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Chapter Directory 380 The Beginning Of The Big IP Plan
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Five days ago, the official V of Lu Chen Workshop and Chen Fei'er Workshop launched a lottery for the Korean tour at the same time.

     This raffle is derived from Lu Chen’s promise to all fans on the Inspur blog. As long as the ratings of "Blue Life and Death" in South Korea exceed 10%, the same percentage of fans will be selected according to the actual ratings and a gift of South Korea will be given. Three days and two nights happy tour package.

     Then Chen Fei'er directly changed the happy tour package into a two-person tour!

     As a result, after "Blue Life and Death" was broadcast on KGS TV station in South Korea, the average ratings reached 22.31%. This not only slammed the faces of the bad guys on the blog, but also means that 2231 fans will enjoy it. Surprise gift.

     The official lottery started on May 22. The official V of the two workshops draw 100 winners from their respective support teams every day until all the places are drawn.

     Although this kind of lottery is ranked through the computer, all the winners can be drawn on the same day, but the effect of publicity is not so good to draw more than ten consecutive days.

     Now Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er’s support group V, as well as the official posts and forums of the two, the lucky fans to post the winning information has become a daily show off activity, which not only attracts the envy of those who have not won the prize, but also the passersby watching. All jealous.The lowest price for a three-day and two-night trip in South Korea is also 5000+, which means that Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er have to pay more than 10 million real money, and the effect of publicity is naturally excellent.

     It is precisely because of its great influence that it has attracted the attention of South Korea.

     In the past ten years, the number of domestic tourists traveling to South Korea has continued to increase, bringing a large amount of income to South Korea, but it also faces competition from Japan and Southeast Asian countries, so it pays great attention to domestic promotion.

     And this South Korea tour lottery held by the two workshops is undoubtedly an excellent publicity opportunity, so it is the endorsement invitation sent by the Jeju City Culture and Tourism Department.

     For this invitation, Lu Chen has no reason to refuse.

     The one-year travel ambassador endorsement, although there is no high endorsement fee to be paid, it is far from the real advertising endorsement.

     However, this honor is very conducive to Lu Chen's expansion of the Korean market, especially in the case of the great success of the "Blue" drama, which can avoid a lot of trouble.

     Because Koreans are quite xenophobic, if the ratings of the "Blue" drama encounter Waterloo in South Korea, it would be nothing, but it is precisely its great success that will make some Koreans or opponents have great resistance.You must know that KGS's "Blue Life and Death" is in the ratings, but it beats MBC's "Queen's Power".

     The latter is MBC's annual drama, which can be said to have greatly lost face.

     At that time, KGS will introduce "Full House" again. It is weird that MBC does not engage in public opinion!

     Such examples are not uncommon. In the past, many Japanese celebrities suffered losses when they opened up the Korean market. They had a great start, but ended up sadly.

     At the beginning, SPG and KGS put forward many requirements on the cooperation of the new drama "Full House". In addition to appeals for interests, it was also based on pressure from this aspect, which led to Lu Chen finally increasing the story of South Korea and adding several Korean artists to participate. The purpose of performance is precisely to reduce the resistance that may be faced in the future.

     Now that Lu Chen has the endorsement of this ambassador, SPG and KGS can make a big fuss in publicity.

     It is nothing more than an exchange of interests.

     After the Workshop has processed the business accumulated during this period, Lu Chen and Lu Xi went to the hotel booked by Sister Li for a dinner together.

     In the evening, he returned to Zichengyuan's home alone.

     Chen Fei'er is still in Jinling, and his huge home looks very deserted. Originally, Lu Chen wanted Lu Xi to move in, but her sister categorically refused—she is not a light bulb!Fortunately, after taking a shower, Chen Fei'er called.

     After bill and coo were tired and crooked for more than half an hour, the two people ended the call.

     Although I was a little tired and had to return to Jinling tomorrow morning, Lu Chen did not take a break immediately. Instead, he turned on the computer and logged on to Inspur to read.

     Inspur Reading is one of the largest original online literature websites in China, with more than 50 million registered members and 100,000+ signed and stationed authors, and has a great influence in the industry.

     Domestic Internet literature emerged at the beginning of the new century. It is a new type of literature that has flourished along with the Internet industry. After more than ten years of development, it has formed a huge market scale.

     Xuanhuan, Xianxia, city, military, history, and spirituality. Although there are problems of unevenness in online literature, with the rich imagination and diligent writing ability of the author by the thousands and tens of thousands, it has firmly attracted a large number of young people. Human attention has overwhelmed the traditional realm in many ways.

     Inspur Reading, WeChat Literature, Hanmo College, NetEase Chinese...Many domestic Internet giants are dividing the market in online literature and vying for the huge profits of literary IP.

     Film and television dramas adapted from the Internet, such as "Wen Tian Ji", "The Tomb Explorer", "The Fairy Rise", "Harem Love" and so on, have achieved great success in the market.While Shooting "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", Lu Chen also set his sights on this emerging hot spot, intending to make a difference in the big IP.

     His goals and ambitions are great, but a popular IP cannot be created casually. It is undoubtedly the best choice to cut from the Internet, but today’s online literature market has long been segmented, and it has entered the winner channel. The era of eating.

     The excellent resources are basically in the hands of several big websites. These websites have many "great"-level authors whose works are well received by readers. It is easy to create popular IPs.

     However, for the newcomers later, no matter the website nevertheless author wants to get a share, it is undoubtedly difficult!

     Lu Chen has an understanding of current Internet literature and deeply understands that his big IP project faces many tests, and it is not easy to succeed.

     Because his big IP core is Wuxia!

     In Lu Chen's dream world, Wuxia literature once flourished, and many famous masters appeared. The film and television drama their number cannot be counted by Wuxia Literature Shooting still had a huge influence when he remembered the breakpoint.

     However, in his own world, Wuxia literature and Wuxia film and television dramas have appeared, but they are declining very quickly. Is there still a Wuxia subject in the established network literature field?Lu Chen didn't know either.

     In a sense, Wuxia is a low-profile version of Xuanhuan. Internet readers are used to seeing Xuanhuan at the "Gao Wu" or even "Xian Wu" level, and are familiar with the dazzling "fighting", "soul power", "beast spirit" and so on. The power noun, would you like the "low martial" Wuxia?

     Lu Chen has taken time to read several popular Xuanhuan on the Internet, which is quite different from the Xuanhuan in his dream world. The latter was first born in Wuxia, while the former is a blend of Western fantasy literature and Japanese fantasy literature. Features, and then localized works.

     If you use the Wuxia he wants to write for comparison, then the difference will be even greater!

     But no matter what the result is, since Lu Chen has made up his mind, he will work hard to do it.

     The big deal is that this road will not work, so he chooses another one.

     On the homepage of Inspur Reading, Lu Chen did not link his blog account to create an author account, but instead registered a new ID: Recalling Ancient Times.

     This ID has a specific meaning, and only Lu Chen can understand it in this world.

     After registering a simple personal information for an account, the writer area of "Recalling Ancient Times" is established.

     Follow the system prompts and he can publish the work.

     Lu Chen opened the document stored in the USB flash drive and first copied a section of 3000 words into the text.Then typed in the title of the book.

     Lu Chen clicked "Upload Review".

     This is the first step of uploading a new book, as long as it passes the webmaster’s review, it will be officially released.

     At the moment the mouse was pressed, Lu Chen didn't know that this was the beginning of his own failure, nevertheless the successful beginning of his big IP project.

     All in all, will wait for the test of time and market!


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