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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"Love in the Sea" has a strong cast, and Lu Dawei, who directed the show, is a top domestic director. The first two episodes of the premiere on the 15th did not disappoint. The plot is novel and original, the characters are bright and the details are full of precision. , Is definitely a rare good drama.

     The average ratings of the first broadcast of 1.39% strongly prove its charm. The author here boldly predicts that "The Boundless Sea of Love" will become the overlord of the domestic summer TV series!

     The above comments are from the blog of a drama critic. This small V drama critic with hundreds of thousands of fans has not hesitated to praise and praised "The Boundless Sea of Love".

     And he is not the only drama critic advocating for "The Sea of Love" on the blog, almost similar drama reviews appeared in the wave after the premiere ratings of "The Sea of Love", like after rain, the spring bamboo In the blog, it was quickly forwarded to major forums and post bars.

     Compared with film critics and sound critics, drama critics are undoubtedly a niche existence. The original drama critics mainly commented on literary and artistic dramas, and later they referred to professional TV Series critics.

     It is also different from film critics and sound critics. The Internet is basically the only platform for drama critics. Most of the critics are part-timers in the industry, some use the deity, and some open the vest. They have a certain influence in the online TV Series comment section. force.But expecting drama critics to comment on a TV Series in a fair and equitable manner is basically a idiot. Putting aside the skin of professionals, they are not much different from those Internet promoters who talk with money.

     The conscientious critics are really as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns!

     However, audiences are not fools, they will naturally use their own eyes to judge whether it is good or bad. In the relatively free world of the Internet, their voices also exist.

     The voices of the audience are the most authentic.

     "The filming of "The Sea of Love" is okay, but the previous plot is too similar to "Blue Life and Death", right?"

     "Hu Yang is handsome, but is he playing Qin Huai too hard?"

     "It feels like Han Taixi in Hu Yang nevertheless "Blue Life and Death" has no progress in acting."

     "The cast is indeed strong, but can the story be a bit new?"

     "I feel good..."

     On the Internet, there are a lot of positive comments from viewers of "The Sea of Love", but there are also many who are not satisfied. The main opinions are focused on the plot and the actor.

     First of all, the opening plot of "The Sea of Love" is at least seven to eight points similar to that of "Blue Life and Death". It is also the case that the Female Lead was mistakenly replaced, and a series of storylines were derived.Rude said, this is a cottage!

     However, this is exactly what Xiangnan TV is good at. Their self-made dramas are best at applying plots. American dramas, Korean dramas, Japanese dramas...any drama is popular, adjust one's head and turn one's face become their own.

     What makes people speechless is that, relying on such a routine, coupled with the usual all-star lineup, sophisticated production and clever marketing and promotion methods, Xiangnan TV's homemade dramas often kill all parties in the country.

     And it is their success that has caused the industry to imitate and follow suit increasingly.

     Xiangnan TV has caught sight of the great success of "Blue Life and Death" and decided to launch a new drama to follow the trend, and even brought the actors of the original drama over. The purpose is to attract the "Blue" drama Fans.

     As for the actor Hu Yang, who has been very active on the blog recently, many viewers commented that he is handsome, but his acting skills and appearance cannot match, and he has not escaped from the role of Han Taixi that made him famous.

     But most of the negative opinions, whether posted in Xiangnan TV official Vnevertheless, or Hu Yang's blog comment area, have basically been deleted.

     Most of those who can stay are praised.Time flies quickly, and a week later, Lu Chen’s new drama "Full House" finally ushered in the premiere day, which will be broadcast simultaneously on Capital City TV, Zhedong TV and South Korea’s KGS TV station at 8:30 pm.

     No matter how beautiful the "Sea of Love" is, it can't conceal the honor of "Full House", that is, "Full House" is the first step of domestic production and simultaneous premiere TV Series abroad!

     This has also become one of the key points of the promotion of "Full House".

     But no matter how good the publicity is, after all, nevertheless depends on performance. If the ratings of "Full House" encounter Waterloo, then this honor will become a joke.

     Many fans of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er are also looking forward to the broadcast of "Full House".

     They locked the TV channel early on Capital City TV, or Zhedong TV.

     "Everyone prepare, we will start in 10 minutes!"

     Sitting in front of the computer, Meng Meng quickly typed out a line and posted it to the WeChat group she had established.

     Meng Meng’s WeChat group is called "Morning Club" and has nearly 1,000 members, all of whom are fans of Lu Chen, and are nevertheless real food!

     Meng Meng is well-known in Lu Chen's fan circle. She suffers from leukemia and received generous donations from Lu Chen. Later, Lu Chen also established a charity foundation dedicated to helping leukemia.The story between Meng Meng and Lu Chen has appeared in major media.

     A few months ago, Meng Meng successfully completed the bone marrow transplantation, and his recovery was very good.

     Meng Meng, who was reborn, was extremely grateful to Lu Chen, and naturally became the iron of Lu Chen's irons. During his home recuperation, he established this WeChat group to support Lu Chen.

     Any news related to Lu Chen will be sent to the group immediately by Meng Meng.

     This time, Lu Chen's new drama "Full House" is about to premiere. Meng Meng not only wants to watch it by himself, but also encourages relatives, friends and classmates to watch it together, not to mention the "Morning Club".

     Everyone is waiting!

     "I know, Xiao Mengmeng, I'm sitting in front of the TV, and I'm still showing ads now!"

     "My Chen is invincible, "Full House" will definitely beat "The Sea of Love"."

     "Then need to talk about it, Hu Yang is really disgusting, and I've even fanned him before!"

     "Don't mention that disgusting guy, let us support Lu Chen together!"

     "stand by!"

     The group members responded with a wave, and the messages flashed through the windows quickly, which seemed extremely lively.Since the premiere of "Full House" does not include a network broadcast, it can only be watched on TV. Many fans have said that this is the first time they have watched TV in a few years.

     Just to support Lu Chen!

     Looking at the message on the computer screen, Meng Meng couldn't help clenching his fist.

     Lu Chen, come on!


     The second more sent.
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