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Chapter Directory 369 Public Opinion Uproar
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Wanghaidae is one of the must-see attractions for tourists who come to Jeju Island, so there are a lot of tourists.

     Therefore, the scene where Lu Chen and the South Korean police went to the police station to make transcripts was not only seen by many tourists, but also filmed, including several domestic tourists.

     A tourist posted the photos he took on his blog at that time.

     The visitor of Inspur blog ID "Annie Love" knew Lu Chen, and she happened to be in the parking lot under Wanghaitai when she took the photo. What she captured was the picture of Lu Chen riding in a police car.

     "Annie Love" is not a fan of Lu Chen, so she won't have the consciousness of keeping her idol secret. Instead, she has a sense of excitement to catch the big news. It is simply an impatient using her mobile phone to post a blog post.

     Although she did not know the rise and fall of the terrain, it did not prevent her from giving her blog a very eye-catching title-there are pictures and the truth, Lu Chen was taken by the South Korean police at Wanghaitai, Jeju Island go!

     There are not many fans of "Annie Love", only a few hundred. However, Lu Chen has always been a hot celebrity in the Inspur blog. In addition to the recent Shooting new drama "Full House", I searched for his latest news in the blog. There are many netizens.

     This blog post was quickly searched out and forwarded.If it were in an era when there was no Internet 20 or 30 years ago, a star artist was taken away by the police, it would be impossible for ordinary people to know it in the first place, and television broadcast newspapers as the main media might not report it.

     However, in such a network age, the transmission of information is too fast and convenient. Unless it is the official control of public opinion, the troubles that are thousands of miles away can appear on the Internet in the shortest time.

     One turn to ten, ten turns to a hundred. In just half an hour, this blog post of "Annie Love" has been reposted thousands of times, and it spreads extremely fast in the blog.

     Many people just saw this news and didn't believe it. Why was the good-looking Lu Chen taken away by the South Korean police?

     Is it a mistake or a misunderstanding?

     Some people sneered at it—hype, 100% hype!

     Isn't Lu Chen filming in Korea? It must be deliberately looking for a Torna stills to hype the topic, this kind of hype is very common in the film and television circles, and people with a little intelligence will not be fooled.

     Fans of Lu Chen are also constantly questioning, first they do not believe it, and then they agree with the propaganda speculation.

     However, things are developing very fast, and news broke out on the blog that it is true that Lu Chen was taken away by the South Korean police, not for filming, but because of fighting with others!This time, it is no longer an ordinary blogger like "Annie Love", but a well-known little V with more than 1 million fans and a few photos.

     These photos are not very clear, but I can see Lu Chen in the melee crowd. Obviously, it is not a scene for filming, and the authenticity is very high.

     Public opinion is in great uproar!

     Lu Chen was arrested for fighting in South Korea. This is the rhythm of being embarrassed and thrown abroad!

     Nowadays, the domestic entertainment industry has always been scandalous. Among the celebrity artists, there are drug abuse, prostitutes, cheating, and drunk driving. The overall image in the eyes of the public is not good.

     As a newly emerging star of the new generation, Lu Chen has always had a very good image since his debut. Many fans praised him as a "positive energy" in the entertainment circle, and he has also been recognized by the official media.

     Who would have thought that he would have caused a scandal abroad!

     Many online media have reposted this new blog post, and put it under different headings.

     "Rising star Lu Chen has just been arrested by the police in South Korea due to a suspected fight! 》

     "Lu Chen was taken away by the South Korean police, why did the entertainment star scandal more and more emerge? 》

     "The latest news, Lu Chen was arrested in an accident in Jeju Island, South Korea, involving a fight! 》

     "What's wrong with Lu Chen?" 》

     ...There are also many so-called show business community people who took the opportunity to jump out, express shock, or express condemnation, and some feel sorry. There is no lack of speculations that add fuel and jealousy, and even the "face-to-face view of entertainment" that was severely beaten last time. Jumping out, yin and yang expresses the meaning of take joy in calamity and delight in disaster strangely.

     The entertainment industry is a big circle. It is said that when the forest is big, there are all kinds of birds. It is very common to throw stones at sb who fell down a well. It is normal to throw stones at sb who fell down a well. The key is that Lu Chen has been too popular recently and is invisible. It offends a lot of people.

     Lu Chen is fine if there is an accident. When an accident happens, someone will naturally jump out and criticize it.

     For a while, there was a gang of demons dancing in the blog. Many ordinary netizens who did not know the truth expressed disgust and disgust in the comments, thinking that Lu Chen himself was ashamed, and he was ashamed of the country.

     Some even shouted the slogan "Lu Chen Get Out of the Entertainment Circle"!

     All kinds of things like this caused an uproar among the fans. Many fans expressed their disappointment with Lu Chen, but most of the fans did not believe in the so-called truth and had to wait for follow-up news to come out.

     There are also a small number of fans who just ignore Lu Chen's defense, believing that there must be a reason.Countless fans have rushed to Lu Chen and Lu Chen Workshop, and even Chen Fei'er's blog to ask for the truth, and some media have called directly for interviews, wanting to get conclusive news.

     However, the two workshops did not understand the truth of the matter first, and had no time to attend to media inquiries, and it was impossible to announce the news immediately.

     This inevitably intensified speculation on the Internet, and all kinds of bizarre rumors were flying in the sky.

     It also involved Chen Fei'er. Some people said that Lu Chen was so angry that Chen Fei'er became a beauty.

     In a short period of time, "Lu Chen arrested in South Korea" quickly became a hot search word on the blog, and it was on the hot search list on the homepage, resulting in greater influence.

     In short, during the period when Lu Chen was making transcripts at the Jeju Police Station, domestic public opinion was very heated, and some people even called the consulate in South Korea to inquire!

     But at the time there were more than one or two domestic tourists in Wanghaitai, Jeju Island, and there were not one or two people who witnessed the incident. Someone posted on the blog that Lu Chen hit the Japanese, and nevertheless the Japanese picked first. Incident, and also posted a short live video of myself.

     In the video, the men in suits who were knocked over by Lu Chen spoke in Japanese!

     Lu Chen hit the Japanese!When this latest news came out, public opinion on the Internet suddenly changed strangely, and the wind direction was instantly reversed, as if a huge tornado swept into many other things.

     Countless netizens, fans of these netizens including but not limited to Lu Chen are chanting-good play!

     Nice job!

     Even if the truth of the matter has not been fully revealed, they must unconditionally support Lu Chen!


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