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Chapter Directory 444 Looks Familiar
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Vagabond singers who can play and sing are always taken a high look, because such vagabond singers are often not too bad, and many have personalities and characteristics, and they often surprise people inadvertently.

     As for amateurs who play and sing, dare to appear on stage and make people appreciate and appraise them. Either they are out of the question but overconfident, or they are really level.

     Lu Chen looks like the kind of level. He is calm and confident enough. In the jargon, "Typhoon" is very good and not stage fright. Such a person has seven or eight points of strength and can often play ten points.

     So although there is no suspense in the result, everyone has some expectations for him nevertheless and listened very carefully.

     Lu Chen coughed with his guitar in his arms, and then said into the microphone: "This is my first visit to Hongkong, and my first visit to Lan Kwai Fong and LaDolceVita97. Everything here surprises me."

     "Unfortunately, I didn't bring my girlfriend with me this time. I believe she will like it here too."

     Everyone applauded face-to-face for Lu Chen's praise of LaDolceVita97.

     No one thought that Lu Chen was not from Hongkong, and nevertheless came to Lan Kwai Fong for the first time.

     This is interesting.Lu Chen continued: "Then I saw that there are many couples in the bar, so I will sing a love song. May the world love will find a way, and the lonely person can also find the other half of himself."

     The applause became louder.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "The name of this song is called "The Favorite of My Life", for all lovers."

     He plucked the strings lightly and began to sing.

     On this unfamiliar and familiar stage.

     "If you wait foolishly, you can finally wait for a certain day, the favorite in your life.

     Who cares about this relationship between you and me, always run into accidents and don't know the future.

     Ever willing, the love in my heart,

     I have to watch the sea alone every day.

     I would rather not speak for my whole life,

     I don't want to deceive you by telling lies.

     I noticed this relationship between you and me,

     You will find a little distance apart.

     Love silently,

     I dare not say,

     Say I want to be with you,


     This "Favourite in Life" is a Cantonese song, and it is also the first Cantonese work produced by Lu Chen. It seems a bit tricky to sing here for the first time. Singing when you are in love, not for the benefit of fame, is what a true vagabond singer should have."The Love of Life" is a gentle and affectionate song. What it sings is the singer's desire for love, the persistence and expectation of love, a love song that can undoubtedly become a classic!

     Lu Chen's interpretation of this song is deep and introverted, and every word contains emotions from the heart. This gives his singing a unique charm, which makes people can't help listen carefully, and then He sank in without resistance and was deeply infected.

     The LaDolceVita97 bar suddenly became very quiet. People listened to this song that they had never heard before, sighing word by word, like a curse.

     No one spoke, and even the waitresses hid in the corner, their eyes all on Lu Chen.

     Li Zhen bit his lip to prevent his inner excitement from showing.

     She knows that Lu Chen is great, but the feeling of listening to Lu Chen's playing and singing on the spot cannot be described and carried by the content of a few pages of textual materials.

     Chen Jiaming looks like a ghost.

     He has already overestimated Lu Chen's level as much as possible, especially after Lu Chen borrowed the guitar. However, the facts are often more cruel than imagined. Not only did Lu Chen not be crushed by Ye Xuan, but on the contrary, he was crushing the opponent. .

     This makes Chen Jiaming how can this be endured!.

     What a ridiculous calculation he just made!Chen Jiaming's face is hot, and among the people present, perhaps he is the only one who is absent-minded.

     Fortunately, no one paid any attention to him.

     The people at Ye Xuan's table were basically shocked.

     They originally thought that they had grasped it and victory is assured, and Ye Xuan had no suspense in crushing the audience. They never expected that a handsome guy who could play and sing suddenly appeared, and he sang so well.

     A few knowledgeable people can naturally tell that Lu Chen's guitar level is very high, his voice has special characteristics, and his singing ability is not uncommon. Whether it is the transformation of breath and nevertheless, the handling of details is an easy drive on a familiar path .

     The most rare thing is that the emotion contained in the song is sincere and enthusiastic, which is very touching.

     Such a level of strength, I am afraid that most professional vagabond singers cannot match it. Could it be said that pop music in the Mainland has developed to such a terrifying point, and just one person can make the opponent feel embarrassed?

     One of them felt that Lu Chen looked familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere.

     Ye Xuan's expression became serious. He stared at Lu Chen sitting on the stage in a dream, lost in thought.


     True, false,

     If you can play yourself as an avatar,

     Will give the tenderness in my heart to your only confidant.

     Crazy, drunk,

     I also hope you know how to cherish yourself.One day I miss you even if I separate,

     I really miss you

     If you wait foolishly, you can finally wait for a certain day.

     Favorite of my life! "

     The ** part of the whole song is undoubtedly the most exciting. The previous gentle whispered that when it comes to the chorus, the emotions and emotions are raised all at once, and the sound is straightforward, giving people a strong sense of impact.

     If a person waits idiotically, will there be such a day that allows us to wait for the most beloved person in this life. And when we met the only one in our life, when faced with difficulties, we clearly didn't know the future, whether we could still hold each other's hands until we turned our heads!

     What this song sings to people is the deepest true feelings.

     When Lu Chen played the last note, after a while, applause broke out in the bar.

     Clapping, shouting, whistling... young people always express their favorite attitudes directly.

     Several girls picked up the roses in the vase on the table, grabbed the stage and gave them to Lu Chen.

     This means that they recognized Lu Chen, and a flower is a vote.

     Among all the contestants on the field, only Ye Xuan has this treatment, and he is a singer!Xue Ni opened her mouth wide in disbelief, and muttered: "It's true, A Zhen, your colleague is too powerful, why not become an artist, he will definitely be popular for half the sky!"

     The Hongkong girl suddenly felt that even if Lu Chen eats soft food, he still depends on his strength to eat.

     Li Zhen hesitated, nevertheless took the initiative to uncover the mystery: "In fact, Lu Chen is not my colleague, but my new boss. He is the most famous young vagabond singer in the Mainland, and he has also starred in two very popular movies. TV Series is also a first-line star in the Mainland, and it costs millions to write a song for others!"


     Xue Ni, Chen Jiaming and others were all dumbfounded.


     Note: "Favorite in Life" wordings: Xiang Xuehuai / Composer: Wu Sikai
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