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Chapter Directory 374 Star Chaser
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The capital is an international airport.

     The flight arrival notice has been broadcast twice in succession. There are many people outside the exit passage of the T2 terminal. A dozen airport security personnel are facing the enemy, isolating the crowd outside the cordon.

     In addition to reporters holding or carrying cameras, there are more young people holding a welcome sign in hand. The nearby tourists can't help but cast curious or surprised eyes, guessing what big people are from abroad.

     "I'm coming!"

     Accompanied by the shouts from the crowd, a group of people with large bags and pushing luggage carts appeared in the passage. Among them were a tall man wearing sunglasses and a woman wearing a white dress and a mask. .

     The two held hands and looked very close.

     Click! Click!

     In the next moment, the flashes were up here, down there, and one long gun and short cannon aimed at the couple!

     "6 in the morning!" "Chen Fei'er!"

     The people gathered outside suddenly cheered loudly, mixed with confession such as "I love you", and the well-made signs were raised high, making the atmosphere of the scene extremely warm!

     Many people tried to squeeze forward, causing a little chaos. Fortunately, the airport security personnel were experienced and managed to control the situation in time without causing real riots.6 Chen was startled by the scene in front of him, and couldn't help but stop.

     "Full House" Film Crew spent two days shooting in Seoul and returned to the capital today on May 2o.

     At this point, the foreign plots of this new drama have all been filmed, and there is already a movie related to Film Crew shooting and supporting actors in the capital. After the two Film Crews rejoin, they will move to Jinling Studio City.

     In the 6th morning, I did not expect that he and Chen Fei'er would receive such a grand welcome at the airport.

     There were at least hundreds of fans in attendance, as well as many media reporters.

     Nevertheless Chen Fei'er, with rich experience, said softly: "Don't worry about these reporters, let's go directly, don't stay here, the shuttle bus should be waiting outside."

     At 6 o'clock in the morning, he nodded and took Chen Fei'er to speed up and walk towards the exit.

     "Six morning, what do you think of the conflict with Kitagawa Koji?"

     "Ms. Chen Fei'er, can you talk about your thoughts when you were taken away by the South Korean police at 6 am?"

     "At 6am, in Jeju Island at that time, what motive did you do yourself?"

     "6 am and 6 am..."

     Facing these reporters’ questions about everything in disorder, 6 Chen really didn’t to know whether to laugh or cry. No wonder Chen Fei’er told him to ignore the other person, otherwise he might not be able to explain clearly.He didn't expect that the impact of this incident would be so great. When he was in Seoul, not only did the local TV station in Korea interview, but also several domestic media reporters came over.

     It's just that the 6 mornings that should be said have been said, and a statement has been made on the blog.

     He has no intention of using this incident to make hype, although there is a lot of hype on the Internet.

     "6 in the morning, can you sign me?"

     A young female fan struggled through the blockade of the security staff, spare no effort and handed out the notebook and signature pen to 6 Morning. Her delicate face was flushed red, and she looked like she was about to cry.

     6 Morning did not want to pay attention to the reporter, but saw this teenage girl desperately wanting an autograph despite the security's scolding and pushing, then he really couldn't remain indifferent.

     In the morning, he quickly let go of Chen Fei'er and walked over quickly.

     He took the other party's pen and quickly signed his name on the notebook.

     After signing the name, 6 morning apologized to the two airport security personnel who looked badly: "I'm really sorry, I caused you trouble!"

     He didn't anticipate the current situation, and Film Crew didn't know that so many fans would come to pick up the plane today. Otherwise, it would be fine to go directly to the VIP channel, which would add a lot of trouble to the airport.Two security personnel looked at each other in dismay, one of them said: "It's okay, you go quickly, I will let my colleagues clear the way for you, don't block the door."

     In fact, they have encountered this situation many times, and nevertheless was the first star artist to apologize to them in the morning.

     Usually those big stars, who would pay attention to their little security guards?

     "6 am! 6 am!"

     Seeing that one fan got an autograph from 6 Morning, the other fans became more excited and wanted to have a close contact with the idol.

     Knowing that something might happen if I don’t leave, I quickly waved to these fans and said, "Thank you!"

     However, he pulled up Chen Fei'er, quickly left the exit under the protection of security personnel, and boarded the commercial vehicle waiting outside in the pick-up area.

     After the car drove a certain distance forward, 6 am finally relieved.

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "Congratulations, you have a personal star chaser!"

     The term “chaser” first appeared in the 1990s. As the name suggests, it refers to some people or groups who worship stars. Most of the “chasers” are young people with a fashionable mentality and strong action.Star chasers belong to fans, but they are different from ordinary fans. The social evaluation is not very high. In the news, there are often some fanatical fans who have neglect sleep and forget about food reported appearing, and even go to extremes.

     It’s a trivial thing to run to the airport to pick up a celebrity. In order to meet the idol, some star chasers even follow the idol all the way, chip away at a task and not abandon it want to get close to the idol.

     From a certain perspective, if an idol star does not have fanatical fans, it is not a success.

     As a result, some professional star chasers were born, secretly hired by the idol star's agent Company, to act as the leader of the fan group, or to seize the right to speak, and constantly create momentum for the idol star.

     I opened the Workshop in the morning. Although there is a budget investment in media promotion, I have never hired half a professional fan. Therefore, these star fans are undoubtedly true fans, which is enough to show how popular he is now!

     6 Morning knows a little about this group Nevertheless, so he is more helpless about Chen Fei'er's ridicule.

     Having more star fans is not necessarily a good thing. Usually, you may have to face all kinds of harassment. In contrast, the fans who are active on live broadcast platforms and blog forums are really much cute.

     Jingle bell~6 Chen was about to discuss this with Chen Fei'er, and his mobile phone rang not long after he was turned on.

     It was Sister Li who called him: "At 6 am, are you in the capital yet?"

     6 Chen smiled and said, "I just arrived, now in the car, what instructions do you have, Sister Li?"

     Sister Li groaned: "What are the instructions! I booked a seat at Emgrand. You and Fei'er will come over together. It's a good deal for you."

     6 morning refreshingly: "Okay, how about me and Fei'er until around 6 o'clock?"

     Sister Li is happy: "Okay, then I will wait for you first, Even if we don't see each other, don't give up and leave!"

     I hung up the phone and said to Chen Fei'er in the morning: "Sister Li invites us to dinner."

     Chen Fei'er smiled and said, "Some of you are busy!"

     6 Chen smiled and shook his head.


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