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Chapter Directory 333 Little Victorious Wedding
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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When Lu Chen returned to Zicheng Garden, it was already past 11 o'clock in the evening.

     After eating this midnight snack for more than two hours, Liao Jia deserves to be a well-known glutton in the show business community. The places you can find are private restaurants with first-rate tastes. A dozen people just made up a table.

     Lin Zhijie also came, not only because of Lu Chen, he and Liao Jia are also friends, and they happened to meet each other.

     As for Shi Gang, Lin Zhijie nevertheless is very interested. Flying Stone Records is currently expanding its strength. It has signed a lot of newcomers. As long as there are good works, they can also enter them. Vision.

     Of course, signing a person is not something Lin Zhijie alone can decide. It has to be further investigated and negotiated, because it involves many specific details.

     For Shi Gang, he was lucky enough to catch up with Lin Zhijie, the Flying Stone executive. No matter whether he could sign in Flying Stone Records or not, he owed Lu Chen a big favor.

     So everyone was very happy in the evening. During the dinner, Lu Chen was filled with alcohol by several "big brothers", and in the end nevertheless asked Wang Jing to drive him back-she was the only one who didn't drink.

     Follow Lu Chen's instructions to drive to Building 7, Wang Jing asked: "Should I send you up?"Lu Chen rubbed the eyebrows between the eyebrows and said, "No, you can drive the car away. Just drive back to the Workshop tomorrow."

     Although he drank a lot of alcohol, he was not so drunk that he could not return home.

     Wang Jing hesitated for a moment, nodded and said, "Okay, see you tomorrow."

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen smiled at her and said, "It's late, you drive carefully and drive slowly."

     After speaking, Lu Chen opened the door and got out of the car.

     Wang Jing watched his figure disappear into her sight, she sighed softly, and then drove away.

     Using the door card to open the elevator, Lu Chen went straight to the 17th floor.

     When he got home, he took out the key to open the door, and turned on the lights after entering.

     Squinting his eyes to adjust to the bright light, Lu Chen took off his thick coat and threw it on the sofa.

     "Why come back so late?"

     Just as he was about to take a hot shower in the bathroom, a sweet voice suddenly sounded.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but was startled. He turned his head instinctively and saw a beautiful woman standing at the door of the master bedroom, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

     Chen Fei'er!

     Lu Chen was in the mood for a bungee jump. He quickly walked over and asked, "When did you come back?"While asking, Lu Chen opened his arms and hugged her forcefully.

     Chen Fei'er wore a set of HelloKitty pink cotton pajamas. He looked like a girl in a daze. Lu Chen smelled her peculiar fragrance, and all his exhaustion disappeared.

     Since the last time they returned to Beijing, the two have not gotten together. Chen Fei'er spent the first two days shooting commercials outside of Beijing.

     Unexpectedly, I gave him a big surprise at night!

     Lu Chen couldn't help but kissed her hard on the cheek, and it felt really good.

     Holding her is like hugging the whole world, asking for nothing.

     Chen Fei'er woke up, chuckled and said, "I just came back tonight, so I ran over here, you..."

     Suddenly she wrinkled her little nose and sniffed, and there was a look of disgust on Qiao's face: "How much wine did you drink?"

     Lu Chen smiled, lowered his head and kissed her lips.

     Reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds, the two broke the relationship not long ago, and now it is the time for love and passion.

     And Lu Chen is definitely a very, very strong man!

     Before he tasted the fragrance, his mouth was blocked by Chen Fei'er's hand. The latter groaned: "It smells so bad, don't pollute me, go brush your teeth and take a bath!"

     Lu Chen could only let go angrily.

     "Really good..."Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "I am waiting for you in bed..."

     She said this sentence very softly and greasy, and her eyes were so charming that it was about to drip out of water, her charm was extremely fascinating!

     Chen Fei'er was already a mature woman. After experiencing personnel affairs, she exuded an amazing charm. That kind of inner-out amorous feelings doubled her charm.

     The so-called capable of causing the downfall of a city or state is a natural stunner, but so!

     Lu Chen looked dumbfounded.

     After a while, he roared involuntarily, as if he rushed into the bathroom like a whirlwind.

     After brushing his teeth and taking a shower as quickly as possible, Lu Chen put on a bathrobe and returned to the bedroom.

     The ceiling light in the bedroom has been turned off, and the small frosted table lamp on the bedside table is still showing a dim light, dimly illuminating the big bed, and a graceful figure can be seen from the loose duvet.

     Lu Chen resisted the love and desire in his heart, impatient got into the warm bed.

     The next moment, a fiery and fragrant female body leaned over and pressed against Lu Chen's chest tightly. A pair of jade lotus arms hugged his neck, and charming whispers sounded in his ears.

     "love me..."

     As if pour oil on the fire, Lu Chen could no longer restrain his inner impulse, and snarled the person in his arms under him.Spring surged in the bedroom, and the phoenix was tossed by the waves.

     I completely forgot to be in the world.


     In the early morning, Lu Chen woke up to the crisp chirping of the birds.

     There is a large park near Zicheng Garden. As a high-end community, the green environment inside and outside the community is excellent. Therefore, it is inevitable that many birds will linger and build their nests.

     Opening his eyes, he first saw a wonderful picture of the stunning beauty Haitang sleeping in spring.

     Chen Fei'er is still sleeping soundly, with scattered corner of the mouth and smiling hair, like a muse in the faint morning light.

     Of course he doesn't wear clothes.

     Lu Chen froze for a moment, his memory gradually recovered, and finally he was sure that he was not dreaming.

     Thinking back to the lingering affection last night, he couldn't help but begin to stir again.

     Probably because of the oppression from Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er woke up with a "嘤咛".

     Lu Chen lowered his head and kissed her neck.


     Chen Fei'er Grid laughed and couldn't help but get entangled with him, the result was out of control!

     At the end, Lu Chen saw that she was really weak, and then begged for mercy, and he let her go very reluctantly.Chen Fei'er squeezed him with the last bit of strength, and said softly, "I still have a job today..."

     Lu Chen smiled, kissed her back, and got up spirit trembling with excitement.

     It is rare that he did not go out for early exercise today. Instead, he went to the kitchen to find the ingredients from the refrigerator and prepared a hearty breakfast by himself, poached eggs, rice porridge, fried bacon...

     Chen Fei'er didn't know when he also got up, so he came to the kitchen in pajamas.

     She hugged Lu Chen from behind, leaned her face on the latter's thick and sturdy back, and muttered: "You said, we will be like this every day, okay?"

     Lu Chen put down the shovel, turned around and put his arms in his arms, and smiled: "Of course I am fine!"

     Chen Fei'er pouted and sighed helplessly.

     She enjoys living alone with Lu Chen, but if she wants to do this every day, she must give up her career.

     This is not her, at least what she wants now.

     So just talk about what I just said.

     Lu Chen saw through everything and smiled and said: "In fact, it doesn't need to be like this every day. As long as you need, I will accompany you for free at any time, accompany you to accompany you to eat, chat, and sleep. What do you think?"

     "That's a good point!"

     Chen Fei'er was amused by him, and his feeling a little frustrated just now disappeared.Lu Chen smiled and said, "Eat breakfast."

     The two Tiantian ate a warm and warm breakfast together.

     It looks like 9 o'clock after 10 o'clock after eating.

     Chen Fei'er wiped his mouth with a napkin, and began to clean up the plates, and asked casually: "Who did you drink so late last night?"

     Lu Chen: "Uh..."

     He thought it was over, but Chen Fei'er still remembered it.

     Chen Fei'er gave a "hum" and said, "If you don't tell me, I know, it must have been pulled by Liao Jia, right?"

     Although Chen Fei'er did not participate in 72H, she nevertheless knew a lot.

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly: "Brother Zhijie is also here."

     He knows that Chen Fei'er doesn't like Liao Jia very much, and of course he doesn't like Liao Jia to get him to drink.

     In fact, not many times.

     Chen Fei'er yelled: "Don't use Brother Zhijie as a shield, and you will not interact with Liao Jia in the future. He has everything to eat, drink, prosper, and gamble. You will not learn from him if you follow him?"

     Lu Chen smiled bitterly.

     Chen Fei'er said seriously: "I am not against you making friends, just like Big Brother Tan and Big Brother Lin, they are all very good, but some people nevertheless have less contact and drink less alcohol. People in the circle make mistakes because of drinking too much. Up!"

     Lu Chen surrendered: "I see."He knows Chen Fei'er is for his own good.

     Chen Fei'er took advantage of the victory and pursued: "Don't go outside these days, I want to finish the new Album!"

     Lu Chen solemnly: "Yes, my wife!"

     Chen Fei'er's pretty face suddenly turned intoxicating blush, spit on the ground and said: "Who is your wife, you are still in the inspection period, be careful I will kick you at any time!"

     Lu Chen was not afraid, and said, "Is it still during the inspection period? I have to work harder that night!"

     Hearing his teasing, Chen Fei'er was too embarrassed to lift his head and stretched out his hand to twist him.

     Jingle bell~

     The two were laughing, and the mobile phone on the coffee table in the living room rang suddenly.

     Lu Chen had to let Chen Fei'er go, ran over and picked up the phone.

     It was Lu Xi who called him.

     Lu Chen hung up after talking to her sister.

     Chen Fei'er saw his look a little weird, so he couldn't help but walked over and asked: "What's the matter?"

     Lu Chen said: "My sister has talked to SPG over there!"

     SPG is the SPG Entertainment Company in South Korea. Recently, SPG has been discussing with Lu Chen Workshop about the introduction of "Blue Life and Death".

     Due to the harsh conditions of SPG, Lu Xi had a difficult conversation with SPG representative Park Jeong-Ho.Unexpectedly, there will be results this morning.

     Of course Chen Fei'er knew about this. He was pleasantly surprised: "Really? How much buyout price did SPG give?"

     "Billion won!"


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