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Chapter Directory 368 Humiliate
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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After filming the kiss scene on the Wanghai Platform, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er will go to the seaside kilometer white sand beach to shoot the last scene on Jeju Island. After the filming, they will go to Seoul to shoot another scene, and then they will End of the trip to Korea.

     Jiang Fang was pushed down below, and his head was battered. Lu Chen heard her scream for the first time.

     It's just that when Lu Chen found out that something was wrong and drove it down, the staff of Film Crew was being beaten up by the other party, and several people were already lying on the ground in embarrassment!

     Seeing such a scene, Lu Chen did not hesitate, and immediately rushed over at the fastest speed, saving a Film Crew personnel who was in near doom in time.

     The man in the suit's flying side kick was blocked by Lu Chen with his arm, and his face was paralyzed. A hint of surprise appeared on his face, but he obviously didn't intend to let it go. He immediately twisted his hips sideways again, and his right leg flew up again.

     This time the man in the suit has no strength. He doesn't believe that Lu Chen can block his first leg, and he can block it again!

     But Lu Chen's counterattack came even faster. The man in the suit just got his legs up, Lu Chen stepped forward suddenly, his arms pushed forward suddenly, and he slapped him on the body with lightning speed.This "cloud-eliminating style" exercised the strength of the arms, chest, abdomen, and waist, and it looked unremarkable, but the palms clapped so vigorously, only a muffled sound was heard. It flew a few steps away, and the four legs facing the sky fell to the ground, exhaling in pain.

     In fact, Lu Chen has started off leniently. If he changes his palm to hit the right position with a single punch, it won't be a problem to break a rib of the opponent, but in that case, things will be too much trouble.

     Because of this, Lu Chen didn't make him feel better either. The man in suit couldn't get up even after he fell to the ground.

     Lu Chen didn't stop there. He continued to rush forward. Suddenly, his probing hand grabbed the collar of another man in the suit, suddenly pulled it back and flew it out.


     A man in a suit noticed Lu Chen's movements and yelled in surprise and anger. He immediately threw down the attacking opponent and pounced towards Lu Chen with open arms.

     He uses the attacking moves in free combat, using his own strength, weight and speed to push his opponent, once he hits, he immediately uses his arms to strangle his neck, which is very fierce and fierce!

     If it is an ordinary person, it is impossible to avoid it at such a close distance.

     Unfortunately, the opponent he met was Lu Chen.Facing the attack from the opponent, Lu Chen calmly and unhurriedly turned sideways, grabbed the man in the suit with his claws in both hands, took the man in the suit with the strength of the opponent, and then sent him out smoothly.

     The man in the suit was dizzy and dizzy by Lu Chen and completely lost control of his body. He staggered can't help and bumped into another companion. As a result, the two smashed into a ground gourd at the same time!

     Between the rising and falling of rabbits, Lu Chen successively solved four men in suits, resolved the crisis faced by Film Crew personnel, and reversed the battle between the two sides in one fell swoop.

     In front of him, there were only slender young men guarded by two men in suits.

     The two bodyguards obviously did not expect Lu Chen to be so vigorous. Seeing Lu Chen's victory approaching, their faces showed a hint of panic.

     However, because of their duties, neither of the bodyguards flinched, and they rushed towards Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen had been prepared for a long time, and moved calmly and changed positions. With his right leg swept and kicked out the left calf of one of the bodyguards, the latter instantly lost his balance, and a dog gnawed forward and fell forward!

     Another bodyguard hurriedly turned around, but Lu Chen rammed sideways at this moment, hit his chest hard with his shoulder, and immediately knocked him out.

     Perfect KO!

     At this moment, Lu Chen directly faced the slender man with sunglasses.If he guessed correctly, the other party should be a key figure in this group of Japanese people, and Shiyou ** are like him a celebrity artist.

     The reason is very simple. In addition to the guards and bodyguards who were brought down by him, there are also many photographers and assistants on the other side, and they must have come to Wanghaitai to take pictures.

     Those people wanted to stop Lu Chen, but the Film Crew staff on Lu Chen's side were not stupid, they were all blocked. Among them, the man in the suit who had suffered a lot just now kicked him a few times. foot.

     Lu Chen has the upper hand.

     The slender young man was probably afraid that Lu Chen would hit him. Seeing Lu Chen continue to approach him, he didn't know what he said, and backed away in a panic.

     But he didn't expect that there were steps behind, and as a result, he almost fell off his feet. His hands fluttered and grabbed the branches of the plants that were planted next to him. Finally, he sat down on the edge of the drain on the side of the stairs.

     The slender young man was so embarrassed that even the sunglasses he was wearing fell off, revealing a pair of delicate eyes.

     so gay!

     Lu Chen tugged at the corner of the mouth with disdain, his body was thin and white, his chin was pointed, his face was obviously makeup and eyeliner, and the left ear was pierced, giving a feeling Very "mother" and "demon".This so-called new generation idol is very popular in the Japanese entertainment industry.

     It is estimated that he felt contempt from Lu Chen live high and look down, or encountered too much humiliation. The slender young man's face was flushed, and his thin lips pursed a touch of anger.

     "Don't fight, don't fight!"

     At this moment, the Korean translator who had been following Film Crew ran over and shouted: "I have already called the police, I have called the police!"

     This Korean translator was dispatched by SPG, mainly to assist Film Crew's work.

     With the situation under control, Lu Chen didn't want to continue to make matters worse. In fact, he had noticed that many tourists nearby were watching and taking pictures, so he waved his hand and said, "Everyone, stop, don't fight."

     Lu Chen is not only the actor of "Full House", but also the main investor of Nevertheless. He has a higher authority than the director in Film Crew, and he speaks naturally.

     The most important thing is that just relying on Lu Chen's shot just now, bashing sideways and colliding straight on overturned the opponent's main force in one fell swoop, showing strong combat effectiveness, and the prestige among the young people of Film Crew has naturally increased exponentially.

     So when he heard what he said, everyone stopped struggling with each other's people and backed away.

     Everyone gathered together again, staying vigilant, ready to do it again at any time.The Japanese screamed and rushed over, and with everyone lending a hand (eagerly but somewhat chaotically), they lifted up the slender young man sitting on the ground, who threw away their hands fiercely and shouted loudly.

     The men in suits who had been knocked down by Lu Chen just now got up, and several of them could not hold their heads up after being trained by the slender young man. Some looked at Lu Chen with resentment.

     But they didn't dare to do it again. Lu Chen's combat effectiveness left them an extremely deep impression just now.

     If you do it again, you will be insulted!

     The Film Crew staff of seize total victory cheered and someone shouted: "Brother Chen is mighty!"

     "Lu Chen, are you okay?"

     More people came down from the Wanghai Terrace, including Chen Fei'er.

     "I'm fine..."

     Lu Chen shook his head and said, "Let's see if there is anything wrong with Xiaofang, or call an ambulance."

     Jiang Fang had been helped by her colleagues. She looked miserable. She had a broken head and abrasions on her hands and feet, but she was very sane, and luckily she didn't hurt her brain.

     A female colleague of Film Crew took out a handkerchief to help stop the bleeding from her wound.

     Chen Fei'er hurriedly went to condolences.

     The Film Crew staff all righteous indignation fills one's breast, and again yelled at the assailant.

     The police in South Korea came quickly.Wanghaitai is a famous tourist attraction on Jeju Island. There are usually many tourists. In order to ensure safety, the Korean side has deployed many police forces to maintain law and order here.

     So after receiving the alarm, patrolmen rushed to the scene soon, and the alarm went loud.

     Film Crew translators and SPG people are duty-bound to stand up and negotiate with the police, and the other party also has translators involved.

     After a few minutes of negotiations, a Film Crew interpreter and a South Korean policeman approached Lu Chen.

     The interpreter said apologetically: "Mr. Lu, this police officer Park Ji-Sung, because you participated in this battle, he needs you to go to the police station to make a record. I am extremely sorry!"

     After speaking, he bowed deeply to Lu Chen.

     The SPG guy came over with his mobile phone and said: "Mr. Lu, I have notified the Company that the company will send a lawyer over in the shortest possible time, please rest assured!"

     SPG has a direct interest in Lu Chen's new drama "Full House", so Film Crew has their strong support for filming in South Korea.

     Now that something like this is happening, SPG will certainly not watch with folded arms. Although this is Jeju Island, with SPG's strength and network resources, it is definitely not a problem to protect Lu Chen.

     The most important thing is that the cause of this incident is not Lu Chen's side, but the first thing the Japanese picked up.Lu Chen had anticipated this a long time ago. Since he chooses to do it, he must accept the consequences of doing it.

     Of course he won't regret it, maybe it will be more ruthless if he does it again.

     Lu Chen nodded and said, "Yes."

     Chen Fei'er, who was on the side, suddenly became anxious: "I will go with you!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "What are you going to do to the police station? I'm just going to make a transcript. Film Crew also needs people."

     Chen Fei'er insisted: "out of the question, I am not at ease!"

     Her attitude is so determined that Lu Chen has no choice but to agree: "Then you go with the translator."

     In addition to Lu Chen, all the other Film Crew personnel involved in the battle will also follow. People are in foreign lands and places. Everyone is worried that colleagues will suffer, so many people want to follow.

     The producer and director of nevertheless Film Crew, Fang Hui, dissuaded them. Although shooting can no longer be continued, there cannot be no one in Film Crew, and it is not good if there are too many people.

     As for the Japanese, the participants were also taken to the nearest police station.

     But when Lu Chen came to the police station to make a transcript, the domestic online media exploded!


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