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Chapter Directory 446 Jealous
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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LaDolceVita97 has been opened in Lan Kwai Fong for more than 20 years, and the LDV King of Song Awards has also been held in recent years, but because it is held every week, it has accumulated a lot of times.

     And tonight's LDV King of Singing Tournament is undoubtedly quite special.

     First of all, singer Ye Xuan made his debut, and the song "Breaking Dawn" won acclaim.

     However, when everyone thought that there was no suspense about the result of the game, Lu Chen, who played behind Ye Xuan, astounded the audience with a song "Favorite of Life", which made the guests in the bar feel a different musical charm. Makes the final victory becomes confusing.

     As for the last few contestants, they are basically playing soy sauce.

     After all the singing was over, and when it came to the voting session, not surprisingly, the number of flowers obtained by Lu Chen and Ye Xuan rose alternately, showing a stalemate state.

     In the end, the statistics showed that Ye Xuan got 57 flowers, while Lu Chen had 56 flowers, and he lost to Ye Xuan by only one.

     The result of this is actually quite normal. Ye Xuan is a well-known local singer after all, and Lu Chen is a mainlander who has come to Lan Kwai Fong for the first time. No matter how good his singing is, there are nevertheless Hongkong guests in the bar.

     In their opinion, Lu Chen only lost 1 flower, which is already honorable even in defeat.However, Ye Xuan did not approve of such a result, not that the gap was too small, but that he believed that tonight's champion should be Lu Chen's.

     Because Lu Chen produced original works, and he covered Liu Heavenly King, this is the biggest gap!

     For this reason, Ye Xuan went to the owner of LaDolceVita97 bar specially. After his negotiation, the bar owner announced that he would vote for Lu Chen with his flower, so that the two were tied, won the championship at the same time, and both won free. Single and red wine rewards.

     In fact, no matter for Lu Chen nevertheless Ye Xuan, it is not bad for this small amount of money. It is just that there are friends in the evening, and it is fun to play-everyone is happy to be really happy.

     As the saying goes, if you don't "fight" you don't know each other. After this little test, Lu Chen got to know Ye Xuan, a local vagabond singer, and Ye Xuan also got to know Lu Chen, a singer from the Mainland.

     Although not able to get the authorization of "Favorite of Life" as he wished, Ye Xuan nevertheless enthusiastically invited Lu Chen to a Hongkong vagabond singer music party.

     Lu Chen didn't play late at LaDolceVita97. Although the nightlife in Hongkong has just begun, he is used to going to bed early and getting up early, so after saying goodbye to Ye Xuan and Li Zhen's friends, he returned to his residence.

     After returning to the apartment to take a shower, Lu Chen thought for a while and sent a message to Chen Fei'er.Unexpectedly, Chen Fei'er called back soon.

     Lu Chen was surprised: "You haven't slept so late? What are you doing?"

     Chen Fei'er said softly, "I can't sleep, I received a message from you as soon as I lay in bed and wanted to sleep, what's the matter?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "It's nothing, I just miss you."

     Chen Fei'er chuckled and said, "Shu Jing called me tonight and said that you were very popular at her charity dinner. A song sold for a million dollars, and Madam Jin gave it away. Two god daughters."

     "Aren't they beautiful?"

     Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry: "What? It's just a deal. People have paid for it, and I'll do it a little bit."

     Chen Fei'er is actually jealous, but she looks cute when she is jealous.

     "Huh, you can't even think about it..."

     Chen Fei'er groaned: "I'm in Hongkong, but I have a lot of eyeliners, and I can stare at you all the time!"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "How can there be such a powerful eyeliner, it would be better for you to come over and stare at me in person."

     Chen Fei'er sighing voice, wailing breath: "I knew I would not take this drama. I can't get away for at least a year. I have to run around the country and I'm exhausted."She is currently filming a big drama produced by CCTV. The investment scene is full of stars. The shooting cycle takes at least one year, so even if you want to come to Hongkong, you may not be able to spare time.

     Although it is a joke, Chen Fei'er is really a little worried about Lu Chen expanding his career in Hongkong. Although Lu Chen's character is trustworthy, the two are not married after all. It is hard to guarantee that no one will glare this piece of "Tang monk meat" like a tiger watching his prey.

     Especially Hongkong, which is a special zone where multiple wives are allowed!

     Lu Chen is very young, looks super handsome, but also has outstanding talents. In the eyes of any woman, he is definitely a diamond-level celebrity. It will be popular everywhere.

     Of course Chen Fei'er has confidence in himself, but he can't hold back the two of them now living everywhere.

     And Hongkong is also a famous beauty den.

     When it comes to emotional issues, Heavenly Queen / days later is also selfish, so she couldn't help but get a vaccination.

     By the way, complain.

     Lu Chen comforted a few words softly, which made Chen Fei'er feel sweet in his heart.

     At the end, Chen Fei'er said, "Sister Shu Jing is not easy now. If you can help her, please help her more."

     No matter how beautiful it was before, the current Shu Jing is no longer her original identity. Her return to the entertainment industry is more like a gamble. If she loses, she may lose everything, and she will never be able to withstand failure again.They are both women and friends, so Chen Fei'er is willing to let Lu Chen help.

     Lu Chen said, "I know."

     Having said this, he moved in his heart and chatted with Chen Fei'er about going to Lan Kwai Fong at night.

     Of course, it also includes getting to know Ye Xuan.

     Chen Fei'er didn’t know Ye Xuan and didn’t care. She admired Lu Chen’s ease and ease: “Next time I come to Hongkong, we will go to LaDolceVita97. I know this bar, but I’ve never been to it. It sounds like Very interesting."

     "When the time comes, you will sing to me again..."

     "Don't be so troublesome, I'll sing it to you now..."

     No need to find a guitar to accompany him, Lu Chen sang directly into the microphone: "If you wait foolishly, you can finally wait for a certain day, the favorite in your life. Who cares about this relationship between you and me? Every time you encounter accidents, no Know the future..."

     Sing this song "Favorite in Life" again, and he will only sing it to one person.

     A person who really wants to sing to her, gentle and affectionate.

     "...If it is true, if it is false, if you can play yourself as a clone, you will give the tenderness in your heart to your only confidant."

     Chen Fei'er listened quietly without speaking.

     After Lu Chen finished singing, he asked softly: "Are you listening?"The answer to him was the sound of even and long breathing, and the person on the phone was already asleep.

     A smile appeared in Lu Chen's corner of the mouth, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

     He didn't end the call immediately, but listened to Chen Fei'er's breathing, as if she was by his side.

     Outside the window, the moonlight is like water and the night is gentle.


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