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Chapter Directory 317 Masahiro Park
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Commercial negotiations are not about playing family, especially when it comes to high-value interests. It often requires a battle of wits and courage to reach a final compromise or give up.

     SPG Entertainment Company or Park Jeong-Ho is sincere about introducing "Blue Life and Death" to Korea nevertheless, but his appetite is too big for Lu Chen to accept.

     But specific conditions can be negotiated. Park Jeong-Ho's first visit was obviously more tentative. Of course, he would be very satisfied if he could talk directly, but Lu Chen's firm attitude towards his own interests made him hit a wall.

     If you change to other executives of Japan and South Korea Entertainment Company, you may be very upset. Many of them are used to set up on high and have a set up on high attitude towards the domestic entertainment industry, thinking they are themselves Throw something casually, it can attract a group of people to fight.

     Park Jeong-Ho is different. He has lived and worked in China for more than ten years. He has a deep understanding of Chinese culture and a deep understanding of the domestic entertainment industry. Therefore, he understands the strength of Lu Chen very well.

     In the eyes of this representative of SPG Entertainment Company's China office, Lu Chen is China's Jin Xianping.Kim Hyun-pyong was the most famous artist in South Korea from 2000 to 2010. He has amazing talents, composed many classic music works, and has a tall and handsome appearance. Shooting TV Series and movies have caused a sensation. Asia has extensive influence.

     It’s just that six years ago, Kim Hyun-pyung was not satisfied with tossing in the Korean entertainment industry and looked down on the Chinese market. He aggressively and grandly went to Hollywood, but he didn’t make a name for himself after spending a few years there. The special supporting role set for the Asian market has lost a lot of popularity in Korea.

     Lu Chen is very similar to Jin Xianping who just debuted. They are both top picks, the same tall and handsome, the same talented, the same excellent musician, and the same...full of youthful vigor.

     Compared with South Korea's narrow and fiercely competitive market, China's entertainment market is too big, as if it is like a vast ocean, fully capable of accommodating the growth of the dragon.

     So as long as Lu Chen doesn't kill himself, his development potential is endless!

     SPG Entertainment Company can establish a good relationship with such a person, which is equivalent to investing in a potential stock.

     Therefore, in the first negotiation, Park Jeong-Ho offered a "high price" of 800 million won to buy the "Blue" drama to show his sincerity. The additional conditions that followed were more of a trial.It doesn't matter if you don't agree, as long as you don't tear your face, everyone can continue to talk.

     The so-called bottom line is tested step by step in this way.

     It is precisely because of this position that the negotiation between the two parties was nevertheless more harmonious. There was no situation with swords drawn and bows bent. Park Jeong-Ho left after sitting in Lu Chen Workshop for two hours.

     After sending away the representative of the SPG Entertainment Company's China office, Lu Chen felt as if he had just finished a battle, and he was a bit tired.

     Chen Fei'er's understanding of Park Jeong-Ho is nevertheless too simple, this old fox is really difficult to deal with.

     His character is tough, but not blindly tough, just a needle concealed in silk floss.

     Lu Chen said to Lu Xi: "If there is a chance in the future, I want to dig him over!"

     Lu Xi was speechless.

     She has been an agent for Lu Chen for more than half a year, and she knows more and more about things in the entertainment industry, so it is clear that a character like Park Jeong-Ho cannot be digged and moved by her own workshop. of.

     The domestic entertainment industry is greatly influenced by South Korea, and many large companies have also digged in from their Korean counterparts, such as composing music, choreographers, producer, director, etc., as well as directly digging artists.

     But in general, the characters that can be dug are basically second- and third-rate roles.Park Jeong-Ho is the representative of SPG Entertainment Company's China office, a real high-level figure. If he wants to change his course, he will only choose a big company like Flying Stone Records. How could he go to Lu Chen Workshop? Come?

     Lu Chen's ideas are too naive.

     Lu Chen certainly saw Lu Xi’s not to accept as correct, he did not explain it in detail, because now is not the time.

     Park Jeong-Ho is a high-level executive of SPG Entertainment Company, but this SPG executive is a **** character. He has worked hard to expand the market in China. There is no credit and hard work, but his position is always not moving at all.

     Because Park Jeong-Ho is not a direct line of the current SPG chairman, but a confidant of his predecessor!

     South Korea’s corporate system was learned from Japan. It played a very important role during South Korea’s economic boom in the 1990s and gave birth to more than a dozen giant-level companies, such as the famous Samsung.

     But since entering the new century, with the rapid development of emerging industries, South Korea’s corporate system has been severely impacted by the new culture. The rigid bureaucratic internal management and the promotion of seniority, coupled with high-level power struggles, have caused many companies to close down. Or face a difficult dilemma.SPG is a top-ranked entertainment company in South Korea. It has not been established for a long time. It is also a family-owned company. After the chairman of Park Jeong-Ho who had previously appreciated Park Jeong-Ho's abdication, he was firmly pressed into SPG's China office.

     In fact, in terms of credit, Park Jeong-Ho is fully qualified to return to South Korea to be promoted to a higher position.

     In addition, Park Jeong-Ho is not a pure Korean. His father is a Northeast Korean nationality who immigrated to South Korea in his early years.

     These inside stories were revealed to Lu Chen by Chen Fei'er. She deliberately inquired from insiders. They are open secrets in certain circles.

     Many people do not believe that Park Jeong-Ho will always guard SPG, but so far, he has not shown signs of leaving SPG.

     Through the previous talks, Lu Chen had the most intuitive impression of Park Jeong-Ho and admired his savvy and sophisticated.

     If such a person who is proficient in China and South Korea can be recruited to his subordinates, the benefits are self-evident, especially Lu Chen has always had the ambition to focus on the Asian market.

     Of course, the current Lu Chen Workshop is still too weak. It is a bit unrealistic to covet such talents as Park Jeong-Ho, but the opportunity is always for those who are prepared!

     Lu Chen said: "Sister, the venue of the art park must be negotiated. It doesn't matter if the price is high!"Taking root in the art park is a very important step in the expansion of Workshop. It is not only a problem of larger area, but the most important thing is that the location and environment there are very suitable for the survival and development of Workshop.

     Lu Xi nodded. She has already made an appointment with Yu Jizhong to talk in the afternoon.

     When it comes to specific contract negotiations, Lu Chen did not participate, but the subletting went well. Lu Chen took Chen Xin to talk with Yu Jizhong for an afternoon and signed a formal contract.

     Beijing’s New Era Art Center, the Art Park, was completed in 2001. The industries there are for limited use. Some of the properties are bought out by the company, and some are exclusively for rent.

     The place of Yu Jizhong Art Workshop was leased from the Management Committee of the Art Center, but it was a long-term contract and had the priority of renewal. He is now assigning part of the lease to Lu Chen.

     This is in compliance with the rules. As long as it does not exceed the limited scope of business, the park management committee allows subletting, but the original price of Yu Jizhong must be different from the current subletting price.

     After signing the contract, Lu Xi made a budget sheet that night, forgetting about it about the cost of moving the Workshop, renting it, adding decoration and Recording Room construction, etc., which would cost at least 15 million yuan.Then he is entrusting Li Mubai to help approve the charity fund. The registered capital of 20 million needs to spend 10 million, and this part of the money cannot be moved according to the regulations.

     In this way, 25 million will go out, and a new drama will be launched this year. The investment in Workshop will definitely take up a significant proportion, so the money earned from "Blue Life and Death" is far from enough.

     Lu Xi also specifically reminded Lu Chen that he signed the contract for Chen Fei'er to transfer the house. Even if the 30 million is paid off in five years, he will have to pay 6 million in one year!

     After doing so, Lu Chen found that he had become a pauper again and owed a debt.


     After listening to Lu Chen's complaint, Chen Fei'er smiled happily on the phone: "Then you can write a few more songs to others, and the money will be made back!"

     As a representative of the new generation of singers in China, he has won two awards in the [Asian Chinese Music Awards]. Lu Chen is definitely a person who burn your hand and feel the heat in the pop music world. There are many people who want to buy songs from him.

     If Lu Chen can really set his mind to let go of writing, earning tens of millions is really not a problem, because there are thousands of outstanding music works in his memory.It's just that he never thought of becoming a song wholesaler, and he would not squander this precious wealth at will. On the one hand, he raised the threshold for song invitations, and on the other hand, he also screened the partners for cooperation.

     Currently, Lu Chen Workshop’s external quotation is 500,000 for a song, reaching the top level in the industry.

     This offer scared most of the people away, and it also caused a lot of discussion in the show business community.

     Chen Fei'er's ridicule came from this.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "I don't think about others for the time being, make your album first. Besides, this is the most important thing!"

     "It's so nice, do you want me to lend you some money for turnover?"

     Women who fall in love can't hear sweet words the most. Chen Fei'er's EQ and IQ were both reduced by his words: "You don't care about that contract. It doesn't matter if you give me money later..."

     If Lu Chen is determined to be a little white face who eats soft rice, then he will be able to do it very successfully.

     But he just wanted to swell one's face up by slapping it to look imposing: "No need, I can still do it without writing songs!"

     Lu Chen's self-confidence is certainly not without reason, because as a celebrity, especially popular celebrities, there is an important channel for making large sums of money-that is brand endorsement.

     Among all the brands that are currently interested in cooperating with Lu Chen, China Motor is undoubtedly the biggest one!---------------------

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