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Chapter Directory 326 Challengers
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Shi Gang is in his thirties, but he looks older, like the vicissitudes of life in his forties, not care about one's appearance, with a certain indescribable staleness.

     However, compared with many decadent colleagues who have the same unshaven not care about one's appearance, he looks quite alternative. The clothes and trousers are all washed clean, there are absolutely no thick stains on the clothes, and the hands with strong joints and nails. The manicured neatly, a pair of bright and energetic eyes, will certainly not make people mistaken for the street bum.

     Shi Gang frowned slightly at the coaxing instigation of his companions, and then smiled: "Don't say that, Lu Chen is a very powerful vagabond singer, he is much better than me in terms of talent."

     No one thought that Brother Gangzi, who has always been quite arrogant in the circle, would actually admire Lu Chen so much. Those who ridiculed Lu Chen just now couldn't help but shut their mouths, revealing an awkward look.

     Shi Gang didn’t seem to see it, and continued: “I talked with Big Qing of Pang-Huang Band for a long time yesterday. Big Qing told me a lot about Lu Chen. There is a character like him in the pop music world. lucky."

     Shi Gang has been in debut for more than ten years. He has experienced prosperity and neglect, mainstream non-mainstream, low-level and high-level circles, he has been mixed, naturally has his own life insights.He knows very well that in the domestic pop music circle, the non-mainstream circles are as complicated as the mainstream circles, and they are filled with all kinds of characters. Those unhappy vagabond singers often have prejudices and even prejudice against famous figures in the mainstream circles Jealous.

     And it is often these people who are very envious of the scenery and honor of the mainstream circle.

     Conversely, the mainstream circles' rejection and contempt of the non-mainstream circles have always existed.

     The emergence of the 72H Grassland Music Festival was originally intended to break the gap between the two circles, so that more low-level talents can reveal one's talent, and the mainstream circles to face their existence.

     But it is not easy!

     Although a lot of vagabond singers and Bands have signed Record through 72Hreveal outstanding talents by entertainment agents, the status of the non-mainstream circles has not changed, and the mutual estrangement and discrimination have never really disappeared.

     To be honest, Shi Gang, who now wanders between the mainstream and non-mainstream circles, also looks down on those so-called idols in the mainstream circles who have mediocre singing skills and completely rely on their faces to sell handsome food.

     But Lu Chen is definitely not of this type.

     When it comes to Big Qing of Pang-Huang Band, everyone is silent.Whether they admit it or not, the current Pang-Huang Band is one of the most popular bands in the music world. Big Qing's background has made him also have a high reputation in non-mainstream circles. I don’t know how to be moved by the song "In Spring". How many low-level vagabond singers regard Qin Hanyang as a big brother-level figure.

     Lu Chen is precisely the Songwriter of "In Spring". His works also include such excellent light rock songs as "Follow the Dream of the Red Heart", "The Way You Are" and "Flying Higher".

     It's nothing more than his youth and handsomeness. The TV Series he filmed and his relationship with Chen Fei'er made people consciously or unconsciously overlooked his talent and strength in original music.

     Doesn't it seem ignorant and ridiculous to look down on characters like ridicule?

     Many people's faces showed a bit of shame.

     Shi Gang clapped his hands and said: "In fact, the other way around, it is our luck to be able to perform on the same stage with a vagabond singer like Lu Chen. I suggest that we all take out our best strengths and not let others look down on it!"

     At this time, everyone's response became enthusiastic, and morale rose again: "Yes, Brother Gangzi is right!"

     "We can't let people look down upon us!"

     Shi Gang smiled without saying a word, thinking in his heart was the performance of the evening.He has never been a vagabond singer willing to be lonely. The ups and downs of his life make him know how to cherish opportunities. Although Lu Chen is strong, it is not enough to make him lose his courage and confidence in singing.

     Like Shi Gang, those powerful vagabond singers are also fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms be eager to give sth a try, ready to compete.

     Although their fame and popularity cannot discuss two disparate things together with popular fried chicken like Lu Chen, the 72H Grassland Music Festival is different from ordinary performances. The audience here has a high degree of recognition for non-mainstream circles. I know how to appreciate niche music such as rock and roll.

     In the history of 72H, there is no shortage of famous vagabond singers being booed for one's face to reach rock bottom. The live band accompaniment, unplugged features and original authentic singing test personal strength.

     So here, anyone can sing more popular than Lu Chen or other big-name vagabond singers!

     At this moment, Lu Chen didn't know that there were so many vagabond singers waiting to compete with him. It took him more than half an hour to deal with the reporters and came to the backstage.

     It is said that it is the backstage, but it is actually a simple tent set up temporarily, and the long one looks like a vegetable shed.

     There were already many vagabond singers and bands in the tent, and Lu Chen saw several familiar faces.

     "Brother Liao Jia!"Among the vagabond singers invited by the 20th 72H Grassland Music Festival, Lu Chen is definitely not the highest ranked singer.

     It's Liao Jia!

     The disciple of the black crow band lead singer and soul character Gao Yi, was once regarded as the last hope of the national rock. Although he has not been able to save the national rock, he still has a high influence in the music world.

     For the 72H Meadow Music Festival, Liao Jia also has a very special identity, he is one of the founders!

     Of course, Liao Jia is only a special guest of the music festival, not a member of the organizing committee.

     Lu Chen and Liao Jia met, nevertheless because of Chen Fei'er, the latter had pursued Chen Fei'er, but Chen Fei'er had no feelings for him, and was finally taken away by Lu Chen's youngster. .

     For this reason, Liao Jia also specially asked Lu Chen to fight wine, but the two became friends with each other.

     Liao Jia's temper is a bit short-tempered and his character is very good. The popularity and reputation of the show business community is better.

     So even if Lu Chen's popularity is high now, he still greets him politely when he sees him.

     "Your youngster is here too!"

     Seeing Lu Chen, a smile appeared on Liao Jia's thin black face.

     He got up from his seat, reached out and patted Lu Chen's shoulder vigorously, and asked, "When did your singing start?"Lu Chen replied: "It's about half past eight."

     Liao Jia smiled and said: "It's half past seven, and I wanted to compare with you a long time ago. This is coming if I don't have a chance!"

     Lu Chen is ashamed: "Brother Liao Jia, can we not be kidding?"

     "Who is kidding you!"

     Liao Jia stared and said, "If you lose to me, I will despise you!"


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