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Chapter Directory 379 Childhood
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Lu Chen took the guitar sent by the TV station staff and tried it out in his arms.

     It actually feels a bit hand-made.

     During this period of time, he has been busy with workshops and filming TV, and most of his occasional daydreaming time was spent with Chen Fei'er murmur endearments. He really rarely played the guitar.

     Now that he touches the guitar again, Lu Chen can't help but think of the simple and happy time in the past. At that time, he was still struggling with life, playing the piano and singing in front of the computer or in the bar every day, as if it was yesterday.

     All changes come so fast!

     Settling down, Lu Chen said into the microphone that was just placed in front of him: "Before going on "Rising Star Show", the people on the show team told me that you need to prepare a song."

     "I'm surprised, I'm a guest on the show, I don't want to sing as the main character?"

     "He said yes, because you are a vagabond singer. A vagabond singer is on the show. You must sing. Everyone must want to listen."

     "Then I think about it, what song should I sing for everyone today?"

     He showed a thoughtful look.

     "My Old Classmate!" "Those Flowers!" "Brother sleeping on my upper bunk!"...

     The audience responded enthusiastically, and they all ordered Lu Chen's famous works, folk songs played and sung on the guitar.Lu Chen smiled and said: "Everyone has heard these songs. Today is special. I will nevertheless sing a new song."

     New song? The new song is of course the best!

     Everyone applauded warmly.

     After enjoying a moment of applause, Lu Chen continued: "In fact, there will be a very special day in a few days. It should be said that it is a festival. I think everyone in this room has had this festival, or the protagonist in this festival."

     "Children's Day on June 1st!"

     Someone yelled immediately, and many audience members laughed.

     Lu Chen also laughed: "Yes, it's Children's Day. I still remember that when I was a child, it was very happy to celebrate Children's Day. So now, students who are eligible to celebrate this festival, you must cherish it!"

     The laughter sounded again.

     Lu Chen plucked the strings and said: "Childhood is the most unforgettable and will never be forgotten. The name of this song is "Childhood". I will give it to Little Tiger Group and also to all the people present here. people."

     "Hope you will hope, and hope to hear this song, you will think of your childhood just like me!"

     The next moment, he played the prelude.

     The T2 studio of Beijing TV Station quickly quieted down, and even the boys and girls who liked the noise the most closed their mouths, opened their eyes to concentrate one's attention completely and stared at Lu Chen on the stage.Because of Lu Chen's songs, you need to listen to it with such care.

     "On the banyan tree by the pond,

     Zhiye is calling summer.

     On the swing by the playground,

     Only the butterfly stopped on it.

     Teacher's chalk on the blackboard,

     Still desperately twittering and writing non-stop,

     Waiting for get out of class,

     Waiting for school,

     Waiting for the childhood of the game!


     The catchy melody and a little heartless lyrics caught the audience's hearts in an instant.

     The rhythm of this song "Childhood" is very cheerful. It reminds people of the relaxed, happy, carefree and without worries childhood, and recalls the brightest, happiest and most beautiful time in memory.

     It gives people hope and endless longing; it gives people longing and infinite aftertaste!


     Always wait until before going to bed,

     I learned that I only did a little bit of homework.

     Always have to wait until after the exam,

     Only then did I know that I didn't read all the books I should read!

     An interval of time is worth an ounce of gold.,

     The teacher said that An ounce of gold can't buy you an interval of time.

     Day after day year after year,

     Stumbled childhood!

     ..."These few lyrics inevitably make people smile knowingly, perhaps with a slightly sour smile, older people, hearing it can not help but feel a little bit sorrow, a little touch, but I miss the youthful time, passing by. Time and ignorant childhood!

     In Lu Chen's dream world, this classic "Childhood" has deeply influenced generations of people. In fact, it is a bit critical in nature, but despite the background of the author's era, it still has infinite charm.

     There are a few lyrics that are out of date, Lu Chen made small changes himself, but it did not detract from its classics.

     Simply playing and singing, is it not his deep hidden memories and emotions?

     "Day after day, year after year, looking forward to a grown-up childhood!"

     With hands up and down, Lu Chen finished singing the song, and thunderous applause followed in the studio!

     Because the audience heard a good song that can touch the soul.

     "Thank you, Thank you everyone!"

     Lu Chen stood up holding the guitar and bowed to the audience who was cheering for him.

     He has completed his mission and will return the stage to the real protagonist.


     At the end of the recording of "Rising Star Show", Lu Chen, despite Sister Li's insistence, promised to invite her to dinner in the evening.But before that, Lu Chen hurried back to his workshop.

     Because my sister has something important to tell him.

     It has been a while since Lu Chen's Workshop moved to a new home in the art park. Currently, the development of various businesses is on track, the scale has been expanded a lot, and the number of employees has doubled.

     Of course, the Recording Room built with millions of investment will not be empty. Due to the very advanced equipment and the increasing status of Lu Chen in the pop music scene, many small and medium-sized Record Companies and entertainment brokers companies recommend their vagabond. The singer came here to record the song.

     In the pop music world, top singers like Lu Chen have the highest status, and his works have been proven for countless times with strong market recognition, so even if you can’t buy or can’t buy songs from him for the time being, Willing to make a good destiny.

     Coupled with the composing music and accompaniment of the recording, Nirvana Band's work is full, and Workshop has become more and more of a formal company style.

     But Lu Xi called Lu Chen to talk about not the workshop management, but an invitation from the Culture and Tourism Department of Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea-the Jeju City government intends to hire Lu Chen as Travel Ambassador!This invitation is very difficult. Generally speaking, tourism ambassadors invite local celebrities or celebrities to endorse. Lu Chen, as an expatriate, can be invited by Jeju City, which undoubtedly broke the precedent.

     The reason is that Jeju Island is vigorously expanding its tourism industry, aiming at the huge tourist resources of the mainland. As a star artist who has quickly become popular in the domestic entertainment circle, Lu Chen's image and popularity are fully in line with the requirements.

     In addition, Lu Chen's shooting "Full House" has a large number of scenes on Jeju Island. Once it is broadcast, it will inevitably promote the tourism of Jeju Island, just taking advantage of the momentum.

     So this honor fell on him!

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