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Chapter Directory 348 Special Gift
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In fact, when he took it over, Lu Chen had already guessed what the gift that Li Family gave him.

     He had experienced the other party's gift-giving routine before, nevertheless the familiar taste.

     The document is the approval document of the Chen Fei Charity Fund, and the certificate is the legal person and practice certificate of the foundation.

     With these three things, the Chen Fei Charity Fund, jointly established by Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, has a legal identity from now on, can raise funds from the public, and carry out charity in China!

     This gift was not easy to come by.

     The domestic philanthropy industry has experienced a period of chaos. Official and private charities as many as the hair of the ox, including fish in troubled water, resulted in a lot of scandals. Positive energy charities have been covered with a thick layer of dust, which has caused quite a bad social impact.

     In some so-called charities, only 10% of the donations raised are used in charitable activities. A large amount of donations disappears or is swallowed and transferred. I really want to expose the public's trust seriously after exposure.

     Under such circumstances, relevant state departments have begun to rectify charitable organizations, crack down on a group of speculators who hang a sheep's head while selling dog meat, and exercise strict control at the source.Therefore, it is very difficult to register and set up a charitable foundation. Lu Chen did not consider the difficulty when he decided to establish the foundation.

     But he was right to ask Li Family to come forward to help, and it has not been approved until now.

     There is also a very important reason for this, that is, as the legal representative of the foundation, Lu Chen has a very good image in the public as a star artist, otherwise it would be useless for Li Family to come forward.

     But no matter what, Lu Chen has to bear the heavy favor of Li Family.

     After solving the dilemma at home, Lu Chen wanted to do something for the society and others. He did not do charity for angle for fame, but for him to look into one's heart, no shame.

     Because he was able to obtain today's achievements, status, fame and fortune, basically from the memory in his dreams, this extremely precious and heavy wealth came so easily that Lu Chen has always felt very unreal.

     He didn't want to just use this memory wealth to satisfy his personal desires and lie on it for a lifetime, but use part of it to help those in need, so as to be worthy of God's love!

     "Thank you!"

     Lu Chen sincerely expressed his gratitude to Li Mushi and Su Daiwan.

     Su Daiwan smiled and said, "You're welcome, I actually have a ruthless please."Lu Chen said quickly: "Sister-in-law, you say."

     Su Daiwan said: "Does your foundation still need people? I want to be a member, and I have something to do."

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's great that you can join. You can pick the seat of director or secretary."

     Su Daiwan said: "I will be a council member, and I will donate another two million."

     Lu Chen wanted to decline, but after thinking about nevertheless nodded: "Okay!"

     He could see that Su Daiwan really wanted to do some charity, not to spend money for a seat in the foundation.

     Even if she doesn't donate a cent and asks for a director, can Lu Chen still agree?

     It's just that Lu Chen is still a little worried: "Sister-in-law, there is no problem with Brother Murong, right?"

     Su Daiwan smiled and said: "He himself has stayed in the United States. How boring I am at home, just to do good and accumulate virtue.

     Lu Chen laughed: "Are you not out of Album? I still owe you an Album!"

     Su Daiwan is a native of Taipei on the treasure island. She was a smash hit on the island that year. She made her debut at the age of 19 and won the island’s performing arts awards. With her natural voice and outstanding looks, she has become a rising star. Celebrity.

     At the age of 21, Su Daiwan released her first album "Little Xue 初晴", and at the same time pushed her singing career to the peak, and is regarded as the future singer Heavenly Queen / days later.However, to everyone's surprise, after only two years of debut, when the star journey was shining brilliantly, Su Daiwan suddenly retreated from the pop music scene and disappeared from the public's sight.

     Few people know that Su Daiwan married Li Murong and lived in seclusion in the capital.

     If she doesn't retire, her achievements will never be worse than Chen Fei'er.

     When Lu Chen visited Li Family, he met Li Murong and his wife, and he promised to help Su Daiwan get an Album. Su Daiwan was very excited at the time, but then there was no more.

     Lu Chen still remembers this.

     Su Daiwan certainly didn't forget, and smiled: "I really want to, because I'm afraid your Brother Li is uncomfortable. Besides, I've been out of the music scene for so many years, and my mind has faded a long time ago, but..."

     She pulled Chen Qian over and said, "If you plan to pay back the favor, give it to my sister!"

     Chen Qian had been hiding behind the three of them without speaking, but was pulled out by his sister to face Lu Chen, and then reluctantly said, "Brother Lu Chen, hello."

     Lu Chen smiled and nodded: "Hello."

     I haven't seen it for a while, this rebellious girl has obviously matured a lot, at least knows how to be polite.

     He doesn't mind returning favors to each other: "What do you like, singing nevertheless and filming?"Chen Qian's eyes lit up and said, "I heard that you are going to start filming a new drama recently. Can you give me a role?"

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think replied: "No problem."

     His new drama is getting hot. I don’t know how many people are going round the curves and skirting the corners. The relationship favors come to ask for a role. Several important supporting roles have been booked, but Chen Qian nevertheless arranged. questionable.

     Chen Qian rejoiced: "Thank you."

     She is not a professional performer, she wants to make a film purely out of freshness and fun.

     Of course, the role Lu Chen gave her will not be an important role.

     Lu Chen glanced away, just in time to catch a glimpse of Chen Fei'er pulling Sister Li to speak not far away, so he stretched out his hand and greeted him.

     Chen Fei'er and Sister Li walked over.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Fei'er, Sister Li, let me introduce to you, this is..."

     "Sister Daiwan!"

     Chen Fei'er was a surprise: "Why are you here?"

     Su Daiwan smiled and said, "Sister Fei'er, Long Time No See."

     Now it was Lu Chen's turn to be surprised: "So you two have known each other long ago?"

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "When I went to the treasure island to perform, I sang with sister Daiwan on the same stage..."

     The two really had a friendship, and it was a special surprise to meet again after a long time.Lu Chen introduced Sister Li to Su Daiwan.

     Sister Li agreed to serve as the chairman of the charity foundation to help them manage the cause.

     She has also been famous for Su Daiwan for a long time.

     wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined surrounded by distinguished friends, this lively and surprising dinner party has just begun.


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