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Chapter Directory 403 Ghost Story
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Why is this happening?

     Wan Xiaoquan sipped his chewing tea, and said in a deep voice: "Because the audience nowadays is tired of imitating genre dramas, the audience's appreciation level is improving, and the requirements for movies and TV Series are also increasing."

     "Then the company that is not enterprising, just thinking about picking up cheap film and television production companies, will sooner or later fail. They can't always fool the audience with the plot of botched plagiarism and churn out large quantities without regard for quality. There is no novel creativity. , A work without a unique idea, it is inevitable to be abandoned by the audience!"

     "In my opinion, "The Sea of Love" is a TV Series with beautiful packaging and strong advertising, but terrible content. It is not essentially different from the previous self-produced dramas of Xiangnan TV. However, they overlooked a very important point. That is the TV audience has matured."

     "To be honest, the ratings of "The Sea of Love" did not appear until the fifth and sixth episodes. I am already surprised. In my opinion, I don’t need to watch this TV Series after watching the first two episodes. "Blue Life and Death" is enough, why bother to chew cold rice?"

     Listening to his complaints, everyone in the room showed knowing smiles.

     The capital city in July is the hottest season, but in the tree-lined Yuming Tea Garden, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner. The cool breeze blows into the room from the open windows, which makes people feel the natural heart untroubled. spirit pleased.A pot of good tea, a few plates of snacks, and three or five friends sitting and talking are enough to easily pass the afternoon.

     Wan Xiaoquan’s expression was a bit agitated. He put down his teacup and stared at Lu Chen who was sitting across from him. His eyes showed admiration: "In contrast, the story of "Full House" is much more interesting, warm and romantic. The lack of humor and humor gives the audience a sense of freshness. The good thing about this drama is that the screenwriters can tell stories. It is inevitable that the ratings will surpass "The Sea of Love", and it will be higher!

     A middle-aged man in the room smiled and said: "Old Wan, I didn't expect you to have studied TV Series now."

     Although it was a ridicule, there was no malice in going, because he was an old friend Wan Xiaoquan had known for many years.

     Today’s party was initiated by Wan Xiaoquan. He invited several show business community friends, as well as Lu Chen.

     It just so happened that Lu Chen was able to spare the time and happily participated in the tea party in this small circle.

     Wan Xiaoquan is a student of the great director Zhang Wentian and one of the well-known representatives of the fifth generation of directors in the industry. He is a very talented person and won the appreciation of Zhang Wentian.

     As the saying goes, character decides fate. Wan Xiaoquan has a bad temper. Two years ago, he was imprisoned by assaulting others in a conflict. He just came out of jail a few months ago.Today Wan Xiaoquan is basically living in seclusion. Because of the relevant regulations of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, there is no film company or investor looking for him to film, and his life is very desolate.

     And his friends, there are only a few in front of him.

     After going through this change, Wan Xiaoquan's temper has changed significantly. He is no longer violent and manic, and has become tolerant and calm. If his friends made such jokes with him before, he would definitely be annoyed, but now he laughed.

     "I was too busy, so I watched TV at home every day."

     Wan Xiaoquan laughed at himself: "Thinking that I can't make a movie in the future, it would be nice to try to make a TV."

     Several friends were silent.

     The former Wan Xiaoquan had a bad temper, but he was full of self-confidence and pride, as well as creative passion.

     Now he always has a kind of lingering decadence.

     In the past, Wan Xiaoquan disdained TV Series as beneath contempt. In his opinion, movies are truly art.

     He now sits at home and watches TV.

     The change in contrast is too sharp, making people feel sad.

     Lu Chen keenly sensed the change in the atmosphere in Ya's room. He opened the briefcase he brought with him without a word or movement, took out a thick stack of manuscript paper and handed it to Wan Xiaoquan.

     Wan Xiaoquan was stunned for a moment: "This is?"Lu Chen smiled and said: "This is a movie script I wrote. I would like to ask Mr. Wan for your advice."

     Wan Xiaoquan was surprised: "Then I have to take a good look..."

     He took the script with both hands solemnly, and his eyes fell on the front page of the script involuntarily.

     The title of the script is very eye-catching-A Chinese Ghost Story!

     Wan Xiaoquan's heart jumped involuntarily, and he couldn't help turning to the first page and carefully introducing the script.

     The introduction on the second page was three to four hundred words, and it took him a full 5 minutes to read it.

     After reading the summary of the story, Wan Xiaoquan took a long breath: "This is "Nie Xiaoqian" by Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, my script is adapted from "Nie Xiaoqian"."

     Wan Xiaoquan feels that his mind is a little bit overwhelming: "Do you want to make a movie?"

     Lu Chen nodded: "Yes!"

     There is nothing to avoid. The life path he set for himself is to take the road of film, television and music.

     In the entertainment industry, film actors are the most compelling among all the artists. Lu Chen's idea of making movies was not one or two days. It can be said that he has been in this circle since he entered this circle, and has already begun to make arrangements.The script of "A Chinese Ghost Story" was compiled by him in five days, with a total of about 40,000 words and hundreds of pages printed.

     Since returning to Beijing from the national tour of "Full House", Lu Chen spends most of his time at home, behind closed doors and typing on the keyboard. In addition to writing "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer", he is also "A Chinese Ghost Story". "

     He is going to use this movie as his debut on the screen!

     It’s just that the film director Lu Chen knew can be counted on one's fingers. The biggest Zhang Wentian retired, so he thought of Wan Xiaoquan. It happened that Wan Xiaoquan invited him to drink tea, so he printed the script and brought it over.

     Wan Xiaoquan is good at costume films and has filmed "The Legend of White Snake". Lu Chen believes that with his directing skills, there should be no problem in directing "A Chinese Ghost Story".

     Wan Xiaoquan is not a fool. Although Lu Chen didn't say it clearly, how could he not understand what Lu Chen meant?

     "You don't want me to direct this movie, do you?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "If Teacher Wan can help you, it will be the best!"

     Wan Xiaoquan smiled bitterly: "It's not that you don't know my situation."

     He has been in jail for more than a year, but he has not yet paid the full price for his impulse that year. He has to be banned in the industry for at least two years. How can he be a director now?Although he was very excited.

     Although Lu Chen is young, he is humble, knows how to respect his predecessors, and is a well-known artist himself. He also opened his own workshop, and has become popular in the show business community and has a strong market appeal.

     In other words, Lu Chen is a good partner.


     Wan Xiaoquan sighed inwardly.


     The second more sent.

     PS: A friend asked how long the book will be written. The author expects to finish the book at 2 million+ words. The grades have been good, so there is no need to worry about unfinished or eunuchs.
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