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Chapter Directory 346 Sincerity
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Since entering the new century, the domestic entertainment industry has developed vigorously, and the market has become bigger and bigger.

     But the status of original pop music is declining.

     ** In the ten's, a somewhat famous vagabond singer could get moisturized by selling albums and selling tapes and CDs, and then run on the field for evening or concerts. He definitely belonged to the ranks of high-income people.

     Some vagabond singers even rely on one or two works for more than ten or twenty years.

     However, with the development of the market, more and more people enter the industry. The new generation of idol stars emerge more and more, and the speed of the replacement of artists is greatly accelerated, and the competition in the industry is becoming fierce.

     The rise of the Internet has led to the decline of the traditional Record industry, forcing vagabond singers to find new opportunities. Under the influence of the idol culture of Japan and South Korea, domestic artists have also begun to embark on a no-return road of marketing packaging.

     Singing well is already out of the question. To be handsome, to be beautiful, to be distinctive, and to know how to publicize and hype. Many vagabond singers are unwilling to sink into the bottom, and many vagabond singers have changed their images and desperately catered to the market.

     As a result, the power of originality was not paid attention to, and the show business community followed the trend of imitating plagiarism, and the development of domestic popular music was difficult, and it became a battlefield for talent shows.For this kind of phenomenon, many musicians are deeply worried and sick at heart call loudly, but their voices seem so insignificant in the general environment of the entire industry, like a stone thrown into a lake, the ripples are silent.

     The rise of Lu Chen in the pop music world is undoubtedly like a fresh wind, which makes people feel the breath of spring.

     At the beginning, his influence was still very limited. A draft champion could not prove or change anything. At most, it made people admire the appearance of a musical talent.

     And the name "Music Genius" is not unusual.

     But with the release of his first album "My old classmate", people in the show business community industry suddenly discovered that they can still get honor, status and benefits by relying on a sincere and outstanding work.

     His success greatly inspired the original force in China!

     The simplest example is Lu Chen’s asking price for writing a song. He is now quoting 500,000 yuan for a song, which directly raises the price of top authors by a bit, which in a disguised way increases the treatment of original authors.

     Others may be scolded for doing such things. Lu Chen proved his value, the value of the original creator with his strength.

     Whether it is "In Spring" nevertheless "Not Yet Lovers", he makes people believe that relying on solid works, can create a real star.Then to this "Flower Woman" Album by Chen Fei'er.

     From the title song "Flower Woman" to "Your Eyes", "I Crossed the Ocean to See You", "Hello Tomorrow", "Meeting" and "The Sea of People", six works, six unique love songs, While Lu Chen showed his strength again, he also pushed Chen Fei'er to new heights.

     He seems to have a pair of miraculous hands, able to touch base matter and turn it to gold, and change something rotten into something magical!

     "Flower Woman" is a love song album, but the style tends to be diversified. Audiences of different ages can find works that suit them and find their friends.

     This approach is actually very bold, especially for a transformational work, it is simply an adventure, but a sufficiently good work makes the adventure a gorgeous show off!

     Day two, day three... Chen Fei'er’s new Album is on the WeChat music platform and nevertheless Zhong chou(crowdfunding). The sales are steadily increasing. Although the growth rate is declining, it is benign. The slowdown.

     Correspondingly, this Album continues to ferment in public praise outside the show business community circle.

     For people in the show business community, what they see through this album is the transformation of Chen Fei'er, what Lu Chen has strong creative strength, and what they see is the impact on the market structure...For the majority of fans, they don't care about these, they just know that the song is good.

     There is more than one nice song, and the composing music soundtrack is top-notch, full of sincerity!

     In just three days, the total sales of "Flower Woman" Album's digital version + physical CD version (including package) exceeded 700,000+, creating a new record in the domestic pop music scene in the past ten years, and the achievement of [Diamond Record] has no Of suspense.

     Under such circumstances, Chen Fei'er couldn't sit still by himself.

     Before the release of Album, she had a foreboding that it would be very successful. After all, with so much effort and effort, coupled with the full support of Lu Chen, there is no reason to fail.

     But she did not expect to be so successful, and greatly underestimated the support of fans.

     Therefore, Chen Fei'er had to give up enjoying the sweet time with Lu Chen, leaving the capital early to launch promotional activities in major cities across the country.

     The better the market, the more publicity is needed, and the better the effect of publicity. If you miss the best publicity opportunity right now, it will be half the effort to speculate after the past.

     And Lu Chen can't take time off. The top priority he has to accomplish is not the new Shooting drama, but the move.After more than a month of construction and renovation, the Lu Chen Workshop in the New Times Art Center was finally able to settle in. So on the second day after Chen Fei'er left Beijing, Lu Chen and Lu Xi moved to the new home together.

     The new Workshop covers an area of 1,000 square meters, which is separated from the original Yu Jizhong Art Workshop. It is divided into upper and lower floors, and the location is very superior.

     Lu Chen built a brand new Recording Room in the new Workshop and purchased a batch of the most advanced equipment at present, making the total cost of moving to the new home more than 15 million, which drew a large part of the workshop's funds.

     However, the results of this investment are obvious. In the future, Workshop can independently complete the creation, composing music, accompaniment, recording, and post-production work of a piece of work. There is no need to outsource other than the release.

     In other words, from the perspective of music production, Lu Chen Workshop has a completely independent ability. In addition to meeting its own needs, it can also undertake foreign businesses, and its strength exceeds many small music companies.

     On the day of moving to a new home, many colleagues from the show business community sent banner baskets, including Beijing TV Station, Haijin TV Station, Zhedong TV Station, Flying Stone Records, SPG, Crown Pictures, Conduit Brothers, Qingyu Media...and Tan Hong , Liao Jia, Lin Zhijie, MSN and so on friends.In the evening, Lu Chen came forward and hosted a banquet in the Regent Hotel in Beijing to entertain all walks of life.

     Before he knew it, he already had considerable network resources in the circle of Beijing.

     And now it is less than a year since Lu Chen officially debuted last year!


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