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Chapter Directory 407 I Know
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"It's not easy to see you now..."

     The soft voice with a faint resentment came out of the beautiful woman's mouth, which made people feel unbearable.

     But Lu Chen just smiled faintly and said, "Sorry, I have been so busy these days."

     He has already received three visitors in his workshop today, and the fourth visitor is Su Qingmei, the general manager of Qingyu Media.

     Lu Chen is not perfunctory. Since the ratings of the new drama "Full House" exceeded 3%, the number of media who visited or invited interviews on the phone has increased sharply. Various film and television entertainment companies and brokerage companies come thick and fast, and there are more. corporate investor.

     Lu Xi, the general manager of Workshop and Lu Chen's agent, didn't have enough use of three mobile phones. It was too late to deal with all the people who came to the door, so he was taken from home to share the pressure.

     Su Qingmei has contacted Lu Chen several times and finally caught him today.

     The general manager of Qingyu Media is quite complicated.

     Just over a year ago, she saw Lu Chen with a live high and look down attitude. At that time, Lu Chen was just a small vagabond singer in the Daylily bar, and by the thousands and tens of thousands in Beijing. There is no difference between hard-working newcomers.However, one year later, the current Lu Chen has reached the point where she needs her to look up. She has to make appointments several times to meet, and the identities of both parties seem to be reversed.

     Of course, Su Qingmei's status is not that low, but she came to Lu Chen and asked for something.

     "Knowing that you are a busy person!"

     Su Qingmei quickly adjusted his mentality and said direct and plainspoken: "Our Company recently signed a new person, very talented, I would like you to do a music single for her."

     Lu Chen readily agreed: "Okay, I will arrange a time here for her to come over and meet."

     In the film and television industry, Lu Chen, who has only two works, is not really a big man, but in the pop music world, he is the best singer of fully deserving, without any reservations, and his works are enough to overshadow any peer.

     Like "Full House", which is currently on the air, Lu Chen composed a theme song and two episodes, and soon made it to the original sound chart.

     No one can question his talent in popular music.

     And Lu Chen is also the Songwriter with the highest price in the show business community. The sky-high price of a piece of 500,000 has set a record, which has also greatly stimulated the treatment of colleagues.Despite the jaw-dropping price, the entertainment agent Company or singer artist who came to Lu Chen to invite songs is still continuously, because his works are equivalent to best-sellers and are completely worth the money.

     It’s just that it’s not easy to ask Lu Chen to write a song now. He basically releases a song in 10 days on average. The invitations are almost at the end of the year. If you want to jump in, it depends on the relationship.

     Su Qingmei came to jump in the line.

     Fortunately, Lu Chen gave a lot of face and agreed happily.

     His Workshop has a good cooperative relationship with Qingyu Media. Several newcomers under the latter's brand still appear in "Full House". Although they are not important roles, they are considered partners.

     As for Pang-Huang Band, let alone.

     Su Qingmei was in a good mood immediately, and smiled: "That's really thank you, I will invite you to dinner tonight!"


     Lu Chen hesitated for a while, and tactfully refused: "It's a coincidence, I have an appointment tonight."

     Su Qingmei asked sourly: "With yours?"

     The person in Lu Chen's family is naturally Ms. Chen Fei'er, who is loved and blooming.

     Since the love affair between Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er was made public, the singer Heavenly Queen / days later has entered the rhythm of daily show affection, putting photos on his blog to abuse single dogs from time to time.However, she did not delay her career because of this. Instead, she moved from the pop music world to the film and television circle. The two starring TV Series became the ratings champion, and the popularity continued to rise. I don't know how many show business community people envy and hate!

     At the beginning, some people said that Lu Chen had gone to Heavenly Queen / days later, eating soft rice can make his stomach round.

     But who can say that now?

     Su Qingmei sometimes thinks, if Lu Chen had just revealed outstanding talent, she would take Lu Chen down at any cost, then what would the current Qingyu Media look like?

     In fact, the small temple of Qingyu Media, I'm afraid it can't accommodate this great god!

     Lu Chen didn't expect that Su Qingmei's thoughts had changed so much, and he nodded and replied: "Yes, let's be together next time."

     During this time, Chen Fei'er was busier than him. He first went to South Korea, and then there were endorsement activities in China, all of which must be attended after signing the contract. He just returned to Beijing today.

     So Lu Chen didn't want to be disturbed by others during the evening appointment.

     "OK then..."

     Su Qingmei is not a sticky character. She puts away her bags and has some strange thoughts in her heart. She stands up and says, "Next time I invite you to Daylily for a drink. I haven't been there for a long time."

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Okay!"

     He personally sent Su Qingmei out.Sending away Su Qingmei, Lu Chen returned to the office, only to see Lu Xi sitting in his place.

     Holding a piece of paper in her hand, the elder sister said to Lu Chen without warning: "This President Su, is a little careful about you, you must keep your feet on your feet and don't cause any scandals."

     Lu Xi and Su Qingmei have met each other several times, but the sister is not very cold to this charming woman.

     Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry: "Sister, where did you go."

     He remembered that Lu Xi had warned himself once before, but he didn't expect to bring it up again.

     Is Su Qingmei interesting to him? Lu Chen didn't see it, nor would he be affectionate.

     Besides, he already has Chen Fei'er and has a career.

     Lu Xi curled his lips: "Just know the score by yourself..."

     She shook the manuscript paper in her hand and said: "This is the media who has made appointments to interview you these days, and the invitations of various TV stations. You can decide whether you go or choose which ones to choose!"

     Lu Chen took it and took a look. He felt that his head was big--there were dozens of them densely listed.

     Capital City TV, Zhedong TV, Huhai TV, Haijin Tv, WeChat, Trends, NetEase, Entertainment Weekly, New Youth Daily...

     Lu Xi has obviously filtered the small media, otherwise the number can be at least doubled.These big media are not easy to offend, but if they all agree, it is estimated that they will have to split themselves into several, otherwise, don't do anything else.

     Seeing Lu Chen look anxious, my sister was in a good mood: "Hehe, take your time to study, and say hello to Fei'er for me in the evening."

     Lu Chen nodded weakly.


     The second more sent.
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