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Chapter Directory 422 Jiangnan
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

If you change to another vagabond singer artist, unless you have prepared in advance, Chen Fei'er's request must be embarrassing, or even make it impossible to step down.

     It's actually very easy to write a song, as long as you learn the basic skills, you can piece it together to make a song.

     But writing a song is very difficult. The birth of a good song requires not only the burst of inspiration, but also the usual accumulation and learning, and a little luck.

     Where can it be taken out at any time?

     But Lu Chen is different. His creative talents and abilities are well known to outsiders in the show business community circle. A piece of brilliant or classic work was born a steady flow in his hands, which is really convincing. oral.

     Nevertheless, to be able to hear his new works here tonight, and become a new song "Hatsune listener" is also a joy and joy for fans on the scene.

     Facing Chen Fei'er's wishes and the fans' expectations, Lu Chen smiled and asked, "Can I say no?"

     Chen Fei'er shook his head, very determined: "out of the question!"

     Lu Chen surrendered: "Well then."

     Chen Fei'er grinning from ear to ear: "Great!"

     The two echoed one another on the stage, and the audience in the audience was happily watching.Lu Chen took a deep breath and said, "Before singing this new song, I want to say a few words."

     The scene quickly became quiet, and even Chen Fei'er stepped aside and gave the stage to Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen continued: "Hangzhou is a very special place for me. I finished my university here and spent a wonderful time in my life. The characters and scenery here are all worthy of nostalgia. "

     Many of the fans present were locals from Hangzhou, or studied or worked in Hangzhou. Lu Chen's affection and goodwill for Hangzhou made them proud.

     "Actually, I'm half a Hangzhou person, so I put the first of the new album tour fan meeting here. Although my current job and my new home are both in Beijing, I will wait until one day when I am old. I can't sing songs anymore, then I will choose to retire here forever!"

     Unexpected applause rang out in recognition of Lu Chen.

     Lu Chen finally said: "The name of this song is "Jiangnan", for you and for the beautiful Hangzhou!"


     Speaking of Jiangnan, who doesn't know Hangzhou, who doesn't know West Lake?

     This makes the audience present doubly look forward to this new song and new work by Lu Chen!

     Lu Chen still uses the guitar to accompany the new song."...

     The wind is sticky here,

     Stick to the thoughts of passersby.

     The rain is tangled up here,

     Haunt us nostalgia for the world.

     You are fate by your side,

     The fate is written on the three life stone.

     Love is a millionth sweet,

     I'd rather be buried on this day!

     Circle circle circle circle,

     Every day, every day I am

     Look deeply at your face,

     Angry tenderness,

     The gentle face of complaining!


     The most beautiful is Jiangnan, scenic lakes and mountain, with misty rain and mist, blue bricks and white tiles, Yangliu Yiyi. At that time, she was young and leaned on a leaning bridge. The girl with cardamom smiled back and told endless romantic stories.

     What this song "Jiangnan" sings is exactly the lingering dreams of countless gifted scholars, beautiful ladies. Its melody is beautiful and moving, and it has the shocking people's heart like a strange peak. One word and one sentence easily evokes people’s hearts. The yearning and nostalgia of this beautiful land, as well as the longing for the love story that has been passed down through the ages.

     Lu Chen's interpretation of "Jiangnan" reflects his strong singing skills and clever skills, but the emotions embedded in the singing are so real and infectious.

     Although this is a brand new piece, it still brings the audience into that special atmosphere.

     "...We who don’t understand love, hate and sorrow,

     All thought that falling in love is like the fickleness of the situation.

     Believe that love one day is worth forever,

     Freeze time at this moment.

     We who don’t know how to be gentle,

     I thought that the death of love was just an old rumor.

     How painful and painful it can be,

     When the dream was buried in the mist and rain of Jiangnan,

     I only understand when my heart is broken!


     In essence, "Jiangnan" is a love song that sings the unchanging love through the ages.

     However, its melody and style are destined to be no ordinary love song. Perhaps people who listen to this piece for the first time do not know it, but in the future they will definitely know a vocabulary about music.

     The word is called: Chinese style!

     None of the hundreds of spectators on the scene spoke or was distracted. They were already immersed in Lu Chen's singing, as if they were in the peculiar Jiangnan drizzle, and a pair of ink paintings were evenly dyed in front of them.

     At this moment, just enjoy the music.

     Until Lu Chen finishes singing.

     "Thank you!"

     He bowed his guitar in his arms and thanked him, and the fans all stood up and applauded.

     They are also grateful and thank Lu Chen for dedicating a good song to everyone, a really good song!The applause lasted for several minutes.

     Lu Chen asked Chen Fei'er: "Do you like it?"

     Chen Fei'er has bright eyes and nodded vigorously-she really likes this song.

     There are people who sing this song.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "If you like it, can you do one more thing for me?"

     Chen Fei'er was curious: "What's the matter?"

     Lu Chen said: "It's very simple, help me draw out the grand prize for tonight!"

     The fans just remembered that there was a lottery at the meet-up tonight, and the content of the prize has been announced. It was a new Chinese Travel car worth more than 100,000 yuan!

     Thinking of the very attractive awards, everyone couldn't help but get excited.


     The voices of the masses were so enthusiastic that Chen Fei'er could not find a reason for rejection.

     The staff will send the prepared lottery box to the stage.

     All fans who participated in the meeting tonight have an invitation letter. The corner of the invitation letter is cut off when entering the venue, and the corresponding number is printed on it, and then all are placed in this box to draw rewards.

     In addition to the grand prize, there are also first, second and third prizes. The prizes include computers, mobile phones, limited edition albums, etc., mainly provided by China Motor.Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er together, first selected 20 third prize winners, followed by 10 second prizes...

     The fans who were drawn to their number are both happy and disappointed, because winning is lucky, but at the same time it means that they missed the jackpot.

     The car award was the last to be drawn, and the winner was a teenage girl.

     She was so happy on the spot, laughing and crying, so excited that she didn't know what to do.

     The atmosphere of the scene also reached a new level at this time.

     The first stop of the fan meeting in Hangzhou promoted by Lu Chen's new album was undoubtedly a perfect success!


     Note "Jiangnan" wordings: Li Ruixun, Chen Shaoqi/Composer: Lin Junjie
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