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Chapter Directory 343 Millions Of Rewards
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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This song "I Crossed the Ocean to See You" is tailor-made by Lu Chen for Chen Fei'er's new Album.

     Chen Fei'er's new Album is her transformational work, and its positioning is very clear, that is, to abandon the previous sweet song genre and turn to love song style in an all-round way.

     For any vagabond singer, especially a famous vagabond singer, transformation has never been simple.

     Because the fans have long been accustomed to her style positioning, they have cultivated a large number of genre lovers, and suddenly replaced, it is difficult to adapt, there will always be a kind of obedient feeling, or instinctive discomfort or even disgust. , Resulting in a decrease in acceptance.

     In the history of pop music, there are many examples of failures in transition. Some vagabond singers are therefore one stumble, unable to rise, some continue to persist but lose sight of everyone, and some return to the old way, but find that there is no way to go.

     Therefore, even Chen Fei'er is very cautious about this new album, he would rather delay the bounced ticket without any flaws, and he will not hesitate to reject a large number of announcements, commercial performances and endorsements, with single-hearted devotion. Stationed in the Recording Room of Flying Stone Records.

     As the man of Chen Fei'er, Lu Chen is naturally obliged to go all out to help her complete this new work.In fact, the transition from sweet songs to love songs, the style span is not very large. If Chen Fei'er, as Sweet Song Heavenly Queen, wants to sing rock or R&B, it is a hell-level difficulty. She has had love songs before. Works, so the fans’ acceptance nevertheless is very high.

     The key lies in the album itself. How can it be considered a success if there is no solid, solid or even classic work suppression?

     To this end, Lu Chen wrote six songs for Chen Fei'er.

     "I Crossed the Ocean to See You" is one of them.

     This song has a beautiful melody and strong emotions, with a little sadness and confusion. It reveals the persistent pursuit of love, which is very touching.

     Chen Fei'er has a sound like a natural voice, her voice features are extremely clear, and fans can hear it right away, with distinct personal characteristics.

     The sweet song she is best at is sweet and melodious, which makes people feel like a spring breeze, and it is very comfortable and warm, like drinking ****want to stop but can't.

     When she sang a love song, the characteristics of her voice did not change in essence, but her tone sank a little more softly and tenderly, and there was a trace of magnetism, which perfectly released the emotion contained in the work itself.

     In particular, this Heavenly Queen / days later self-playing and self-singing affectionate model, so that millions of fans in the live broadcast room can hear as if drunk and stupefied.


     Strange city,Familiar corner.

     Also comforted each other,

     I also hugged and sighed,

     No matter what the ending will be.

     In the wind and sand,

     Watching you go away,

     I was so sad that I couldn't help myself.

     I hope I can send you thousands of miles away,

     Until mountain and river exhausted,

     Depend on you for life!


     When it came to the chorus **, Chen Fei'er significantly strengthened his efforts, including plucking the strings. The same tenderness was added with a strong and unrepentant determination, which sublimated the emotional theme of the whole song.

     For an album with 10 songs, any work Chen Fei'er has practiced many times over and over again. Of course, this song "I Crossed the Ocean to See You" is no exception, so even if it is not in the professional Recording Room, Not on the gorgeous stage, she still sang a real superstar fan.

     Lu Chen, leaning on the piano, stared at Chen Fei'er, who focused on singing and unblinking. His black eyes flashed with light. Aside from the close relationship between the two, he saw a The vagabond singer is transforming gorgeously.

     So touching!

     Chen Fei'er's singing seems to have a magical power, which can penetrate the barriers of space and pass it to the ears of all the fans who are listening to her singing, and to their/their hearts.More and more viewers poured into Lu Chen's live broadcast room, and soon broke the 2 million mark.

     Including many super administrators of [Whale TV].

     They also came to listen to the song.

     In fact, Lu Chen suddenly opened a live broadcast at night, and [Whale TV] knew it immediately. The administrator hurriedly ran a wave of advertisements on the homepage, which attracted the attention of a large number of passersby fans.

     Previously, the number of fans who watched Lu Chen live online was around 1.5 million. After Chen Fei'er appeared, the number soared in just a few minutes. Many fans who got the news came to watch the lively and almost blocked the server.

     The current [Whale TV] has already produced a lot of special live broadcasts of celebrities, but it is the first time for celebrity couples to play live broadcasts at the same time, not to mention that Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are the most burn your hand, feel the CP of heat.

     The news on the Internet is transmitted at the speed of light, blogs, post bars, forums, WeChat groups... it spreads to hundreds of thousands, and countless people who have never played [Whale TV] come in along the link.

     But with so many online viewers, Lu Chen's live broadcast room is very clean. Everyone consciously abides by the viewing etiquette, and there are not many bullet screens that interfere with the line of sight.

     Some people were either too excited, or deliberately messing up and sending out barrage, and they were kicked by the super tube on the spot.Nima Chen Fei'er dared to make trouble while singing live, but you didn't discuss it if you blocked it!

     This live broadcast of the celebrity couple show without pre-arrangement is a godsend propaganda for [Whale TV]. Usually, spending a lot of money may not have the effect, and the official will never allow anyone to destroy it.

     It's a pity that Chen Fei'er is just a ticket to play on a whim, and I didn't think about how long it would take to play.

     After singing, she smiled into the microphone Tiantian and said: "I Crossed the Ocean to See You, I hope you will like it, and my new album will be released next week. Please support me by then!"

     The singer Heavenly Queen / days later clasped his fists and saluted playfully, and then returned the guitar to Lu Chen.

     Fans in the live broadcast room are frying again!


     "Sister Fei'er, don't leave, sing us another song!"

     "It's so nice, can't you sing one more song?"

     "Stay, beg to stay!"

     "I bought all of your Albums. I just want to sing one more song, crying..."

     "555~I want to hear it again!"

     "Sing another +1."

     All kinds of begging and complaining, I want Chen Fei'er to continue to sing, and more fans are using practical actions to keep them-a reward!Fish Balls are already too weak. They are all in pediatrics. The local tyrants go directly to the aircraft carrier.

     The screen was swiped one after another, densely obscuring the horizon, and the number was terrifying!

     Among the many anchors in [Whale TV], many people did not earn a reward for one or two aircraft carriers in the live broadcast for one or two years, and Chen Fei'er just sang a song and made it easily. Hundreds of ships.

     In fact, the share of these rewards can make many well-known anchors faint with excitement, but Chen Fei'er has no special feelings. She only knows a little about webcasting and has not realized the horror of rewards.

     But the enthusiasm of the fans can still be clearly felt by her.

     "Thank you, everyone, if you want to listen to more good songs, then buy Album!"

     Chen Heavenly Queen / days later has never seen any scenes, moved and moved, and she did not satisfy the wishes of the fans, because after singing the second song, everyone will definitely ask to sing the third song, and it will be endless.

     She witty another wave of advertisements for her new Album, and then decisively flashed people!

     The live broadcast room was suddenly sad.

     Lu Chen sat back in his position and coughed and said, "Thank you for your support, so let me sing this song to everyone again!"Fans complained and complained, and they knew that they could not be forced. Although there were still dissatisfied voices, most of them understood.

     In order to calm everyone's emotions, Lu Chen re-sang "I Crossed the Ocean to See You".

     In his dream memory, this song has been covered by many famous vagabond singers, deduced in different styles, each with its own taste and characteristics, and has become a timeless classic.

     The same is playing and singing. Compared with Chen Fei'er's graceful and soft, Lu Chen sings harder and vicissitudes of life, deepening the thickness of emotions, including a bit of folk songs.

     It's just as good.

     For millions of fans, being able to hear two different interpretations of a new song is definitely a very enjoyable and interesting thing, and it is a precious experience!

     It wasn't until 11 o'clock in the evening that Lu Chen ended the live broadcast, and finally sang until his voice was dry.

     Of course, his gains are not small, and the rewards for single props have reached 1 million+.

     Even if Lu Chen's vision of things are very different now, and the projects aimed at are tens of millions and tens of millions, he can't help but sigh the enthusiasm of the fans.

     However, at least more than half of this 1 million was brought by Chen Fei'er.

     "There are so many?"Chen Fei'er read the script in the bedroom and was not asleep yet. He was surprised to hear the report from Lu Chen.

     This money is too easy to make, right?

     It took her less than 10 minutes to show her face back and forth, and the key is to earn it through the Internet in her own home.

     Lu Chen lay down next to her and smiled: "When the money arrives, I will transfer half of it to you."

     "As for?"

     Chen Fei'er gave him an angry glance-dignified Heavenly Queen / days later. Do you need to care about this little money?

     The relationship between the two does not need to be so clear.

     Lu Chen was determined not to eat soft rice. After thinking about it, he said, "Well, I will put this money out and deposit it in another card. We will use this card when we go out to play or eat in the future. How?"

     Chen Fei'er's eyes lit up, and he even put the script aside: "Is it a love fund? This is a good note!"

     Her eyes were watery, and she sent a sweet kiss emotionally.

     Lu Chen, a strong young man in his 20s, could not stand such a tease, immediately hugged her and pressed her against him, ready to enjoy the tenderness of the beautiful woman.

     Chen Fei'er Grid smiled and blocked him, and said, "Wait, I will tell you about the new script first."

     Lu Chen, that depressed...Knowing this, he didn't take out the script before, wasting fine time, beautiful scenery and romantic night.


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