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Chapter Directory 401 Take The Lead
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Unlike the scoring situation in, the praise of "The Boundless Sea of Love" can be seen everywhere on Inspur blog.

     In fact, the results of the first broadcast of "Full House" are already very strong, with a comprehensive average ratings of 1.13%, which has already allowed most of the same type of TV Series to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up. , Totally worth celebrating.

     But the problem is that due to the early propaganda war, "Full House" and "The Sea of Love" are considered to be opposed to each other. Xiangnan TV opposes each other with equal harshness's broadcast strategy, which also makes the competition between the two TV Series full of competition. With the smell of gunpowder, people will naturally compare.

     The ratings of "Full House" lost 0.32% to "The Sea of Love", which naturally gave some people the best topic.

     On his blog, Hu Yang triumphantly brushed out the title of the blog post "1.50%".

     Although no surname was named, everyone understands that he is showing off his achievements in "The Sea of Love" and is also demonstrating to Lu Chen-I still do as the protagonist, and very good!

     Compared with the other protagonist of "The Sea of Love", that is, the female lead actor Zhang Liwei, Hu Yang is undoubtedly too high-profile. He has made a splash on his blog and attracted great disgust from Lu Chen fans.Zhang Liwei also became famous with "Blue Life and Death". Unlike Hu Yang, she did not get rid of her agency Company after she became famous, but continued to stay.

     After taking over the Female Lead color of "The Sea of Love", Zhang Liwei also posted on his blog to promote this TV Series, or released some shooting tidbits or something.

     But her publicity is only aimed at Episode itself, and never involved "Full House". Even if the reporter asks sensitive questions, she always shifts it skillfully.

     Compared to Zhang Liwei's modesty and caution, Hu Yang is really too arrogant.

     This surprised many people. As a young artist who has just become popular, Hu Yang is so arrogant and even arrogant. The PK with Lu Chen is a bit too much.

     To be an artist, you have to be low-key and humble. Is Hu Yang's approach a bit stupid?

     In fact, Hu Yang is not only not stupid, on the contrary, he is very smart, even too smart.

     Because first of all, he knows exactly what he is relying on. It is Stars Agency Company and Xiangnan TV. With the support of these two, he can stand firmly in the entertainment circle without fear of ordinary wind and waves.

     Secondly, through this method, Hu Yang has won a lot of attention, and the number of blog fans has been steadily increasing.Although he also provokes a lot of black fans because of this, who doesn't have black fans? Lu Chen has it, Chen Fei'er has it too!

     There is no need to be afraid of the vital part if there are black fans. No one pays attention to it is the most terrible. The stronger the limelight, the higher the commercial value. Even if you are scolded, you will still have a large amount of endorsement advertising revenue. Time?

     So Hu Yang will not converge, but will continue the action of viewing ratings. It is 1.50% now, maybe 1.70% tomorrow, and it may reach 2% the day after tomorrow.

     After one exposure, he slapped Lu Chen on the face. How could he be unhappy?

     Lu Chen's ratings target for "Full House" is up to 4%!

     He has too many opportunities to slap in the face.

     There are achievements, attention, and happiness, but also to make money, Hu Yang What can you have against it? As for, he is hoping that the hotter the speculation the better, it would be even better if Lu Chen is torn with him.

     Of course, Lu Chen will not do something like this low, but this does not mean that Lu Chen will not fight back.

     And Lu Chen has just mastered a powerful weapon.

     Less than 10 minutes after Hu Yang updated his blog, Lu Chen also posted a new blog post.In this blog post titled "Thanks", he first thanked the fans for their support of the new drama "Full House", which allowed the TV Series to achieve its first goal of 1% ratings.

     In addition, Lu Chen has good news to tell everyone, that is, "Full House" premiered in South Korea with a top ratings of over 15%, reaching 15.21%!

     This ratings has not only created all the premiere records of domestic dramas in South Korea, but it is also the runner-up of the same type of TV Series by Korean TV stations this year, which is only 1.5% behind the championship!

     If it is not for the natural disadvantage of the introduction of the drama, or to switch to the two stronger Korean TV stations, KBS and MBC, then there is no suspense about the ownership of the championship.

     As soon as Lu Chen's blog post came out, it not only attracted a wave of cheers and celebrations from fans, but also gave a big hit to those on the blog who undertook "Full House", including Hu Yang of course.

     Is 1.50% great? Then try 15%!

     These guys who were a blow to the head just remembered that "Full House" nevertheless, the first domestic TV Series that premiered simultaneously in South Korea, had a perfect opening in South Korea.Even if the Korean market is much smaller than the domestic market, don’t forget that Korean variety TV shows have always been at the forefront of the country. "Full House" followed the "Blue Life and Death" in South Korea. Can it be compared?

     No matter how hard your mouth is, facts are facts and cannot be denied.

     Hu Yang wanted to slap Lu Chen in the face with his ratings, but Lu Chen slapped him in the face.

     Stop BB, there is a way to go abroad to compete with others!

     In fact, in view of the success of "Blue Life and Death", Xiangnan TV also intends to export "The Sea of Love" to South Korea through MBC TV station, copying the route of the former.

     However, the negotiation is not so easy to reach. MBC is more conservative and exclusive than KGS. Xiangnan TV does not pay a sufficient price. I am afraid it will be difficult to realize this wish.

     And even if "The Sea of Love" can be broadcast in South Korea in the future? Now it is completely lost to the opponent.

     Lu Chen's "Thank you" blog post not only received a lot of reposts and likes, but also many industry peers reposted congratulations. SPG's official V also posted the bustling streets of Seoul, and the advertisements on the buildings played "Full House" on the big screen. Photo.Many media have also used news announcements to post on their respective websites that "Full House" has been successful in South Korea, inferring that this TV Series should be able to create a new record for domestic dramas broadcast abroad!

     The impact of this is that many people have a keen interest in the TV Series "Full House", using the playback function of digital TV to rewatch the first and second episodes that were premiered last night.

     And tonight, "Full House" will continue to broadcast the third and fourth episodes.

     This can't help but make people start to guess what the result of the collision of the two TV Series again will be. Can "The Sea of Love" still maintain the advantage of "Full House" in the ratings?

     Everyone wipe one's eyes and wait!


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