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Chapter Directory 393 The Wind Is Rising
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"May the world love will find a way! 》

     This is a new blog post that Lu Chen posted on the Inspur blog that evening. Congratulations to college friends Gao He and Wang Xiaoling on the marriage, and wish the couple happy forever.

     There is also a video attached to the blog post, which is a clip of him singing "For You" at the wedding.

     This five-minute video was made by Zhou Rui Shooting, and it was shot very well.

     For Lu Chen fans, especially fans, it is undoubtedly a very happy thing to hear his new songs from time to time, and nevertheless such a heart-warming work.

     "It sounds good!"

     "I think I want to get married. I have a house and a car, but I am single, but I lack a bride!"

     "Hey, the single dog said he was abused again, sad!"

     "Haha, when my girlfriend and I get married, I must play this song at the wedding ceremony."

     "I just want to know, when will My Chen and My Fei get married?"

     "The same question.."

     Seeing these few comments, Lu Chen couldn't help but ask Chen Fei'er, who was leaning against him: "My Fei, when shall we get married?"

     Chen Fei'er gave a "puff" smile. She blinked her eyes charmingly, her long and white fingers circled Lu Chen's chest, and asked in a tired voice: "Then do you want to get married?"Lu Chen thought about it seriously: "Yes!"

     To be honest, when he sang the song "For You" at the wedding of Gao He and Wang Xiaoling, he really wanted to get married when he sang it to the point of emotion.

     Chen Fei'er hugged Lu Chen's waist, leaned his head in his arms, closed his eyes and said, "Then another two years. When I am over thirty, shall we get married?"

     Lu Chen smiled: "Okay!"

     Chen Fei'er opened his eyes, the two gazes facing each other, there was unspeakable tenderness in their eyes.

     Lu Chen lowered his head and kissed her charming lips.


     As a result, his lips had just touched, and there was an exclamation next to him.

     Tian Tian, holding the fruit plate, appeared in the living room, and said with a sigh of relief: "You two pay attention to the influence, this is my home, show affection in front of me, don't you sincerely add obstacles?"

     Lu Chen was a little embarrassed and scratched his head embarrassedly.

     This is Tian Tian's home in Hangzhou. He originally planned to stay in a hotel, but Tian Tian said that it is not convenient for two people to stay in the hotel, and nevertheless stayed at her house, it was only one night anyway.

     She also lives in the capital of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er.

     Chen Fei'er blushed, but he was not afraid of her. He straightened up and said, "Then let's go to the bedroom, you remember to put on headphones!"

     "Ah~"Tian Tian was stunned for a moment before reacting, and his pretty face blushed: "Sister Fei'er, you have failed to learn!"

     She has never had a boyfriend. She is naturally shy and difficult to talk about such a sensitive topic. She quickly put down the fruit plate and ran away: "Forget me afraid of you, I will go back to the room!"

     Running away from Tian Tian in shame, Chen Fei'er smiled and said: "The little girl has also moved her heart."

     Lu Chen shook his head, got up and leaned over to pick her up: "Miss, let's go to sleep!"

     Chen Fei'er shrank into his arms and smiled.


     At noon the next day, Lu Chen took Chen Fei'er and had lunch with Gao He and his newlywed Yaner.

     Chen Fei'er also prepared a gift for the new couple. It is not very expensive, but the heart is sufficient.

     Then the two ended their trip to Hangzhou and took the high-speed rail that day back to Jinling.

     Continue the intense shooting of "Full House".

     Due to the concerted efforts of many industry predators, the shooting work of "Full House" is approaching smoothly towards the end of July, and will soon be officially completed and transferred to the post-production link.Lu Chen’s second TV Series is a foregone conclusion during the summer vacation, so Capital City TV and Zhedong TV, which have obtained the first broadcast rights, have launched a publicity offensive in advance, and the official V of "Full House" has already been online on the Inspur blog, every day They all released various shooting tidbits to entice fans, and the early promotion made having sound and color.

     But this does not mean that "Full House" will be safe, and it will sell immediately after it is broadcast, because there are many TV Series that are also broadcast in the summer. Some are big productions, and there are also many "Blue Life and Death Love." "Follow the trend."

     Among them, the propaganda offensive is only stronger than "Full House", undoubtedly it is Xiangnan TV's self-produced drama "The Sea of Love".

     Xiangnan TV was originally known for its ability to publicize and hype in the show business community. This new series of hard steel "Full House" will be on the front of the summer, of course, it is indispensable to invest a lot of resources for brainwashing promotion.

     The official V of "Love in the Sea" was released earlier than "Full House", and the number of star lineups was much higher than that of "Full House". Xiangnan TV claimed to have invested more than 100 million yuan to create the best love drama of 2016.

     "Love in the Sea" was officially completed on June 25. On the 28th, Xiangnan TV's ace variety show "Entertainment Big Cock Show" invited the main creators and main actors of this TV Series to appear.During the show, Lu Dawei, the director of "The Sea of Love", confidently stated that this TV Series is definitely one of the best Episodes this year. He expects the average viewership rate to be at least 2%.

     The actor Hu Yang declared that Shooting "The Sea of Love" is a huge challenge for him. He also showed the best state and acting skills, and believes that he can bring a different experience to the audience.

     Although there is no name or surname, many viewers smelled a strong smell of gunpowder when watching this episode, and they felt that Xiangnan TV impatient wanted to use this TV Series to fight their opponents.

     Later on the 30th, Hu Yang was interviewed by Yuji when he participated in an announcement, and he openly stated that his goal was to defeat Lu Chen and use "The Sea of Love" to prove his strength!

     As a result, this news immediately appeared on the entertainment version of major media, and even had a few small headlines. Those editors who wish for the whole world to be in chaos reprinted it, and they added their enthusiasm, and someone pushed the wave at the same time. and add to the billows, and the heat is up in the blink of an eye.

     [Hu Yang challenges Lu Chen, who is the best actor of the new idol? 】

     [Hu Yang VS Lu Chen, a duel of the new generation of niche! 】

     [Unwilling to be only a supporting role, the counterattack of Populus euphratica! 】

     [Lu Chen's new drama is facing a huge test. Who do you think is more optimistic about "Full House" and "The Sea of Love"? 】[Summer vacation ratings are competitive, who can hand in a better transcript? 】

     Hu Yang bluntly challenged Lu Chen's entertainment news and interview videos, and also appeared on the Inspur blog, which immediately caused an uproar. His number of fans increased greatly, and he soon appeared on the homepage hot search list.

     Fans of Hu Yang and Lu Chen, so they fought fiercely in the blog.

     All of a sudden, the domestic TV Series market has a surge like a gathering storm with the arrival of the summer vacation!


     The second one is sent!
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