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Chapter Directory 456 Lying Gun
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"In front of this young man, Hongkong's pop music creators should be ashamed! 》

     The long title has a strong critique. When this long blog post appeared on the Hong Kong Island blog, it immediately attracted the attention of many people outside the show business community circle, and they were forwarded and commented.

     Because the blogger who posted the blog post is a well-known voice critic on the Hong Kong Island blog-Nanhai Madman.

     No one knows the true identity of the Nanhai Madman. It is quite mysterious, but what is certain is that he must be a show business community in the Hongkong pop music scene, familiar with the inside story and rules of the circle, and his comments on the local vagabond singer are very sharp.

     And what made him famous is his poisonous tongue, his attack on the Hongkong pop music scene, his attack on the popular vagabond singer, rude without mercy, and there have even been vagabond singers who almost committed suicide by him.

     Such characters must have made countless enemies, so in the special social environment of Hongkong, it is natural and necessary to keep their identities mysterious.

     But the poisonous tongue of the Nanhai madman is not that kind of insulting personal attack. What he targets is all music problems. He criticizes the bad phenomenon of the music scene and the professionalism of the vagabond singer. It can be said to be targeted.Because of this, Nanhai Madman has more than 500,000 fans on the Hong Kong Island blog. Many fans often read his reviews before buying vagabond singer album. If the evaluation is too bad, they will definitely not buy it.

     However, if the new Album can get a thumbs up from the South Sea madman in the blog, it can often drive a lot of sales and attract fans who trust the South Sea madman.

     Nanhai Madman’s evaluation criteria stand out from the masses, with a thumb up to show recognition and praise, two thumbs up to recommend not to be missed, and the star of worship that represents the highest honor.

     For more than a decade, he has given out no more than 10 albums with two thumbs. The star of worship has only appeared twice, and the sales of the two albums have exceeded one million, which is a smash hit in Hongkong.

     So for this madman, many vagabond singers in Hongkong love, hate and fear.

     Everyone hopes to see the Nanhai Madman give a thumbs up to his work, but they are afraid that the thumbs they get are upside down-that represents ruthless contempt and ridicule!

     In this blog post, the South China Sea Madman gave a third admiration star to a person and a song for an unprecedented time, and used it as a topic to severely criticize the creators of Hongkong pop music!

     This person and this song are exactly Lu Chen, and his "Favorites in Life" sung at LaDolceVita97!The blog post reposted the most popular playing and singing video from the [Pop Music] section of the Hong Kong Island Forum. The Nanhai Madman analyzed in detail the highlights of this "Favourite in Life" and considered it to be one of the most outstanding Cantonese works in the past decade. , Is a masterpiece that can be a classic.

     What made him feel bitter and hateful is that this masterpiece in Cantonese was actually produced by a mainland musician who just came to Hongkong, and nevertheless a young man with a non-music background who had just debuted for more than a year.

     In front of this talented young man, Hongkong’s pop music creators should feel ashamed, because when the older Songwriters retired or passed away, they failed to pass on the skills and character style of their predecessors. Seeking instant benefit is vanity and impetuous. .

     Without a true love for music, it is impossible to create good works. Many music creators in Hongkong are accustomed to "usedism". Plagiarism and imitating follow the trend in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The re-sung lyrics of popular hits have severely stifled the efforts and dreams of those who are serious about creating originals.It’s ridiculous that many people in the show business community industry realize that if this goes on, Hongkong’s pop music will end sooner or later, or become a popular place for copycat music, but no one has worked hard to change all of this. Satisfied just to get through The muddled days have caused Songwriter's status in the pop music scene to decline day by day, creating a vicious circle.

     Many new so-called idol vagabond singers can sing badly after leaving the Recording Room. They have to pretend to sing at concerts. All kinds of so-called new music styles have become popular, which has caused a flurry of demons in the Hongkong pop music scene.

     However, in such a bad situation, many show business community people are still immersed in the glory of the past, falling in love with the golden age of the 1990s, and completely forgetting that more than ten years have passed since the new century.

     If you do not keep up with the pace of the times, you will inevitably be abandoned by the times!

     And Lu Chen used this original Cantonese masterpiece "Favorites in Life" to tell everyone about the talents and strengths of the new generation of musicians in the Mainland, as well as their attitudes towards popular music.

     This song is like a slap on the faces of people who laugh at and despise mainland pop music and show business community, letting them know that there is nothing to be proud of in the Hongkong pop music scene.

     They should be ashamed, they should wake up!The Nanhai Madman’s blog post is very long, voluminous with thousands of words. In addition to praising and praising "Favorite of Life", it severely criticized the chaos in the music scene in Hongkong and pointed the finger at the creators.

     Hongkong's entertainment industry is very developed. Decades of prosperity have created a large number of professionals. Although it is now declining, there are still a large number of pop music creators and singers.

     The Hongkong Island blog is undoubtedly the most important public opinion position for the new media of Most people in the entertainment circle have their own blogs and fans, and updating and browsing blogs has become one of their daily routines.

     The Nanhai madman slapped his face directly. Few people who were prodded in the pain were willing to break their teeth and swallow them with blood. Naturally, they launched oppose each other with equal harshness on the blog to refute the former's remarks.

     The identity of the Madman in the South China Sea is mysterious. It is not one who is cut off from others on the Hong Kong Island blog. He has a large number of fans who support him. In the face of a surging counterattack, he retaliated without showing weakness.

     The blog posts and comments of the two sides continued to brush up, and the firepower of the attack became more and more fierce, and Lu Chen, who was used as a powerful weapon by the Nanhai madman, together with "The Favorite of Life", undoubtedly received a lot of fire.All kinds of doubts, derogations, and ridicule continue. Many people still have prejudice against the mainland. They believe that "The Favorite of Life" cannot be the original creation by Lu Chen, but he must have copied it from or overturned it.

     It's just that no evidence has been found yet.

     This war quickly spread from the blog to the forum, and both sides of the dispute joined a large number of ordinary netizens.

     So without Lu Chen's knowledge, he suddenly became popular and became popular on the Hongkong network.

     At the same time, he was dragged into countless hatred by the Nanhai madman.

     He was shot while lying down!


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