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Chapter Directory 415 New Company
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Gao He originally planned to come out after finishing his job at Company this year. Because of this unexpected change, he must have affected his plan, but his resignation was not completely blind and impulsive.

     Bad things can actually turn into good things.

     "I have two buddies in Company who have a good relationship and ability. They want to start a business with me!"

     Gao He said, "As well as the group of people who just graduated from our school this year, I contacted a few junior brothers. If needed, I can immediately pull up a team of more than ten people."

     The company that Gao He used to stay with was not large, and the mobile game industry is currently extremely competitive. With a winner-takes-all situation, the situation of disadvantaged small businesses is undoubtedly much more difficult.

     Low wages and benefits, high labor intensity, uncertain future... Gao He has been in this company for more than a year, and he has long thought of leaving, but he stayed because of the need to accumulate work experience.

     So after talking to Lu Chen last time, he is actively preparing.

     For mobile games, a team of a dozen people is definitely not enough, but as long as the flag is raised, it is not difficult to recruit relevant professionals in Hangzhou, a hot spot of high technology, depending on how big the booth needs to be.

     "In the beginning, we don't need many people..."

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "I have already thought about the first game project.""What do you do?"

     Gao He suddenly became interested: "Role playing? Action? Strategy? Puzzle?..."

     He asked about the type of game.

     For a new company to start a business, the choice of the type of mobile game is very important and one of the keys to success.

     Gao He understands technology and can be an IT scalper of hardworking and enduring hardships, but game creativity is not his strong point.

     He cares about the ideas proposed by Lu Chen, even more than the funds provided by Lu Chen!

     In such a mobile game market, creativity is truly king.

     Lu Chen answered in no hurry, he asked the waiter to find himself a pen and some printing papers.

     Lifting the pen, "brushed" a line of English letters on the paper, and Lu Chen handed it to Gao He.

     Gao He took it over and took a look, his face was unclear, so bewildered.

     Wang Xiaoling poked his head curiously, cautious and solemn asked: "Happy?"

     What is written on the paper is a line of URL: om!

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "Yes, this will be the website of the new company, called!"

     This website has been registered long ago. Fortunately, it is not owned by a well-known website, but in the hands of a domain name dealer. Lu Chen bought it for only 100,000 yuan.

     "The first project of the new company will be a planting social web page and mobile game!"He moved his pen like flying, using simple brushstrokes on a new white paper to quickly outline the rough game screen, divided into acres, farmhouses, windmills, small rivers, etc., of course, growing vegetables and vegetables are indispensable.

     Lu Chen has studied drawing and color before. Although his ability to draw is far from being comparable to that of professionals, drawing this kind of sketches similar to children's drawings is nevertheless without pressure, and the drawing is completed quickly.

     He used this picture to explain his idea to the two Gao He: "The name of this game is Happy Farm. All registered users have initial resources, six squares of fields, farm tools, seeds, etc., they can log in every day. Go online to manage your own farm, planting, watering, fertilizing, deworming, picking..."

     That's it?

     Gao He and Wang Xiaoling look at each other in dismay, I don’t know what to say.

     The two of them work in this industry, not to mention their abilities, they have knowledge and experience.

     Lu Chen's game creativity is a bit special, but it doesn't sound very attractive. Who would be bored to grow vegetables on mobile phones and computers every day? How can we ensure customer stickiness?

     It's just because of face, neither of them can tell clearly, their expressions are somewhat weird.Lu Chen saw both of them in his eyes, and smiled and continued: "Does it feel a bit boring? In fact, the key to this game is interactivity. Registered users can invite others to become friends, and then help their friends manage farming. , Or steal the fruits of its cultivation."

     "That is to steal food!"

     In Lu Chen's dream world, "Happy Farm" once created a miracle in a web game. The craze of stealing vegetables by the whole people has lasted for a long time, appeared frequently in the media, and produced a lot of news.

     Regrettably, it appeared a bit earlier, it is the period when smart phones have just begun to develop, otherwise it will inevitably become a hot mobile game, simple, interesting, interactive, and aimed at the weakness of human nature.

     Lu Chen took this game as the start-up project of the new company. First of all, "Happy Farm" is extremely creative and guaranteed to win instant success. Second, it is not difficult to produce and is most suitable for small teams to start a business.

     The life span of any mobile game will not be too long, and "Happy Farm" will be no exception, but when the game declines, the company's foundation will be strong.

     By then, Lu Chen can come up with more ideas-Fruit Ninja, Plants VS Zombies, Angry Birds...After listening to Lu Chen's detailed explanation of "Happy Farm", the non-professional Wang Xiaoling first reacted: "This is very interesting. We girls definitely like to play."

     Girls usually don’t like fighting games. The casual game is the most suitable. "Happy Farm" is not only a casual game, but also has the attributes of upgrading and competition. The key is that it is extremely interactive.

     Lu Chen continued: "You can bind WeChat to the user, let the user log in to the game directly with the WeChat number, and add an invitation to all friends to join together."

     As the overlord of online instant messaging, WeChat has the largest and most extensive users in the world. It is a common practice for many websites and games to register members with a ready-made WeChat account.

     Lu Chen Workshop has a good cooperative relationship with WeChat, so there is no problem in applying for the use of WeChat resources. You can even advertise through WeChat.

     Lu Chen thought of this step, even Gao He, who was still a little ignorant, made his determination: "Lao San, do whatever you say you want to fuck, everything is up to you!"

     Wang Xiaoling gritted his teeth and said: "Lu Chen, the investment of the new company, Gao He contributed 300,000, and I contributed 200,000. The two of us add up to a total of 500,000, and the share ratio is up to you!"

     Said it is two people, in fact, it is all the funds that the two families can come up with.Lu Chen nodded: "Then I will give out 4.5 million, accounting for 80% of the shares. You 10%, and the other 10% will be used as equity incentives for those employees who will make contributions in the future. What do you think?"

     Starting the "Happy Farm" project, 5 million is definitely enough and to spare. Lu Chen's equity distribution plan is fair and reasonable, and it is slightly biased towards Gao He, because the 10% incentive equity is equivalent to him. , But also provides the most important ideas.

     Gao He act without taking time to think said: "No problem!"

     Lu Chen smiled and stretched out his hand: "Come on, I wish us a happy cooperation!"


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