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Chapter Directory 394 Bring It On
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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22-year-old Hu Yang is undoubtedly one of the new idol artists in the entertainment circle who are burning your hand and feel the heat.

     More than half a year ago, he was a contract artist of Nevertheless, a small agent company under Conduit Pictures. He quickly became popular because he played Han Taixi, the first actor in "Blue Life and Death," and attracted a large number of fans.

     Hu Yang is undoubtedly very lucky, and he is also very shrewd. After he became famous, he broke the contract with his old club and went to the powerful multi-star broker Company, which also received strong support from the latter.

     Strictly speaking, Lu Chen has the kindness of recognizing sb's worth and employing him to Hu Yang. Without Lu Chen, Hu Yang would not be able to get Han Taixi, the heavyweight role that made him popular overnight.

     And in the process of Shooting "Blue Life and Death," Lu Chen gave Hu Yang a lot of advice. Hu Yang was also respectful to Lu Chen. Brother Chen is long and Brother Chen is short. I don’t know that they have What a deep friendship.

     However, in the entertainment circle where interests are paramount, any kindness can be discarded at will, especially after Lu Chen refused Hu Yang to participate in "Full House", the latter basically turned against Lu Chen.

     He never thought that Jin Hongwei, the boss of the Stars Broker Company he signed, had grievances with Lu Chen. Unless Lu Chen was kicked by a donkey, how could he still cooperate with Hu Yang?It is the easiest to swell to fame when you are young. If Hu Yang was nevertheless humble and prudent before fame, then Hu Yang with stiff wings showed a frivolous side.

     He challenged Lu Chen, although it was because someone put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory) in the back for speculation, and it was also due to his temperament.

     Hu Yang wants to prove that he is fully qualified to play the leading role and has the ability to get rid of Lu Chen's shadow.

     At the same time, it is to create momentum for the upcoming "Sea of Love" which will be broadcast in the summer.

     In fact, this kind of marketing method that deliberately creates contradictions and story topics is very common in the entertainment industry. Whether it can be promoted depends first on the strength and promotion of the behind-the-scenes promoters, and whether the topicality is enough to attract attention.

     Who is the promoter of Hu Yang? The media basically knows it well. Xiangnan TV and Juxing Brokers are both veterans of playing routines. Their level of celebrity speculation topics is definitely top-notch in China, and there are many successful examples.

     Xiangnan TV and Lu Chen, there are grievances, Lu Chen has slapped Xiangnan TV in the face more than once!

     How can Xiangnan TV's face be slapped?

     Of course they are not stupid enough to go into battle bare-breasted in person, Hu Yang is undoubtedly a good knife!

     As long as "The Sea of Love" overtakes "Full House" in the summer, then Xiangnan TV will win both Lizi and Mianzi, enough to give Lu Chen a heavy blow.As for Zhedong TV and Capital City TV standing behind Lu Chen... they were originally Xiangnan TV's opponents.

     The summer film and TV market is a battlefield, and the winners are always a minority.

     It is precisely because of the complex interest entanglements involved that Hu Yang challenged Lu Chen with "The Sea of Love" was aroused by the entertainment media, which is regarded as a preheat for the summer TV Series.

     In addition, other film and television production companies and TV stations that are interested in getting a slice of the summer file also took the opportunity to fish in troubled water, and various eight-trigram news was flying all over the sky.

     On July 2, Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er returned to the capital.

     As a result, the two of them were blocked by Yu Ji who didn't know where they got the news at the exit of the high-speed rail station.

     "Full House" hasn't all finished yet, but the shooting of the two is basically completed, and there are only a few fragmentary shots left, and post-production such as dubbing and scoring has already begun.

     And this time when he returned to Beijing, Lu Chen was mainly to participate in an important ceremony.

     "Mr. Lu Chen, I am a reporter from NetEase Entertainment, can I ask you some questions?"

     "Excuse me, what is your comment on Hu Yang's claim to defeat you?"

     "Hu Yang's agent revealed through the media yesterday that Hu Yang was treated unfairly in Shooting "Blue Life and Death". Is it true?""Mr. Lu Chen, what is your rating forecast for "Full House"?"

     "Chen Fei'er, Miss Chen Fei'er..."

     There were more than a dozen media reporters who appeared at the exit, including NetEase, Entertainment Weekly, New Town News, etc., plus the noisy photos and videos, attracting a large number of onlookers.

     If it were not for an assistant to block, and the security personnel appeared in time to clear the crowd, I am afraid the two of them could not move a single step.

     Chen Fei'er lowered his voice and said, "Don't pay attention to them."

     She is experienced and knows how difficult it is to remember entertainment, and answering questions on such occasions without preparation can easily be misinterpreted.

     Lu Chen nodded: "I know the score."

     He suddenly turned and walked towards the location where the media reporters were concentrated.

     Those entertainment notes suddenly became excited, and under the interception of the security personnel, they desperately stretched the microphone over.

     "Lu Chen, may I ask..."

     Facing a microphone, Lu Chen said calmly: "You have worked hard, but this is a crowded public place. It is not convenient for me to accept media interviews to avoid accidents."

     "In addition, everyone is welcome to attend the press conference held at the Beijing Hotel at 7pm. If you have any questions, please raise them at that time, thank you everyone!"At 7 o’clock this evening, representatives of the Korean Embassy in China and the Jeju City Government of South Korea will hold a press conference in the conference hall of the Capital Hotel, officially awarding Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er the title of "Korea Jeju Tourism Image Ambassador" .

     As for whether these media have been invited and whether they can mix positions in the conference hall, Lu Chen definitely doesn't care. He just doesn't want to give these reporters a chance to make use of the topic.

     After speaking, Lu Chen quickly returned to Chen Fei'er. Under the escort of assistants and security personnel, the two quickly left the exit, boarded the nanny car that had been waiting outside and drove away.

     "It's really one may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature, I never thought that Hu Yang would be such a person..."

     Li Feiyu, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was indignant: "I thought he was pretty good before, so I was blind!"

     Li Feiyu knows Hu Yang. When Shooting "Blue Life and Death", the latter also invited Li Feiyu to dinner and was quite polite to Li Feiyu. Li Feiyu also said kind words to Hu Yang and was very kind to him. .

     Now that's only the loathing of from head to tail!

     Hu Yang clearly wanted to step on Lu Chen to stay on top.

     Lu Chen smiled indifferently: "It's nothing more than the ass that determines the head, there is no need to be angry."

     "The butt determines the head?"This vocabulary is very fresh, Li Feiyu can't understand it, Chen Fei'er and A'Xuan who is driving are also curious.

     Lu Chen explained: "The position of the person determines the attitude of the person."

     "Hu Yang signed with Juxing's agency, and he is shooting a new drama on Xiangnan TV. It is the opposite of us. It is normal to say this. It is not necessary to care about him and give him the opportunity to speculate."

     Chen Fei'er chuckled: "This sentence is really interesting and reasonable, but it's not big...hehe, that's right, we really don't need to accompany them in the hype, we have sex."

     If Hu Yang heard Chen Fei'er's last words, he would be half-dead with anger.

     But Chen Fei'er is fully qualified to say so!

     Lu Chen finally said: "Everything depends on the results!"

     Strength is not made by speculation, and TV Series ratings cannot be faked. With 10,000 sentences of saliva, if you can't increase the ratings, even 0.01% of the ratings is in vain, the results will determine everything.

     There are many blind fans, but the discerning fans are by no means a minority.

     Lu Chen has confidence in "Full House", so regardless of Hu Yang, or the multi-star agent he represents and Xiangnan TV, Lu Chen is fearless.Perhaps half a year ago, Juxing Brokers and Xiangnan TV had the ability to crush Lu Chen, but such Lu Chen is by no means one who is cut off from others in the circle, but Capital City TV and Zhedong are standing behind him. TV, Crown Pictures, Flying Stone Records, SPG and other industry predators, the lineup is only strong or not weak.

     The most important thing is that Lu Chen believes in his own work, and believes that his carefully crafted "Full House" can create a miracle in ratings.

     Therefore, Hu Yang's various behaviors and remarks are ridiculous in Lu Chen's eyes.

     Can hold you up, can also hold you down!

     If Xiangnan TV is smarter than "Full House", there may be something to do.

     But this possibility is very small.

     Then let it go!


     The first one is sent.
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