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Chapter Directory 447 Report
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Some are singing, some are dancing, some are playing, some are laughing.

     The night in Hongkong will never sleep.

     So when many people have gone to sleep, many people are still enjoying life, or busy.

     On the 27th floor of Building B, Longqing Building, No. 269 Guangming Road, West of Queen's Road, the editor room of "Polo Daily" is brightly lit, and editors of newspapers and magazines are working nervously in front of the computer.

     "Polo Daily" is one of the free newspapers with the largest circulation in Hongkong, with a daily circulation of more than 700,000, so it has a great influence in Hongkong.

     This newspaper for the general public has always been known for its fast, accurate, and ruthless reporting of social news.

     "Fast" refers to the speed at which they publish news extremely fast. Although it is not comparable to the Internet, even if it is the news that just happened tonight, the citizens will be able to see the news in the newsstand or in their own mailbox when they come out of bed tomorrow morning Report reviews.

     And "quasi" refers to their accurate news positioning, aiming at Hongkong's social current affairs hotspots and entertainment eight-trigrams, which have acquainted the tastes and hobbies of the general public, so the circulation remains high.

     As for saying "ruthless", the meaning is richer. "Polo Daily" reporter Paparazzi is "ruthless" for grabbing news, and their Editor is also "ruthless", which is enough to write a thick storybook in detail.It is precisely by virtue of these three-character scriptures and the strategy of free distribution that the "Polo Daily", which has been established less than ten years ago, has become a leader among Hongkong's competitors and become a leader in the newspaper industry.

     In the editor-in-chief's room, the editor-in-chief Li Wan sat at his desk reviewing the sample of the newspaper he had just printed out. This is the work he must complete every day, otherwise he will not sleep well.

     The success of "Polo Daily" is inseparable from the hard work of the former deputy editor of "The Famous News". Although he is over 40 years old, his energy is still comparable to that of many young people.

     "Editor Li!"

     A skinny young man with a camera on his back rushed in and yelled: "I caught a piece of Shu Jing news!"

     His voice was so loud that everyone in the entire Editor department could hear it clearly.

     The Editor department of "Polo Daily" implements an open office. Although the editor-in-chief Li Wan has an independent office, through the large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you can see each other clearly.

     Unless there are very important or very private things, the door of his office is always open, and certain staff members can directly enter and report to him without notification or even knocking on the door.This seemingly "very unruly" regulation gives Li Wan a firm grasp of the affairs of the "Polo Daily". His prestige among newspaper reporters and editors can't be matched by even the boss.

     The young man who just broke in is one of the entertainers hired by "Polo Daily", commonly known as Paparazzi.

     Li Wan put down the print proof in his hand and looked at the other party with a faint smile: "Xiao Hou, you won't have an oolong this time, right?"

     Xiao Hou's face blushed, and he quickly raised the camera in his hand and said, "This time it is true. In the evening Shu Jing hosted a charity dinner at Shangri-La Hotel. After that, she went to Lanting Coffee with a pretty boy, and then..."

     "Show me quickly!"

     Li Wan suddenly became interested. He took Xiao Hou's camera, and skillfully connected it to the computer with a data cable, and retrieved the photos from the memory card to watch.

     Shu Jing is a former singer Heavenly Queen / days later. After marrying into a wealthy family, he retired from the entertainment circle. In the past few years, the divorce lawsuit was raging, and now he is a figure who has nevertheless show business community.

     Shu Jing is both a celebrity and a celebrity. She is quite news in her own right. I haven't heard of who she is dating after a few years of divorce. If Xiao Hou's photos can prove her new relationship, it's totally worthy of headlines.

     "This one, look at this one, and this one..."Xiaohou stood by and pointed, and explained nervously: "There was a big traffic jam in Central at night. I could have come here earlier, but the road was blocked."

     As a new entrant, Xiao Hou's qualifications in the "Polo Daily" are very low. Due to his lack of experience, he made a joke in the news last time, which made him very unable to hold his head in front of his colleagues.

     This time he squatted and followed Shu Jing, patience and luck, finally got something valuable.

     But Xiao Hou was also very worried. If someone else was on the scene, his exclusives would be gone.

     Therefore, it is most important to list the first time.

     Li Wan waved his hand.

     He has already seen the most important photos. To be honest, he is a little disappointed, because Shu Jing is with a handsome guy, but they are accompanied by assistants or friends, and they haven't taken any intimate and affectionate actions.

     Using these photos to prove that she has a new relationship is obviously not convincing enough, but Xiaohou has two photos with good angles. Picking them out alone gives people the feeling of nevertheless very intimate.

     It's just that Li Wan searched in his mind and didn't recognize that this tall and handsome young man was the entertainer in the entertainment industry, or the child of a famous family.Of course, Hongkong is so big and outstanding young people are too many to count. It is normal for Shu Jing to find a lover who is unknown outside the circle, but the identity of the other party is definitely not very simple.

     He thought about it for a moment, and immediately made a decision: "For the position of the ***** version, use these photos, let Little Zhang and the others immediately retype it with the title, and send it to print immediately after proofreading!

     Free newspapers and periodicals such as "Polo Daily" that mainly focus on social news and entertainment news. The layouts are usually big headlines, big pictures and less text. News headlines often exceed the headline size, which is more exaggerated and inciting, and then interspersed. The pictures, supplemented by a small amount of explanatory text, are completely different from serious newspapers such as current affairs and professions.

     The advantage of this typography style is that it is easy to change the layout. It is common to temporarily change the content of the layout before printing.

     Version B is the second version, second only to the front page, Xiaohou is already pleased beyond one's expectations.

     Some Editor complained: "Xiaohou, you are fishing this time, so we have to work have to treat."

     Xiao Hou giggled.

     Li Wan, who was sitting in the office, laughed blankly, holding the mouse and turning over the previous photos.

     For some reason, the editor-in-chief felt that the young man who had coffee with Shu Jing at night was a bit familiar.Because of his professional sensitivity, he has to think about it, maybe he can make a big news.

     At the same time, someone just posted a video post on the [Pop Music] section of Hongkong's largest BBS Hong Kong Island forum.

     The title is "Who has heard this song?" ".


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