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Chapter Directory 315 Koreans Are Here
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Lu Chen's fan group was first established when he was the anchor of [Whale TV].

     The majority of groups who like to watch live webcasts are otaku. Although the general public opinion does not give a high rating to "otaku", young singles, love of games, long-term intercourse on the Internet, lack of social worker communication experience, etc., are all the labels they hang on.

     But there are also strong people in the otaku, that is, the technical nerd!

     Perhaps in reality, the technical house does not even have the ability to kill chickens, but in the online world, there is no lack of existence like call the wind and summon the rain. The [Heavy Metal Elements] obviously underestimated the power of Lu Chen’s fan group. He thought that no one knew anyone in a vest, but his true identity was revealed by human flesh.

     [Heavy Metal Elements]’s real name is Gavin Gavin. He is Ling Xiaoxiao’s newest assistant. The technical nerds follow through through various online clues to clean up his identity.

     With conclusive evidence in hand, Lu Chen fans immediately bombarded Ling Xiaoxiao’s blog and post bars, and some even created "human flesh pictures" and posted them on the Internet, ridiculing Lu Chen for all the [heavy metal elements] The screenshots of his remarks were put together to slap Ling Xiaoxiao's face as a weapon.

     "Our family Lu Chen won two awards. Someone lost his teeth because of soreness?""Zé Zé, he is so jealous, there are so many villains in the entertainment industry!"

     "There is a kind of deity, what is it to use your assistant's trumpet? Dirty, nasty, shameless!"

     "I hate this kind of secretive sissy..."

     People are drifting in the rivers and lakes, how can they not get the knife? The tearing in the circle is simply commonplace. There are so many celebrities who spray each other on the Internet, but they rarely go to Lu Chen's post like Ling Xiaoxiao to say Sour words.

     Yes, although the ID belongs to Ling Xiaoxiao's assistant Gavin, most people firmly believe that it is Ling Xiaoxiao's own post, and also lists the evidence-common words in the post, writing habits, etc.

     Originally, it was okay to open the waistcoat and say sour words, the saint would make complaints, but it would be embarrassing to be caught out of the original shape.

     When Lu Chen and Lu Xi went to dinner, the latter also received interview calls from several media reporters.

     The noses of the entertainment reporters are extremely sensitive. As soon as the wind on the Internet started, they watched the wind. If you want to ask Lu Chen's opinion, it is best to scold and fight back against Ling Xiaoxiao, the eight-trigram news. Some are easy to write.

     Celebrities have always been the favorites of entertainment players, not to mention the fact that one party nevertheless currently burns your hand, feel the heat, Lu Chen!It's a pity that Lu Xi didn't give them a chance at all. No matter which website or newspaper's entertainment reporter called, she always kindly gave an official reply.

     "I have never heard of this" "No comment on this" "Lu Chen is busy at work"...

     Having worked as an agent for Lu Chen for more than half a year, Lu Xi has really been trained, handling a butcher's cleaver with ease on the phone in response to these reporters, without showing the slightest tone.

     Of course, it is helpless for reporters to insist on writing scribbles. Their low morals can make people stunned!

     After sitting down in the small private room of the restaurant, Lu Xi's mobile phone finally stopped.

     Lu Chen flipped through the menu and asked her sister: "What do you want to eat tonight? Would you like to have a filet steak?"

     "I don't want to eat meat..."

     Lu Xi have lingering fears said: "I have gained a few kilos. Let's cook paella. It's done well here."

     Lu Chen wanted to say that the nutrition of paella is also very high, but think about nevertheless not to put pressure on his sister. As a result, he just ordered two dishes, Lu Xi's phone remembered again.

     Lu Chen annoyed: "It's time for dinner, turn it off!"

     Any success comes at a price. When a star idol is shining brightly every day, the price is the loss of a lot of ordinary people's happiness. Life and work are basically inseparable, and there is not much free time and space.He was fine. He changed his cell phone early, and only relatives and friends could be contacted. Lu Xi was miserable. There were endless calls all day long, and he couldn't live without a meal.

     This is a helpless thing, if no one calls, it can only show that it has been completely exhausted.

     Even so, those fly-like entertainment reporters are still very annoying!

     "Hello, Lu Chen Workshop."

     Lu Xi connected the phone to his ear, and raised the index finger of his right hand at Lu Chen, meaning to answer the last call.

     She said a few words to the person who called, and her expression became serious.

     Lu Chen couldn't help putting down the menu when he saw it.

     After chatting with the other party for a while, Lu Xi cut off the call. She shook her phone and asked with a smile on her face: "Guess, who called us?"

     Lu Chen ashamed: "How can I guess this? It should be a good thing."

     Just look at Lu Xi's expression, and what she said to the other party was "welcome", "see you tomorrow" and so on.

     Shiyou ** is a good thing to come to your door!

     Lu Xi smiled and said: "The representative of Korea SPG Entertainment Company in China, he wants to buy the copyright of "Blue Life and Death"!"


     Lu Chen was surprised, this is really a good thing!The domestic entertainment industry began a process of rapid development at the end of the last century. Foreign media and entertainment companies have been eyeing this huge market, importing a large number of various cultural products, movies, TV Series, music, etc., forming a very Big impact.

     In particular, South Korea, as a close neighbor to the mainland, has made great efforts to promote the cultural industry. The Hallyu formed by Korean dramas and Korean troupes once swept through most of China, leaving a very deep mark on the domestic entertainment circle.

     Like the so-called "Little Fresh Meat" popular in the entertainment circle nowadays, they are the popular idol artists in Korea, as well as the trainee system, agent system, etc., many of which are copying Korean routines and rules.

     In recent years, many domestic artists have gone to Korea for training, and a large number of Korean celebrities have come to China for gold.

     Faced with this situation, a person with knowledge and experience in the circle is calling loudly, and even proposes to boycott the Korean tide.

     In general, the current peak period of Hallyu has basically passed. The domestic entertainment industry has a strong ability to imitate and learn. If you learn what others have done, you will naturally have to show your fists and will not let the benefits go out in vain.

     But this can only be regarded as consolidating the basic domestic market. Domestic stars have very little influence in South Korea, and it is difficult for domestically produced movies TV Series to be introduced to South Korea. The latter's market is small and closed and has a strong sense of xenophobia.Introduced films with acceptable ratings in South Korea are basically well-made documentaries and historical films.

     SPG Entertainment Company (SPGEai) is a large-scale artist planning and agency company in South Korea. It ranks among the top three in the industry in terms of scale and strength. It once promoted its HOP, SC and other combinations to the country, and has many masters of songwriting and choreography. character.

     Speaking of the SPG Entertainment Company, no one in the domestic entertainment industry does not know that its representative in China actually has to visit in person, wanting to purchase the copyright of "Blue Life and Death", the news spread out on the headline of the entertainment version It's really not a problem!

     Returning to Japan and South Korea, this is the ideal of many people who show business community yearn for sth even in one's dreams.

     When Lu Chen created "Blue Life and Death", he considered the possibility of Episode's export to South Korea in advance, because in his dream world, the original "Blue" drama is one of the most classic Korean dramas.

     So he didn't even change the names of the characters in the play, and it was this ambition that was hidden.

     It doesn't take the big reason, nor does it talk about winning glory for the country. If the "Blue" drama can enter the Korean market, then it is logical to use this springboard to export to Japan, and then enter the Southeast Asian market!

     In other words, the Korean market is the best touchstone, and once it succeeds, it represents broad interests.Therefore, Lu Chen was really happy to hear this news.

     The three major Korean entertainment companies, SPG, KG and Korean Arts, have offices in Beijing. SPG Entertainment Company is the first one to come here, and if it doesn’t come, then Lu Chen can only consider passing Chen Fei'er. Relationship, contact KGS TV station in South Korea.

     Only in this way, the negotiation has fallen into a passive situation.

     Begging and being asked are completely different things.

     Lu Xi smiled and said, "I have made an appointment with each other, and they will come over at 9:30 tomorrow morning."

     Lu Chen nodded: "Talk hard."

     After the two of them had dinner, Lu Chen sent Lu Xi back to his residence first, and then back to his apartment.

     He called Chen Fei'er.

     Chen Fei'er is one of the few domestic celebrities who has a certain degree of fame and influence in Korea. She has participated in many China-Korea Songs held by KGS TV station and has a lot of knowledge there.

     Sure enough, when Lu Chen said the name of SPG, Chen Fei'er immediately smiled and said: "I know, the representative of SPG in China is Park Jeong-Ho. He has been in China for almost ten years, it's a real China player!"

     Lu Chen moved in his heart and asked, "How is this person's character?"Tomorrow's meeting will definitely involve specific negotiations. Although he hopes to broadcast "Blue Life and Death" in South Korea, he will never sign a contract that can only be described as "humiliation".

     In the past, a domestic film company, in order to promote the work to Japan and South Korea, signed a contract similar to that of free delivery, and also complacently promoted its entry into the foreign market, but was finally embarrassed by the news.

     "Blue Life and Death" is going to be sold, not cheap!

     Chen Fei'er said: "I have dealt with him several times, and have heard some things. This representative Park understands our domestic situation very well. He has a tough personality and can hold his position unwaveringly..."

     After listening to Chen Fei'er's account, Lu Chen felt a little bit tricky-that one was obviously not a good negotiator.

     Chen Fei'er added: "Park Jeong-Ho's vision is nevertheless, otherwise he would not sit in this position for so many years. Since he has taken a fancy to our TV Series, then nevertheless can talk about it."

     "Come on, boy!"

     Lu Chen laughed blankly, setting aside this topic, and continued to get tired of Chen Fei'er sweet words for more than ten minutes.

     At the end of the conversation, Chen Fei'er was so emotional that he almost ran over.


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