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Chapter Directory 328 Crap
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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There are many vagabond singers in the backstage area, most of them are local show business community people in Beijing.

     Unlike band vagabond singers from other places, local vagabond singers usually don't camp out in the wild mountain park. They naturally form two circles with the foreign vagabond singers in the camping area outside.

     Of course, these two circles are not the kind of as rivers Jing and Wei separate clearly, and the well water does not violate the river water. There is mutual understanding and communication, some are friends, some are friends of friends, and there is no opposition. Happening.

     But the difference nevertheless exists.

     For example, in the inner circle, Liao Jia and Lu Chen are undoubtedly the top two in terms of fame and coffee status. The local vagabond singer in Beijing undoubtedly needs to respect and pay more attention to the two, unlike the foreign vagabond singer who wants to be on stage. Fight over them.

     Who is Liao Jia? That is a big brother-level figure in the domestic pop music scene, and he is notoriously bold and generous.

     As a newly emerging singer, Lu Chen's experience has become a legend in the vagabond singer circle in the capital. The story of "In Spring" popularizing the Pang-Huang Band is still being talked about.

     So the conversation between the two attracted the attention of many people present, especially when Liao Jia was about to bet with Lu Chen, everyone stopped watching the TV screen.

     There seems to be a more exciting show here!Lu Chen noticed the gaze from the surroundings and said with a smile: "Just ask me out of the question. If you want to ask, you must ask everyone to ask, OK?"

     The vagabond singers in the capital circle are nevertheless very face-to-face, no matter whether they hear clearly or not, they all applaud loudly.

     Anyway, the applause will not suffer.

     Liao Jia cursed with anger: "You youngster will eat me? Dreaming, please do not have a problem, if anyone loses, then open the table at Emgrand, how many people open as many tables, everyone has a share!"

     Now everyone understood, and everyone was grinning from ear to ear and shouted loudly: "Elder Brother Liao is mighty!"

     Dorsett Na is a famous five-star hotel in Beijing. There are 388 people for a buffet. If you open a table, the cost will be higher. There are hundreds of people in the backstage area, at least ten tables. !

     Liao Jia looked at Lu Chen triumphantly—fighting with me in a demo, I will take you!

     Lu Chen laughed: "Then it's a deal!"

     He stretched out his hand to Liao Jia and made an agreement with Liao Jia with a high-five.


     The two palms are slapped together, which can be regarded as an interesting event of this year's 72H Grassland Music Festival.

     In fact, no matter to Liao Jia nevertheless Lu Chen, opening ten tables and eight tables in the Dorsett Grand Hotel is nothing at all. The two are just looking for fun and excitement.So the topic quickly turned to the music festival itself.

     After drinking two cans of beer, Liao Jia started to comment on the vagabond singer and Band who came to the stage with a bit of wine. The content included the other party's typhoon, work and singing skills.

     Among the people present, he is qualified to do such things, and Lu Chen is not enough.

     Liao Jia is very speaking bluntly. He thinks that what is good is that it is not rough. He thinks that the out of the question is out of the question. Without the kind of non-criminal idioms and rhetoric, the comments are very sharp and in place.

     Lu Chen listened a lot and talked less, and also discussed a few words with Liao Jia.

     The surrounding vagabond singers are all attracted. A very important purpose of the 72H Grassland Music Festival is to communicate. It is definitely a rare experience for them to be able to listen to the live comments of this big singer, and it is also a way to increase their experience and knowledge. Great opportunity.

     The other mountain's stone can polish jade, absorb the strengths of others and compare with the weaknesses of others, you can completely improve yourself!

     With the passage of time, Liao Jia's conversational sex has not diminished. Some vagabond singers around him and Lu Chen took the stage and left, and new additions came in, forming a unique circle in the backstage area.

     The types of vagabond singers invited by the 72H Grassland Music Festival are very complicated. Of course, there is no shortage of town venues. For example, today’s coffee celebrities include Liao Jia and Lu Chen, as well as several famous local vagabond singers.But whether it is Liao Jia nevertheless Lu Chen, or the others, the order of appearance is low. If calculated according to the time, Liao Jia will sing at about 7:30 in the evening.

     Lu Chen was one hour away from him.

     However, this time is definitely not fixed. 72H is different from ordinary platter concerts. First of all, it takes a long time, and secondly, the time of the vagabond singer's performance is very variable.

     This is mainly reflected in the return.

     On this stage, a vagabond singer or a band, even if they are usually obscure and unknown, no one knows their names at all. As long as they come up with enough brilliant works or show superhuman singing talents, they will all Recognized, loved and requested by the audience.

     The audience's evaluation is the only criterion to measure the performance of the vagabond singer. The longer the audience applause, the louder and passionate the voice, the more sincere and strong the return request, the higher the honor the vagabond singer won.

     Although 72H does not judge awards, there are no trophies and bonuses, but it is definitely a place to become famous overnight!

     Therefore, the vagabond singer and Band who can take the stage basically show their full strength.

     Among the dozen or so vagabond singers and four bands that have already appeared on the stage, there is a vagabond singer and a Band reveal one's talent, which are highly praised by Liao Jia.Especially the female vagabond singer Mu Mu, who played and sang the song "Dew" made Liao Jia slap the table and shout with praise. At the same time, it also received crazy applause from the audience, and the audience begged to return with applause. Sang the second song.

     Liao Jia said to Lu Chen: "You should sign her!"

     Lu Chen was dumb.

     He also thinks that this female vagabond singer named Mu Mu is very strong, but currently there is no sign demand for his workshop.

     The steps are too big, and it's easy to get involved!

     Furthermore, even if you leave the music festival aside, there are too many vagabond singers in Beijing that are strong and no one signed. If Lu Chen Workshop releases news, there will definitely be a lot of talents coming over and asking for acceptance.

     So even if you miss this Mu Mu, there is no pity.

     But for Lu Chen ignoring his own opinions, Liao Jia expressed great contempt: "You must be afraid of your jealousy, so you dare not sign this female vagabond singer!"

     He hēng hēng said: "The one in your family is quite amazing."

     Lu Chen was speechless about this.

     Finally, at 7pm, it was finally Liao Jia's turn to play.

     The reason why the time was advanced and not delayed was because several vagabond singers temporarily gave up or applied to adjust their time on stage. This situation is very common at music festivals.

     As soon as Liao Jia took the stage, he immediately received a warm welcome from the audience.He did not disappoint. The first song came out with his original song-"Remembrance".

     A pure-blooded Guo Yao work!


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