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Chapter Directory 325 Enthusiastic
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Teacher Lu Chen!"

     When Lu Chen walked towards the backstage, a vigorous figure flew over and blocked his way!

     Fortunately, Lu Chen's reaction was fast enough and he stopped in an instant, otherwise he would directly collide with the opponent.

     "you are?"

     The one who stopped him was a young girl in her early twenties. She was wearing a red down jacket with the 72H Grassland Music Festival logo. She looked ordinary, but with a ponytail she was very youthful and lively, with a face on her face. The few freckles of her show a bit cute.

     An identity plate with anti-counterfeiting signs hung on her chest, followed by a cameraman.

     The ponytail girl was obviously very excited, her eyes widened with excitement, raised the microphone in her hand to Lu Chen, and asked like a bullet: "Hello Teacher Lu Chen, I am the entertainment channel of Trend Network. Reporter, what works have you prepared for this music festival? Do you have plans to release a new album this year? And whether the blue life and death is going to be a sequel? Can you talk about your relationship with Chen Fei'er? ?..."

     "Stop it!"

     Lu Chen was a little dizzy when she was bombarded by her series of questions, and quickly made a stop gesture.

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Can you ask one by one?" is one of the domestic large-scale portal websites and a local Internet giant in Beijing. It is currently listed on the Nasdaq in the United States and has nevertheless considerable influence.

     Therefore, Lu Chen has to give a bit of face, even if the opponent seems to be a completely reckless newcomer.

     The celebrity artist's dealing with the media is a very profound knowledge, and he is still learning.

     The ponytail face flushed red, she took a deep breath, and said embarrassedly: "I like your songs very much, and the TV Series you filmed. I am also your loyal fan."

     She also knew that she was a bit reckless just now, so she quickly explained a few words so as not to annoy Lu Chen.

     Celebrities hate Yuji, but for a part-time loyal fan, Yuji is often willing to give some face.

     This little trick was taught by her predecessors, but she is really a fan of Lu Chen.

     Some time ago, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er announced that their love affair was raging. When the media was hyped, the two played a trick of evaporating the world, avoiding interviews and quickly cooling the topic.

     But this does not mean that this topic has no selling point. For the ponytail of the nevertheless newcomer, the ability to catch Lu Chen at the 72H Grassland Music Festival today is simply a big pie from the sky.She felt stunned, so she was excited before patronizing, and she didn't pay attention to her words.

     If Lu Chen is scared away, the news will be lost!

     Her explanation is really effective. Lu Chen smiled and said, "For the sake of fans, what do you want to ask?"

     At this time, Wang Jing interrupted and said: "Lu Chen, let's go first to practice the instrument."

     Lu Chen nodded and said, "Okay, I'll be there later."

     The 72H Grassland Music Festival does not have to do with the low accompaniment tape, all live accompaniment, the vagabond singer participating in the performance can bring their own Band or let the organizer arrange it.

     In addition, for items that are not easy to move, such as drums, electronic organ synthesizers, etc., unless you have special needs or people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, most of the participating bands use the equipment provided by the organizer, otherwise, if each band comes with its own full set Guys, not to mention the trouble of moving back and forth, and changing on and off is also a waste of time.

     As for easy-to-carry instruments such as guitars and basses, most of them are self-prepared.

     The organizer provides multiple sets of the same equipment for Band members who arrive in advance to practice and familiarize themselves, so as not to affect their normal performance.Nirvana Band is no exception. Even if the site is in Beijing, they are not so arrogant that they have to use their own instruments, so they brought a few guitars and basses, so they definitely need to find the feel before going on stage.

     As soon as Wang Jing and others walked away, the small ponytail reporter of Trends Entertainment Channel asked impatiently: "Teacher Lu Chen, is it your first time to participate in the 72H Music Festival?"

     Lu Chen replied: "Yes, I actually wanted to visit the capital a long time ago. I didn't expect to be able to participate in person today. It was a very fresh and exciting experience for me."

     "Then have you prepared any new works for this festival?"

     There are many new vagabond singers and bands participating in the 72H Grassland Music Festival. Among them, there are many excellent singers. Unless it is a tribute, they don't bother to cover other people's works.

     At the music festival, original works are also the most popular and sought after, including many representatives sent by the entertainment agent Company. They are also very happy to see more new and good works appear.

     At present, the domestic pop music world really needs new original power, because many pop music lovers, including ordinary listeners, have already begun to get tired of the kind of quick song saliva songs of thousands articles, same rule.Originality is king, and it is the most important reason why 72H Meadow Music Festival has a strong non-mainstream nature, but can have such a big influence.

     Lu Chen started his career precisely on the basis of originality, especially the school folk songs he set off, which had a great influence both inside and outside the circle. The original works of more and more emerge brought him a high reputation. .

     If Lu Chen fries cold rice on 72H, it will definitely disappoint many people.

     Lu Chen certainly won't let everyone down: "Yes, I have prepared two new songs, both of which are performed in public for the first time!"

     The ponytail smiled and said: "That's great, I am looking forward to your new work, do you have any plans for a new album this year"

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think said: "I will definitely release my second album this year!"

     This is a sure thing. Once the new workshop on the art park side is finished and the Recording Room can be put into use, he will start to make the second album.

     No matter if he goes to make TV, movies or other things, music is always the foundation he sticks to!

     "Lu Chen!" "Mr. Lu Chen!" "Teacher Lu Chen!"

     Lu Chen just answered the second question of playing with ponytails. Suddenly, six or seven reporters ran over. They brought their shooting photographers and surrounded Lu Chen with a microphone and recording pen. To his mouth.It is not just the ponytail from that came to interview the 72H Grassland Music Festival. Many entertainment-related media have dispatched reporters to dig out news clues around the scene.

     Ponytail’s interview with Lu Chen caught their attention, so bees swarmed like honey. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen or twenty people gathered, enclosing Lu Chen as impossible to move a single step.

     Seeing that the situation was not good, Li Feiyu hurriedly guarded Lu Chen's body, and the security guards also rushed over to help maintain order.

     But this did not affect the enthusiasm of the reporters. They yelled and asked Lu Chen various questions.

     At the beginning, she took the lead, but because of her small body and weak ponytail, she was squeezed out of the crowd. She was so angry that she stomped her feet again and again, but she was helpless-grabbing news for news, news really depends on fighting for news!

     Especially for interviews with hot characters, it is very important to occupy the position card. Compared with the old fritters from WeChat and Entertainment Weekly, the ponytail girl is really too tender.

     She was depressed by jumping her feet. In fact, some people were even more upset than her.

     "Hehe, next to a Heavenly Queen / days later is awesome..."On the east side of the live stage of the music festival, on the grass not far from the backstage area, a large independent area is separated by a warning tape. There are hundreds of tents erected inside, and on the open space between the tents, in twos and threes. There are many vagabond singers with guitars in their arms.

     This location is specially allocated to vagabond singers and bands who come from outside to participate in the performance. On the one hand, it saves their expenses, and on the other hand, it is also an occasion for them to communicate, so you can meet a few or a bunch of vagabond singers to gather around. Talk about the world and the mountains together, drink, talk about the piano, talk about music.

     Due to the close location, the scene of Lu Chen being enthusiastically interviewed by a large number of media reporters inevitably fell into the eyes of many foreign vagabond singers.

     Some people no longer pay attention at a glance, and immerse themselves in their own music world. Some people show curiosity or admiration when they see such a scene, and some show disdain or even contempt.

     There were about twenty vagabond singers in the group. They all looked in the direction of Lu Chen. A long-haired young man with a thin body and dark skin sneered: "This world has to look at your face!"

     His words were immediately approved by others: "Yes, being handsome is taking advantage. Why did we fail to get a good baby? We can only rely on our own hard work!""Huh, in terms of strength, can he compare to our Brother Gangzi? Those soft ballads are what kind of birds, the real vagabond singer is going to sing rock and roll!"

     "It's a pity that the current fans just rushed to their faces. Those entertainment companies are rushing to sign some small meat."

     "Haha, we are old Latiao!"

     "In the evening show, Brother Gangzi showed up and shocked them!"

     "When Brother Gangzi was red..."

     What they call "Brother Gangzi" is Shi Gang, the lead singer of Wednesday Band.

     Wednesday Band was established at the beginning of the new century. There were 5 team members, and it was originally a pure rock band.

     This Band became famous at the 72H Grassland Music Festival. At that time, "The Ballad of the Earth", composed by Shi Gang and sung at the festival, had caused a sensation, and it was regarded as a counterattack by Guoyao.

     On Wednesday, Band was signed by Jewel Record and released two albums that sold very well. The style has also changed from pure rock to a combination of pure and light, incorporating more musical elements.

     However, this Band did not last long, the subsequent works lacked highlights, and there was a dispute with the gem Record. After the contract was terminated, Shi Gang took people to the south for development.

     But every 72H Grassland Music Festival, on Wednesday Band will definitely participate as long as he gets an invitation.And this year, Shi Gang and Wednesday Band brought carefully prepared works.


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