, which is normal.

     Of course, the morality of such media is basically negative. If Lu Chen sells the new TV Series network premiere rights to NetEase Video, he will definitely be praised immediately!

     Lu Xi thoughtfully: "We need to hire a professional media PR."

     As mentioned in the previous article, Lu Chen's rise is too fast, and Lu Chen Workshop can't keep up at all. So far, the member nevertheless has two or three kittens. Lu Xi has worked hard to talk about it, and there are many aspects that he can't worry about.

     Hiring more professionals to join is circumstances require action. Only in this way can we better support Lu Chen.Lu Chen agrees: "Then recruit people, and our Workshop has to change places."

     Not only the staff will increase, but the workshop will also expand. Lu Chen and Lu Xi have already talked about the preparation of the Recording Room, and Lu Xi agrees.

     The key to determining the superstructure lies in the foundation. If you have a strong team and your own foundation, you will not be easily controlled by others.

     The only question now is, where is the new Workshop opened?

     In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes and the need to build the Recording Room, the new Workshop must have a large area of space, as well as the potential and space for subsequent development.

     And in the capital where the land is extremely expensive (in that area), such a place is not easy to find, unless you move to the outer suburbs.

     Lu Xi said: "I have asked Director Lin for help to see if I can find a place in the art park."

     The New Era Art Center was established in 2001. It is located between Haidian Park and Beijing University. It covers an area of nearly 700 acres and is one of the key art and cultural construction projects in Beijing.

     After more than ten years of development, the New Era Art Park has gathered a large number of well-known domestic film, television, music, literature, and art production units. There are thousands of companies and workshops large and small, which can be called a place of cultural gathering.For Lu Chen Workshop, there is no more suitable development place than the art park, but the problem is that the place is so good that there is no free space for rent, unless another company quits.

     This requires luck and relationship, otherwise even if it is given up, it may not be able to make it.

     Lu Chen felt a headache after thinking about it. He agreed to Wang Hui to build the Recording Room as soon as possible.

     "I will ask Fei'er again, she should know someone who knows her business."

     Compared with Lin Zhijie of Flying Stone Records, Chen Fei'er has stronger network resources in the show business community.

     despair! despair!

     At this moment, the door of the manager's room was knocked softly.

     Lu Xi and Lu Chen turned their heads at the same time and saw Lu Xi's assistant Chen Xin appear at the door and said, "Sister Lu Xi, Brother Lu Chen, and Miss Chen Fei'er are here."

     Chen Fei'er?

     Lu Xi and Lu Chen look at each other in dismay-I really mean Cao Cao is here!

     Lu Chen immediately jumped up from his seat: "I will meet him."

     Chen Fei'er called Lu Chen before and knew he was in the Workshop, but he didn't expect to come directly now.

     Then she must be on business.


     Today, my daughter celebrated her birthday, and we held a small birthday party for her tonight. I'm sorry for the late update.
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