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Chapter Directory 426 Different World
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Li Zhen is 25 years old this year and graduated from Hongkong Chinese University. He has three years of working experience. He once worked with a second-tier star in Hong Kong. He was very good at public praise in the show business community, so he was dug by Wan Xiaoquan.

     Wan Xiaoquan is no stranger to Hongkong. He had a green card in the SAR ten years ago, and even planned to live in Hongkong after retirement in the future. It has something to do with the local entertainment industry in Hongkong.

     So after coming to Hongkong with the funds provided by Lu Chen, Wan Xiaoquan quickly entered the role, pulling up a team of people through headhunting or recruitment, showing the ability that he has outside the director.

     It's just that Wan Xiaoquan's ability in this area ends here, so Lu Chen needs to come to oversee to host, after all, he really owns and loves, nevertheless shooting movies.

     Li Zhen is the assistant secretary specially prepared by Wan Xiaoquan for Lu Chen. This delicate and pretty woman has a round face and big eyes. When she smiles, there will be shallow dimples on her right cheek, let alone the specifics. What is his ability, at least eye-catching and attractive.

     "Hello Mr. Lu Chen, I am your assistant Li Zhen..."

     After Wan Xiaoquan's introduction, Li Zhen bowed to Lu Chen and said, "Please take care of me."

     As a local from Hongkong, Li Zhen speaks very standard Mandarin, with almost no accent.This is also one of the important reasons why Wan Xiaoquan selected her.

     The official languages of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region are Chinese and English, and the native language of Hongkong people is Cantonese. Therefore, many locals and even many young people only speak Cantonese, and it is difficult to communicate normally with mainlanders.

     Of course, with the increasing influence of the mainland economy on Hongkong, the Mandarin-speaking population in Hongkong is expanding, especially those who do business with the mainland. It is very troublesome if they do not speak Mandarin.

     Li Zhen is undoubtedly one of the representatives.

     Lu Chen smiled slightly, stretched out his hand and said, "Hello, Miss Li."

     This name reminded him of Sister Li in the capital. The names of the two are only one word apart, which is also fate.

     "Just call me A Zhen."

     Li Zhen blushed and shook hands with Lu Chen, and her heartbeat accelerated for a few seconds.

     She is not a little girl venturing from one's thatched hut for the first time, nor is she a newcomer who has never seen the world, but the new boss in front of her is very young and handsome, which inevitably touches her unique feelings as a woman.

     After joining Workshop, Li Zhen had a detailed understanding of his new boss, knowing that Lu Chen is a new star in the domestic pop music and film and television circles, and that Lu Chen's girlfriend is Chen Fei'er.If the popularity and popularity of Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er in China are not much different, then in Hongkong, he has no way to compare with his girlfriend, and Chen Fei'er is far behind the local Hongkong. Top star artist.

     The reason for this is very complicated.

     If Li Zhen hadn't changed her new job, she wouldn't know what Lu Chen is.

     But after listening to Lu Chen's works on the Internet and watching his starring "Blue Life and Death", Li Zhen has also become a fan of Lu Chen, so it is inevitable to see an idol with excitement.

     It must be noted here that last year's "Blue Life and Death" has not yet been broadcast in Hongkong.

     "Well, Zhen, I will work harder for you in the future."

     Lu Chen nodded and introduced Zhang Xiaofang to her: "This is my assistant Zhang Xiaofang."

     Facing Zhang Xiaofang, Li Zhen became more natural and unrestrained: "Brother Zhang, please give me some advice in the future."

     Zhang Xiaofang was not good at words, and shook hands with her a little awkwardly: "Hello."

     Wan Xiaoquan said: "Okay, let's get in the car and talk again, go to Workshop first."

     The car had been waiting outside.

     This Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle was specially purchased for Lu Chen Hongkong Workshop. It can seat seven people and is expensive.But this is a very necessary expenditure. It is impossible to run a business in Hongkong without a car, and the car is out of the question, otherwise it is easy to look down on people when driving out. In this metropolis, people from all over the world gather. Of luxury cars, with the largest number of Rolls-Royce.

     Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles are already very low-key, and Lu Chen must be equipped with a special car in the future to meet his identity and status.

     Although Hongkong returned in 1969, the one country, two systems policy has allowed Hongkong to maintain a unique development trajectory. Therefore, local conditions and customs nevertheless laws and regulations are very different from those in China.

     Even speaking of two different worlds.

     The address of Lu Chen Hongkong Film and Television Workshop is in the Xigang business center of Xiyingpan, not far from Hongkong University. This area gathers the main TV stations of Hongkong, including the headquarters of wireless and satellite TV stations, as well as large and small entertainment companies and companies. Record Company is the core and essence of Hongkong entertainment industry.

     Crossing the Victoria Harbour along the West Kowloon Highway and entering the commercial district lined with tall buildings, a commercial vehicle carrying Lu Chen and others stopped in front of a fifty or sixty-storey building.

     Workshop is on the 59th floor of this Rongjin Building, in an office with an area of about 200 square meters.Compared with the Lu Chen Workshop in Beijing, the area of Hongkong Workshop is undoubtedly much smaller, but the rent is not cheap at all, exceeding 100,000 per month, which is equivalent to a monthly rent of 500/square meter.

     In Hongkong, where the land is extremely expensive (in that area), this is considered cheap. In the Sheung Wan, Central and Admiralty parcels east of Xiying Pun, there are many office buildings with the same area renting two or three million yuan a year. The high rents are among the best in the world.

     Wan Xiaoquan has only been in Hongkong for two months. The expenses for renting a house, approving, hiring people, buying a car, etc., have been spent on millions of dollars.

     Of course, this money is not for nothing. In addition to the necessary investment, the initial investment also allows Lu Chen to easily obtain the special zone green card. Otherwise, even if he is a well-known domestic artist and takes the regular application route, it will take time. Tossing hard for a long time.

     As for ordinary people, it is already difficult to apply for a green card, not to mention the more difficult immigration.

     With the economic prosperity coupled with the large population and special environment, investors from the Mainland have invested in Hongkong's real estate market. Therefore, the current average house price of Hongkong is the highest in the world, surpassing that of Beijing.The 200-square-meter office building is actually very luxurious for a newly established celebrity Workshop. There are also many local artists in Hongkong who open Workshops, and few can rent such a “large” office in this commercial district.

     As for the current employees of Workshop, in addition to Wan Xiaoquan himself and Li Zhen, there are also 7 people including receptionists, ordinary clerks, financial tellers, network management, marketing planning, etc.

     And a supervisor of Workshop-Chen Wenqiang.


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