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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The question asked by the reporter of "Entertainment Weekly" to Lu Chen is not a bad idea, nor is it fabric relying on nothing.

     "Blue Life and Death" broke the ratings record in China and was successfully broadcast in South Korea. Its influence spread to Japan and Southeast Asian countries. It not only made investors earn a lot of money, but also benefited a lot of people around them.

     Everyone is watching, how can you not be jealous?

     People in the show business community suddenly discovered that the original urban youth idol sadomasochistic drama also has a huge market!

     Therefore, after the "Blue" drama was broadcast in China, many film and television production companies immediately decided to shoot new dramas with similar themes, which also included Xiangnan TV.

     Xiangnan TV is very strong in variety shows, TV Series is not weak, and I like to remake the successful Episode of Japan and South Korea. Strictly speaking, the youth idol style in the domestic TV Series market is brought up by Xiangnan TV.

     It’s just that there are more TV Series of the same type nowadays, and Xiangnan TV’s original set can’t be played anymore. Last time their annual drama hit "Blue Life and Death", the result was muddled and completely collapsing.

     However, Xiangnan TV has a characteristic that makes people admire, that is, they have a thick face and super ability to imitate. They don't care about other people's scolding at all, and they quickly focused on the market effect brought by the "Blue" drama.

     When it comes to imitating and following the trend, no one can really match Xiangnan TV.Xiangnan TV's new drama "The Sea of Love" was released under such a background, and it is obvious that it wants to fight Lu Chen, because this drama is likely to collide with Lu Chen's "Full House" in the summer vacation.

     There is bound to be a fierce collision, even if "The Sea of Love" can't beat "Full House", it will still make money.

     Because of the topicality, Xiangnan TV's hype skills are very deep, and it is absolutely not afraid of litigation.

     Their screenwriter is brilliant.

     Of course, Lu Chen knew that this question was very difficult to answer, it was really bad, and it was not true. He thought about it and said: "I have no opinion, because I don't know anything at all about this matter, so I can't answer it."

     Lu Chen is not a foolish person, how could he be like a reporter?

     Tai Chi is the best choice at this time.

     But the reporter obviously won't let Lu Chen go in this way. He continued: "This new series of Xiangnan TV invited Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang to serve as the male female lead. What are your thoughts on this?"

     Xiangnan TV played brilliantly. The new drama not only followed the trend of "Blue Life and Death", but also dug into the past two important actors of the "Blue" drama. The level of borrowing light and rubbing light makes people have to admire.Lu Chen knew about this. In fact, Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang had intended to continue working with him, but after careful consideration, he nevertheless gave up.

     First of all, because "Full House" is not a sequel or sister drama of "Blue Life and Death", too many original cast members will make the audience aesthetically tired or play the role, which is not conducive to the play of the role.

     The other is that the two original newcomers are now worth too much.

     The total investment of "Full House" reached 50 million, which was several times more than that of "Blue", but a large part of it was the remuneration of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er. The sum of the remuneration of the two accounted for three points of the budget. one.

     Under such circumstances, if Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang are given a high salary, it will severely squeeze the production cost or increase the investment budget. This is not what Lu Chen and the investors hope to see.

     Therefore, after discussing the new drama Shooting with the partners, Lu Chen chooses most of the newcomers.

     So he can only say sorry to Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang.

     Of course, it is understandable that Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang went to film "The Sea of Love" on Xiangnan TV. Lu Chen laughed and said, "Zhang Liwei and Hu Yang are both very good actors. I have enjoyed working with them before. I am here. I wish them success again!"

     It's not leaking!The reporter who asked Lu Chen suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness. It is reasonable to say that a young artist like Lu Chen who has just debuted should be easily provoked, but in the end he is so sophisticated that he seems to have mixed dozens in the show business community year.

     The "Entertainment Weekly" reporter did not admit defeat, and immediately said: "Then what do you think of Hu Yang's newly signed Multi-Star Broker Company? Is it because of the Multi-Star Broker Company, so you don’t want to talk to him again Continued cooperation?"

     After Hu Yang starred in "Blue Life and Death" and became famous overnight, he soon cancelled his contract with the original second- and third-rate broker Company and changed his owner.

     He signed with Jin Hongwei’s multi-star agent Company, and many people know about the grievances between Jin Hongwei and Lu Chen, show business community nevertheless.

     But this reporter didn't know that it was nevertheless intentionally, and the relationship was reversed. Hu Yang's signing of Stars Agency Company is the most recent thing, and it has nothing to do with Lu Chen's refusal to join "Full House".

     Although Lu Chen's tolerance is already high, he is still annoyed by the other party's malicious questions.

     He didn't have a gaffe, but glanced at the other person lightly and said: "This kind of statement is very irresponsible, and I don't think Hu Yang will agree."

     Sweeping Lu Chen's gaze, the "Entertainment Weekly" reporter couldn't help but tighten.Of course he could hear the warning in Lu Chen's words, and he couldn't help but have a hint of retreat.

     If you continue to ask questions like this, you will really offend people, and nevertheless a promising star artist, even if he succeeds for a while, I am afraid that it will be difficult to mix in this circle in the future.

     Because he took the red envelope when he came, the circle has the rules of the circle, and it is difficult to take advantage of it. Such a person is not treated anywhere-unless it is completely shameless.

     The reporter of "Entertainment Weekly" was still a bit of a face, smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm fine."

     Lu Chen nodded, and calmly answered other people's questions.

     After a reporter interview, he really felt more tired than fighting a battle.

     None of these reporters are good at fault, and the questions they ask are quite tricky. If they are not careful, they may be caught. Lu Chen has to work hard to deal with it.

     "Never hold this kind of booting ceremony again..."

     After it was over, Lu Chen said to Chen Fei'er half-jokingly and half-seriously: "Too sad!"

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Just get used to it."

     Lu Chen shook his head and said, "I would rather spend more time filming and singing."His new drama "Full House" officially started tonight, and after filming the capital scene, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er flew to South Korea with Film Crew.

     The two will complete shooting of all foreign plots in Jeju Island, a tourist attraction in South Korea!


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