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Chapter Directory 354 Jingyingxing
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The predecessor of Jingcheng Film and Television Collage was Jingcheng Film Collage. It was established in 1946, and it is exactly 60 years old this year.

     It is the largest professional film and television academy in China and Asia. It is jointly established by the Beijing Municipal Government, the State Administration of Press and Publication and the Ministry of Education. It is known as the "cradle of Chinese film talents" and enjoys a worldwide reputation.

     Jingying has a total of 11 undergraduate majors, involving literature, directing, presentation, photography, recording, beauty, management, animation, and film theory and technology, covering all industries of film and television drama creation, and more than 4,000 teachers and students of various types at the school.

     Over the past sixty years, too many to count film and television talents, directors, actors, and videographers who have come out of Beijing Film and Television...Every school celebration, half of the celebrities of the entertainment industry will come to join us!

     Of course, Jingying’s management is very strict, and it is not possible for anyone to come in and visit. Even if it is to choose actors and actresses, it has to go through official channels. In other words, it has to be related.

     Sister Li's contacts are very wide. It is not the first time that Jingying has come here. He has acquaintances with the management of Collage, so he obtained the permission without much effort.

     Everyone in the circle knows that Jingying’s students don’t have to worry about "marrying", especially for the acting department. The annual admission rate is horribly low, often several hundred to one. It can be said to be one in a hundred or a thousand. !Talents are rare. There are naturally many entertainment agents and film companies staring at Jingying, but Jingying’s threshold is also very high. Even if a small company is related to a small unit, the performance department students may not pay attention.

     Of course, Lu Chen personally came forward to select people, I believe many people will be interested. In fact, Collage also encourages students to enter the circle early. What they learn in actual work is often better than Collage theory.

     The person in charge of receiving Lu Chen and others is a teacher Chen from the Beijing Film Academic Affairs Office, who is still very young in his thirties.

     He recognized Lu Chen at a glance, and he also knew Fang Hui.

     Leading Lu Chen and others into the school gate, Teacher Chen smiled and asked: "Teacher Lu, are you planning to choose a role for the new drama? You shouldn’t lack people in your project, right? The previous one sold so well. Great..."

     This teacher Chen is a native of Beijing, well-informed and very entertaining in conversation. After a few words, he will be familiar with each other.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Call me Lu Chen. I don't dare to be a teacher here. The main reason is that there are not suitable candidates for a few roles, so I want to come here to take a look."

     After he announced his plans for the new Shooting drama on his blog, there were a lot of entertainment agent Company who came to his door and recommended many people. In addition to some of the roles that have been determined, there are still several main roles that are left open.The investment in this new drama has doubled several times. Lu Chen did it with the attitude of perfect sth that is already outstanding, so when it comes to role selection, he will not choose to play at will, nor will he lower his requirements for the sake of selling favors. .

     Actors must conform to the image of the characters in the story. This is the most basic requirement. Now many domestic dramas, especially IP adaptations, often have such problems. The actors and roles do not match. Then they change the plot and are scolded by the audience after they are filmed. Half dead.

     Lu Chen has thought about it. If Beijing Film can't find a suitable one, he will go to Beijing Opera and China Media.

     If you can't find the ideal candidate, just come to the audition forget about it!

     Teacher Chen smiled and said: "We, Jingying a galaxy of talent, promise not to let you down..."

     He took Lu Chen to Jingying’s small performing arts auditorium.

     There are two large and small auditoriums in Jingying. The large auditorium is used for meetings and theatrical performances, while the small auditorium doubles as a performance class classroom. Part of the performance classes of all classes in the performance department are taught here.

     In the history of Jingying, many directors were students who picked the central ceremonies in the small auditorium, and then led the latter on the dazzling star.

     When Lu Chen and others came over, there were four or five male and female students performing on the stage of the small auditorium, and there were thirty or forty people sitting in the auditorium that could accommodate one to two hundred people, including students and teachers.One of the teachers sitting in the front row was still holding the microphone in his hand, apparently instructing on the spot.

     "Let's sit here..."

     Under the guidance of Teacher Chen, Lu Chen sat down together in the third row on the right side of the auditorium.

     Teacher Chen introduced to Lu Chen: "This is a class of the 15th-level acting department."

     Jingying’s performance department usually has one class at the first level, and the first class only recruits about thirty or forty people. The elites among the real elites do not know how popular they are after graduation. The starting point is inherently higher than other artists.

     But having said that, there may be a lot of talents in one graduation, or all of them may be lost, especially now that the competition in the entertainment industry is too fierce. It is not that you will definitely become a star if you come out of the Beijing Film Acting Department.

     In fact, many graduates of the Beijing Film Acting Department have switched careers.

     With the foundation established, the subsequent effort and luck are indispensable.

     In this hall of art, Lu Chen, Fang Hui, and Sister Li dare not make noises, they are all (to move or do sth) softly and quietly for fear of influencing others in class, but their appearance nevertheless inevitably alarms Teachers and students present.

     Teacher Chen waved to the instructor in front, who nodded without paying attention.However, many students are not so calm, because they/they recognized Lu Chen, surprised, curious, delighted... the whispering voices spread in the small auditorium.

     Lu Chen's attention is all on the stage.

     There are three males, two females and five students on it. What is performing is a drama clip. If you look at the appearance alone, the handsome males and the females have their own characteristics. Basically, there is nothing to be picky about.

     Most of the handsome and beautiful girls in Beijing Film are recognized. Not to mention the highest-quality performance department, the average appearance of other departments is also higher than that of ordinary colleges and universities, and they are enough to make people warm the heart and delights the eye.

     Lu Chenzi looked at every student carefully. He wanted Shooting's new drama to be an urban romantic light comedy, which can also be classified as a youth idol drama. Naturally, there are high requirements for the appearance of role actors.

     And it's not enough to look good, it has to have distinctive characteristics, which can make people impressed or arouse good impressions.

     Then comes the acting.

     Youth idol dramas have relatively low requirements for acting skills, so even if they are a freshman in Beijing Film, they can be competent as long as they are slightly polished. Anyway, they are not starring.

     The comments of the classmates, and the serious attention of Lu Chen and others, obviously put a lot of pressure on the young performers on the stage, and mistakes increased.They are undoubtedly aware of the opportunity, but their experience is not enough to cope with such a situation skillfully, so that the instructor present has to stand up and stop their performance.

     Several students walked off the stage with frustrated expressions.


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