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Chapter Directory 445 It Really Is You
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Li Zhen’s new boss, the most famous young vagabond singer in the Mainland, starring in two high-rated TV Series, and a first-line star with a million-dollar price...

     Li Zhen's friends seemed to be listening to fairy tales, and all of them were dumbfounded.

     Very unreal feeling.

     At the first meeting, Lu Chen gave everyone the feeling that he was very handsome, a real handsome guy, and he was from the mainland.

     Then he talked well, kind and easy-going like the big boy next door, very irritating.

     Xue Ni immediately moved her heart and boldly "showed her love".

     But what everyone didn't expect was that Lu Chen not only has a girlfriend, but it sounds like nevertheless depends on his girlfriend.

     This caused Li Zhen's friends to lower their evaluation of Lu Chen.

     Now Lu Chen plays and sings amaze the world with a single brilliant feat on the performing arts stage, but Li Zhen tells everyone that he is a big star and it is difficult for them to accept it for a while.

     Li Zhen was also helpless, because even if she deliberately concealed it, she would not conceal it for too long. When the truth was revealed, it would be very embarrassing in front of friends.

     "Really, I don't lie to you..."Facing the surprise of his friends, Li Zhen had to explain: "You will find out by searching on the Internet. My BOSS's girlfriend is Chen Fei'er, Chen Fei'er, should you always know about Chen Fei'er, right? The TV Series starring him and Chen Fei'er is called "Blue Life and Death" and "Full House", I suggest you all go and see!"

     When talking about this, Li Zhen's pretty face was a little red.

     Because not long ago, like all the friends present, she only cared about news and news in the local entertainment industry, only watched TV Series and variety shows produced by Hong Kong Island TV, and used the Internet to play only on the local BBS.

     This is actually a common problem among Hongkong people. Most people lack understanding of the situation in the Mainland and do not take the initiative to care about it.

     Li Zhen felt that at that time, he and his friends were the frog at the bottom of the well, guarding the small world of Hong Kong Island, ignoring the truly wonderful world outside, and seemed ignorant.

     "His girlfriend is Chen Fei'er!"

     Xue Ni sighed and covered her face: "A Zhen, you are too bad, don't tell me earlier, it will make me shame!"

     Hongkong people don't know many mainland stars, but Chen Fei'er is one of them. She once came to Hongkong's Hung Hom Stadium for concerts and released her own Record Album in Hongkong, so she has a certain degree of popularity.

     No matter how confident Xue Ni is, she can't say that she can get a share of Chen Fei'er.Li Zhen smiled bitterly: "Who made you post/sorrow so quickly, didn't I tell you now?"

     Xue Ni hugged her: "out of the question, you have to pay me!"

     The two women laughed, and Lu Chen on the stage returned the guitar to the guitarist at the bar Band.

     The latter was full of admiration, and after receiving it, he gave Lu Chen a thumbs up: "So sharp!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Thank you your guitar."

     At this moment, Ye Xuan strode onto the stage and came in front of Lu Chen.

     "Hello there!"

     In full view, he took the initiative to extend his hand to Lu Chen: "I am Ye Xuan."

     "Hello there."

     Lu Chen shook his hand: "My name is Lu Chen."

     Ye Xuan impatient asked, "I would like to ask, who wrote your song? Who is the original singer?"

     As a strong local vagabond singer in Hongkong, Ye Xuan's status in the pop music scene is not very high, but he graduated from the Kowloon Conservatory of Music. Regardless of his singing ability, his vision and experience are all first-class.

     Ye Xuan had never heard of the song "Favorite in Life" that Lu Chen just played and sang, which made him very curious. If he knows such an excellent Cantonese song, as long as it has been released, he must have heard it.And this song should never be obscure and unknown!

     It is this strong curiosity in pursuit of the truth that makes Ye Xuan rashly return to the stage to ask the answer despite being in the crowd. He can't wait to know the original author.

     As a vagabond singer's keen sense of smell, Ye Xuan realized that this might be her own opportunity.

     If you can buy this song...

     Ye Xuan stared at Lu Chen, looking forward to the answer he was expecting.


     Facing Ye Xuan's endless inquiries, Lu Chen was a little surprised and said, "Shall we go down and talk about it?"

     Ye Xuan realized that his behavior was improper, and the old face blushed, and he quickly said, "Okay."

     The two walked off the performing arts stage together.

     Most of the guests in the bar didn't know what happened. When they saw Ye Xuan shaking hands with Lu Chen, they thought that the singer was appreciating Lu Chen, and came up on stage to encourage him.

     So everyone applauded.

     Ye Xuan directly invited Lu Chen to sit down on his side.

     Lu Chen did not refuse, and after greeted Li Zhen, he calmly sat beside Ye Xuan.

     Ye Xuan's friends looked at Lu Chen with curious eyes.One of the girls watched very carefully. Before Ye Xuan could introduce her, she suddenly asked: "You, have you filmed TV Series?"

     Lu Chen smiled and nodded: "Yes."

     The girl's eyes lit up and she asked repeatedly: "Is it "Blue Life and Death", are you called Lu Chen?"

     Lu Chen couldn't help touching his nose, and said, "It's me."


     The girl suddenly let out a scream, her eyes were full of stars: "It really is you, it's really you!"

     "Yin Junxi!"

     "I am your fan!"

     Her face flushed with excitement, completely the kind of excitement that a stupid fan felt when she saw an idol.

     If it wasn't for the inappropriate occasion, I might just jump over and hug Lu Chen from a different place.

     Ye Xuan and other friends looked at each other in dismay, Ye Xuan couldn't help asking: "Fang, you said he is an actor?"

     The girl nodded vigorously, staring at Lu Chen: "Yes, when did you come to Hongkong?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "I came here just a few days ago."

     Ye Xuan had to interrupt the conversation between the two of them, and he found that the development of the matter seemed to be out of his control.

     "Lu Chen, the song just now..."Lu Chen replied: "I wrote that song by myself, and it was the first time I sang it in public."

     He understands Ye Xuan's thoughts.

     But this song Lu Chen will not be sold to others.

     Ye Xuan was stunned for a moment.

     Just now when Afang said that Lu Chen was an actor, Ye Xuan didn't care too much, but now that Lu Chen said that the song "Favorite in Life" was from himself, Ye Xuan was really shocked.

     A Fang chuckled and said: "Brother Lu Chen is very famous in the mainland. He is a vagabond singer. He has already made two albums, right? His albums are all written by himself. They are very powerful singers! "

     All her knowledge of Lu Chen comes from the Internet, she deliberately searched after watching "Blue Life and Death".

     Ye Xuan finally realized that he underestimated Lu Chen!


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