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Chapter Directory 361 Tian Tian's Troubles
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Beijing, Zicheng Garden.

     As night fell, it was already shining.

     In the small dining room in room 1701 of 7 buildings, four dishes and one soup are placed on the table covered with white embroidered tablecloths.

     Pan-fried veal steak, braised lion's head, home-baked seasonal vegetables, steamed sea bass, plus a hot seafood broth, is absolutely delicious in color, fragrance, and saliva!

     Tian Tian's saliva was about to flow down. As soon as his buttocks were stained on the dining chair, he impatiently lifted his chopsticks and picked up a piece of veal steak and stuffed it into his mouth. There was no lady going to gorge oneself.

     While eating, she praised Lu Chen, who had just walked out of the kitchen: "Lu Chen, your craftsmanship is so great, you can open your own restaurant, and I will definitely come to join you every day!"

     Chen Fei'er sitting across from her pursed his lips and smiled, feeling happier than boasting himself.

     To be honest, Chen Fei'er was also surprised when he ate the dishes cooked by Lu Chen for the first time, because Lu Chen's cooking skills could not be compared with any super chefs and national treasure masters. It was also a first-class level.

     Generally speaking, it is difficult to have such a high level of craftsmanship without more than ten years of experience.

     But Lu Chen is so old, and he is not a professional cook at all.Chen Fei'er did not examine roots and inquire at the base to investigate the reasons, but felt that Lu Chen was like a treasure buried deep in the ground. The more you dig down, the more you can dig out the treasure that Zé Zé admires.

     As the owner of the treasure, she is very proud and very proud.

     Tonight is a small show off in front of your girlfriends, let the envy and hatred of Ah go!

     Lu Chen stretched out his hand to untie the apron tied around his waist, picked up the red wine on the table, and opened it. The gentleman poured it on the two beautiful ladies and said with a smile: "Well, if I lose my job in the future, I will go to Hangzhou to open a restaurant. , You bring more friends to join in, bring you a 10% rebate!"

     Chen Fei'er laughed "ha", Tian Tian couldn't help rolling his eyes, but his hand was like flying chopsticks.

     Lu Chen took a seat and smiled and held up the wine glass.

     On the 2nd, he and Chen Fei'er returned to the capital together, and Tian Tian also followed.

     This former beauty Host of Zhedong TV is planning to spend a long vacation in Beijing. As a best friend Chen Fei'er, of course, she can't let her live in a hotel, so the guest room of Lu Chen's house in Zichengyuan is temporarily owned by her.

     After finishing the national tour propaganda activities, Chen Fei'er also gave himself a vacation, accompanied Tian Tian to go crazy around the capital, and walked all over the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.Lu Chen doesn't have time to accompany them. The shooting of "Full House" is about to start. There is still a lot of preparatory work to be completed. It was not until today that I was finally relieved, and it is rare to have time to go home early.

     He simply bought the ingredients in the supermarket, and personally cooks at night to comfort the two women at home.

     Lu Chen's own cooking skills are actually very poor. At most, it is to make an egg-fried rice level. If you want to make a table of satisfying meals, it is purely be carried away by one's wishful thinking.

     Fortunately, he can open up.

     Lu Chen's plug-in is naturally the memory from the dream world.

     Fang Mingbo in his dream is an authentic foodie. When he travels, he always looks for local delicacies at the first time, and then writes a delicious experience, which is very popular among readers when he publishes it on the magazine.

     In addition to eating, Fang Mingbo can also cook, and the craftsmanship is very good!

     It is with Fang Mingbo's memory knowledge that Lu Chen can show his hand in front of Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian.

     The three talked and laughed, sharing a bottle of red wine together.

     Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian’s pretty faces were full of intoxicating blushes. They looked as beautiful as jade under the light, and they warms the heart and delights the eye. Lu Chen secretly sighed for his hardship. In vain.After dinner, Chen Fei'er and Tian Tian took over the work of cleaning the table and washing the dishes.

     When they were finished and came to the small hall upstairs, Lu Chen had already prepared tea.

     "Sister Fei'er, you are so happy!"

     Tian Tian sat on the sofa, she leaned on Chen Fei'er lazily, and whispered: "There is such a good boyfriend..."

     Chen Fei'er teased her: "Envy you? Then you should hurry up and find one!"

     Tian Tian angrily pushed away the hand that Chen Fei'er picked on his chin, and complained: "Where is it so easy to find, I don't like the people in the circle, the ones introduced by the family..."

     She showed a disgusting expression: "Opening your mouth and shutting your mouth is how you are rich, or how you have such a taste. All of them look obsessedly and very annoying. I'm so sick of it!"

     Chen Fei'er suddenly realized: "So you will run with me here to be a light bulb during the May 1st holiday?"

     Tian Tian looked like "you have finally seen through", and said with a smile: "Who said you are my good sister, who can you rely on if I am not bad? I want to hide in the capital and not go back!"

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "Then your family must send someone to catch you back!"

     Tian Tian is not from an ordinary family, otherwise it is impossible to become a host of Zhedong TV right after graduation.And in such a family, there are many things often without the freedom to act independently.

     Tian Tian said: "I am going to resign..."

     Chen Fei'er was taken aback: "Resign? You don't plan to do it on TV? What are you going to do?"

     "After the last accident, the family didn't want me to stay in the station."

     Tian Tian is distressed: "They just want me to find someone to marry, and then have a few children assist one's husband and educate the children!"

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "It sounds very good."

     Tian Tian twisted her and said: "It's you, I don't want to marry someone! I think we women must have their own business, otherwise they will be looked down upon, so I decided to open my own company!"

     The fan incident in Hangzhou not only almost caused a lot of damage to Tian Tian, but also a lot of various rumors and slanders afterwards, which caused her to have ideas in her family.

     But Tian Tian didn't want to marry herself casually so early, not to mention those so-called young talents, she looked down on none of them, and was even more dissatisfied with the arrangements at home.

     Chen Fei'er was curious: "Then what company are you going to open?"

     Tian Tian was immediately discouraged: "I haven't thought about it yet. I thought about continuing to work in the media. The problem is that I have no experience."Even if the conditions at home are very good, it is not easy to open a media-related company. Tian Tian doesn't want to be the kind of peddler who relies on relationships to obtain business, so he is very entangled.

     "Open a media company..."

     Lu Chen, who has been listening all the time, suddenly said: "Do a variety show!"

     "variety show?"

     Tian Tian was stunned, and immediately said with a wry smile: "Variety shows are not easy to do now."

     Nowadays, the entertainment market is extremely prosperous, and there are not a few private media companies. Companies specializing in variety show production and reselling to TV stations are everywhere, such as Superstar Media, Morimu Entertainment, and so on.

     However, due to the high ratings of variety shows and fierce competition, the phenomenon of imitating and following the trend in the industry is extremely widespread, resulting in serious homogeneity of programs and aesthetic fatigue of the audience.

     For example, singing talent shows, such as "Super Girl", "The Super Singer", "Singing China", etc., there is not much difference in form, nothing more than the level of production.

     There are also celebrity programs, which are nothing more than inviting some celebrities to interact in the program, play games and tell jokes. At first, they were quite popular with the audience. Later, the ratings fell year by year, and the same was cut a lot.

     Tian Tian has worked for Zhedong TV station for several years and has a good understanding of the current situation of variety shows.Domestic variety shows are just like pop music circles, when it comes to innovation and breakthroughs!

     Lu Chen nodded and said, "It's not easy to do, but I have some ideas."

     Tian Tian couldn't help but his eyes lit up, and he straightened up and said: "I want to listen."

     Lu Chen's talent is unquestionable. He is well-known for his talent in music, and he can also write scripts and act as the leading actor. In the first step, the TV Series became popular in Jiangnan North.

     He gave Tian Tian an idea, it must be an expected idea.

     Tian Tian also knows that the Zhong chou (crowdfunding) network, which is currently very prosperous on the Internet, was created by Lu Chen.

     So she wanted to listen impatiently, what kind of advice Lu Chen would give herself!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "My suggestion is to do a singing talent show."


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