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Chapter Directory 375 Prize
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Although Sister Li didn't say it clearly, no matter it was Lu Chen nevertheless Chen Fei'er, she knew that she invited two people to dinner at night, and it was not just a matter of washing the dust.

     Zhang Junzhi’s Little Tiger Group is about to debut!

     Little Tiger Group is a boy group formed under the proposal of Lu Chen. Its members include Zhang Junzhi, Hu Yiran and Yue Yang, three teenagers, focusing on the market under the age of 17.

     As the so-called poor parents in the world, Sister Li has paid a lot for the construction of the Little Tiger Group. Not only did she find two matching teenagers for her son, but she also sent the three to the most famous star in Beijing. Yuan Art Museum conducts all-round training.

     The three young men are also quite competitive. The training courses that were originally expected to take a year to complete, they used half a year of hard work to meet the requirements for their debut and successfully graduated from the Star Yuan Art Museum.

     For any artist, his debut is undoubtedly a major event in his life. Although Zhang Junzhi has revealed outstanding talent in the entertainment circle through a "Blue Life and Death", for Sister Li, he can now be regarded as Zhang Junzhi's Really debut.

     She could not tolerate the slight flaws in the Little Tiger Group's first appearance in front of the public, so she knew that this approach was not very appropriate, and she still impatiently invited the two of Lu Chen who had just returned to China.Without Lu Chen, there would be no Little Tiger Group, and without Lu Chen, the debut of Little Tiger Group would have no brilliance!

     "Teacher Lu is good!"

     "Hello Teacher Chen!"

     At 6 o'clock in the evening, in the Golden Rose Hall of the Dorsett Grand Hotel, three handsome boys, Lang Qiqi, saluted Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er who had just arrived in the box.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Hello, it's been a long time since I saw you."

     The last time he saw Little Tiger Group nevertheless in the Xingyuan Art Museum half a year ago, he hadn't seen it for half a year. The three teenagers are still immature, but they already have a unique temperament that belongs to an artist, and their words and deeds reveal a "star" taste.

     The ability of Xingyuan Art Museum to train new artists is recognized by the industry as powerful!

     Chen Fei'er deliberately scowled: "Why do you also call me teacher, am I very old?"

     For the "make trouble without reason" of Heavenly Queen / days later, the three teenagers look at each other in dismay-is the teacher wrong?

     Nevertheless Zhang Junzhi was clever, and quickly changed his words: "Sister Fei'er!"

     Hu Yiran and Yue Yang quickly followed.


     Chen Fei'er smiled crookedly: "I will give you a gift."

     Knowing that all three members of the Little Tiger Group were present, she specially prepared three gifts, souvenirs brought back from Korea.

     "Thank you Fei'er sister."I’ve said hello, and I’ve also sent the first meeting present, so naturally I’m going to talk about business.

     Sister Li was not so urgent. She first greeted the two of them to sit down, and then praised Lu Chen vigorously: "Lu Chen, you have won glory for the country this time in Korea. Now everyone talks about you with a thumbs up, that's called a Bull!"

     Zhang Junzhi nodded again and again: "Yes, my classmates have watched the video and they all said they want to learn martial arts!"

     Both Hu Yiran and Yue Yang looked at Lu Chen with bright eyes.

     In their hearts, Lu Chen is undoubtedly a true idol, capable of composing, singing, capable of filming and kung fu, and being extremely powerful in literary and military skills.

     Which teenager has not had a heroic dream in his heart?

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Sister Li, don't hold me up anymore, when will Junzhi make their debut?"

     Sister Li smiled and said: "On the 28th, the second set of Beijing TV's "Rising Star Show", ready to participate in June's "Singing China"!"

     Lu Chen understood it as soon as he heard it.

     The debut of an artist is a very broad concept. The debut of a music single, starring in a film and television drama, a variety show or even an announcement, as long as it is the first public appearance and publicity, it can be classified as a debut.

     But different artists and different entertainment broker companies have completely different debut strategies.

     Ordinary new artists and newly trained talents are completely two concepts.Sister Li has only Zhang Junzhi as a precious son. She has opened a company as a manager. She has a lot of contacts in the capital circle. Naturally, she has to exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity, at any cost! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

     "Rising Star Show", the second variety channel of Beijing TV Station, is a variety show with a high rating. It mainly promotes rookies and new artists in the entertainment circle, with the dual nature of interviews and performances.

     This show is broadcast on Saturday's prime time. It is a Monday episode. Generally speaking, those who can appear on "Rising Star Show" are young artists who have revealed outstanding talents in the circle. It is not easy to get on the show.

     For a brand-new combination like Little Tiger Group, even if the captain Zhang Junzhi has a small reputation, if Sister Li doesn't have the public relations in place, it is estimated that even if it can be made, there may not be a suitable schedule.

     In "Rising Star Show", he made his official debut. The starting point and the compelling style were not low. Then he went to "Singing China". Sister Li's path to fame for Little Tiger Group was very clear.

     As for Lu Chen, he can stand for the Little Tiger Group on "Rising Stars".

     Sister Li is not afraid of this, nor is he afraid of owing Lu Chen's favor, and even started Chen Fei'er's idea.

     In the second season of this year's "Singing China", Chen Fei'er is still one of the four major judging panel (member)!"Singing China" had a good audience rating in the first season of last year, even surpassing Xiangnan TV's "The Super Singer". The first Taoist Master show was made with great success. It also made Beijing TV want to stop but can' taste the sweetness. t.

     So this year's "Singing China", the publicity intensity is only higher than last year!

     Originally, Capital City TV invited Lu Chen as the judging panel (member) of the audition. At that time, it was a face-saving for Lu Chen, but now this status is out of fashion and is not worthy of Lu Chen's coffee position.

     If it is not for the four major judging panel (member), the contract has been signed in advance, otherwise it is completely possible for Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er to appear on the judging panel (member) at the same time.

     Lu Chen agreed to Sister Li's request without hesitation.

     Sister Li has been helping the two manage the Chen Fei Charity Fund, and has worked hard to achieve success. At present, the foundation has established cooperative relationships with many domestic top three hospitals to help leukemia patients in need of assistance and donate the donations. Can be used reasonably and effectively.

     For this, Lu Chen is also duty-bound.

     Both the guests and the hosts thoroughly enjoy themselves for this dinner.

     Back at Zichengyuan's house, Lu Chen closed the door and hugged Chen Fei'er in his arms.

     Chen Fei'er winked like silk, chuckled and said: "First take a bath..."

     Lu Chen smiled and shook his head, and asked, "Do you know what day it is?"Chen Fei'er was stunned for a moment: "What day?"

     Lu Chen sighed: "What month and date is today?"

     Chen Fei'er Ah: "May...20th?"

     She finally woke up: "520, online Valentine's Day!"


     Lu Chen said with a smile, "There are prizes!"

     He conjured a small jewellery box, purple velvet, like a magic trick.

     Chen Fei'er's pretty face flushed, her eyes filled with intoxicating charm.

     Unlimited tenderness.

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