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Chapter Directory 439 Golden Hand
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Hongkong, shrouded by night, is a world of brilliant lights and paper fans.

     In this world, there are countless social entertainments every day, and well-dressed gentlemen and ladies hang out in various social occasions, wearing hypocritical masks, saying the words say sth without meaning it, but they are happy.

     Countless news is also produced here every day.

     Just after 8pm, Shu Jing's charity dinner at Shangri-La Hotel officially ended. The auction raised a total of more than 10 million donations, which will mainly be used to help poor mothers and children in Hong Kong.

     There are a lot of wealthy people in Hongkong. Among the rich, there are too many to count with assets of over 100 million. There are also several top rich people in the world, but there are still a large number of poor people among the population of more than 13 million.

     Regardless of the upper-class society, nevertheless media controlled by the upper-class society rarely cares about these people at the bottom of the society. Countless people in the market are struggling to survive. Compared with those rich people who are indulge in a life of luxury, they It seems to be an ant, unable to withstand a little storm.

     In the decades since its return, Hongkong's economy has developed tremendously, but social contradictions have become increasingly prominent. A person with knowledge and experience has been aware of the biggest problem in Hongkong society and has been calling for the improvement of the situation of the poor.Shu Jing is undoubtedly one of them. She has been paying attention to the poor in Hong Kong a long time ago. After marrying into a wealthy family, she established a charity foundation and used her influence and connections to help those in need.

     Persevering for more than ten years, although her reputation in the entertainment industry is far less than before, but in terms of status and prestige, she is no worse than those big celebrities, so she completed her fundraising goal so smoothly tonight.

     "Lu Chen, really thank you this time!"

     After the dinner, Shu Jing first sent off the guests one by one, and asked the assistant to specially invite Lu Chen to stay.

     "How about a cup of coffee together?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Isn't it okay to drink coffee at night? But Sister Jing, you said, then I'll take care of myself."

     Shu Jing smiled: "The nightlife in Hongkong hasn't started yet."

     The cafe Shu Jing invited Lu Chen to is next to the Shangri-La Hotel. It is said to be the most famous Lan Ting Coffee in Hongkong. If you don't make a reservation in advance, you will definitely not be available.

     Shu Jing booked a very good seat, close to the large floor-to-ceiling windows, as long as you turn your head and look around, the beautiful night view of Victoria Harbour can be seen.Savoring the fragrant hand-ground coffee, listening to the live piano playing in the coffee shop, facing a **************, made Lu Chen feel that coming to Hongkong this time is really not False trip.

     Of course he just admired the beauty and had no other thoughts.

     Perhaps it was Lu Chen’s attitude of calm appreciation that made Shu Jing very good. After some careful observation, she finally recognized Lu Chen: "Fei'er has found a good boyfriend. As a sister, I really Happy for her."

     Although it is complimenting himself, it sounds like nevertheless a bit weird. Lu Chen smiled bitterly and said, "Sister Jing, you would be embarrassed to say that."

     Shu Jing pursed her lips and smiled: "What's the embarrassment, Fei'er has always had a better vision than me. At the beginning, she advised me not to marry a wealthy family, thinking that women should win their lives on their own, so I almost turned my face with her."

     She narrowed her smile and her voice became low: "Think about it now, she couldn't be more correct."

     Lu Chen was silent.

     Although it was the first time to meet, he could see that under Shu Jing's glamorous appearance, the hidden sorrows and sorrows were probably unknown.In fact, when you think about it, you can understand that as a former little Heavenly Queen / days later, she has not gained much popularity after reentering the entertainment circle. Although she has a place in the upper class with her reputation accumulated by charitable foundations, she still has a lot of face. All the scenery and honor given by others is like a castle on the beach, when a hurricane and big wave swept in, then it is very likely that it will disappear.

     Establish a foundation in Hongkong and stand firm, the most basic nevertheless one's own strength!

     "Stop talking about this..."

     Shu Jing refreshed her spirit again, and smiled again on her face: "What have you been talking about with Madam Jin for so long, are you interested in her two goddaughters, and they were reluctant to part when they parted." "

     There was teasing in her smile, which belonged to the kind of teasing among friends.

     "Sister Jing, don't blackmail me..."

     Lu Chen quickly surrendered: "I just promised to write their debut works for the two of them."

     "Two songs?"

     Shu Jing was surprised: "Is it a song?"

     Lu Chen explained: "It's actually a song, because I suggested that the two girls make their debut as a duo. Madam Jin agreed, called Twins."

     "Twins?"Shu Jing's eyes lit up and said, "The duo girl group? It seems that there is nothing well-known in the circle now. This name is very good. You gave it to it?

     Lu Chen nodded.

     Shu Jing sighed and said: "It is their luck that these two girls met you. I can already predict that Twins will definitely succeed in their debut, because you write songs for them!"

     Lu Chen smiled and shook his head: "Sister Jing, you are nevertheless hacking me."

     "It's not black..."

     Shu Jing said seriously: "I heard that you have a nickname called'Golden Hand', saying that your hands have the magic power of touch base matter and turn it to gold. Any vagabond singer just sings the song you wrote. That will definitely become popular!"

     Lu Chen was ashamed: "I didn't even know that I had such a nickname, it was too exaggerated."

     Shu Jing smiled slightly: "Exaggeration is not exaggeration. I only found out after I tried it. I am currently collecting works and am preparing to release a new album before the end of the year, so I would like to ask you, "Golden Hand", to help me write two songs ?"

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think replied: "No problem."

     His refreshment made Shu Jing stunned: "You don't ask for the conditions? What if I want you to be free?"

     There was a playful expression on her face.Lu Chen said freely: "You are Fei'er's friend, that's my friend. You don't need to negotiate so many conditions between friends, and it's okay to be free."

     Lu Chen is not talking about politeness and falsification. He started his own film career in Hongkong and needs support from all aspects. What is the relationship between sending her two songs to an influential figure like Shu Jing in the show business community? ?

     What's more, she and Fei'er nevertheless friends, and helped herself to get to know many senior figures in the show business community.

     However, Shu Jing was moved inexplicably.

     After the ups and downs of prosperity, she is not the kind of person who will be easily moved, but Lu Chen's frankness and generosity made her meet a different man.

     How lucky Chen Fei'er!


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