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Chapter Directory 457 Famous
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Back at Qianshuiwan's house, Lu Chen received a call from his assistant Li Zhen just after taking a shower.

     Then he learned about the controversy that took place in the Hong Kong Island blog, and knew that he had actually become the focus of the incident, and in just a few hours, the number of his Hong Kong Island blog fans increased from dozens to 100,000+!

     Lu Chen has more than 20 million fans in domestic wave blogs, but he is not well-known in Hongkong, and he has no foundation at first, and he is still trying to adapt to the environment here, so he has no intention of hyping for the time being.

     As Lu Chen's assistant, Li Zhen had applied for him for the real-name authentication of the Hong Kong Island blog early on. His identity is a famous singer and actor in the Mainland, and he has been authenticated by adding a V.

     But as of yesterday, Lu Chen had only 57 fans on the Hong Kong Island blog, and the blog post had only one report blog post on behalf of Workshop, and the number of clicks and comments were pitifully small.

     The content of this blog post is nothing more than "Just registered as a member of the Hong Kong Island Blog, please give me advice."

     Since Lu Chen's visit to Hong Kong is very low-key, the domestic media and fans do not know his whereabouts, it is normal for this to happen, otherwise his fan support team will organize a fan activity, and they can help him casually. Ten or even millions of fans on Hong Kong Island blogs have gone up.The result was unanticipated Liu Chengyin, because a blog post by the well-known blogger and voice critic Nanhai Madman on Hong Kong Island instantly pushed him to the forefront. The number of comments on the only formulaic blog post was actually tens of thousands, and The amount of forwarding is quite a lot.

     When Lu Chen turned on his computer to go online and logged into his own account on Hong Kong Island Blog, he was taken aback by the thousands and tens of thousands system messages and blog private message prompts.

     It took a little effort, and Lu Chen finally figured out the rise and fall of the terrain completely.

     Last night, he sang "Favorites of Life" at LaDolceVita97, which was photographed and posted on the forum by customers on the spot. Then, he was used as a weapon by the Nanhai madman to attack Hongkong's pop music scene and creators. As a result, it triggered a show Blog wars.

     As a key figure, he was quickly searched out from the blog by the Hongkong screen name, and he was actually on the hot word search list for this, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of fans.

     Lu Chen is a little bit not to know whether to laugh or cry for his innocence.

     These soaring fans are not all fan fans, most of them are fans watching the lively road fans, and some are black fans, abuse and ridicule of various comments and private messages.

     "Go back to the mainland, Hongkong does not welcome you!"

     "Isn't it just playing and singing a song? What's so great? Really understand hype!""To be honest, how much do you give the Nanhai Madman to let him blow you like this?"

     "Where did you copy this song from?"

     "So look down on our Hongkong music creators, do you think you are very good?"

     "Shit La Li..."

     There are even more ugly foul language, which is directly blocked by the blog's intelligent recognition system, but it is enough for Lu Chen to see the other side of some Hongkong people on the Internet.

     However, there are also many people who like "Favorite in Life". They expressed their support for Lu Chen, thinking that this song is one of the best Cantonese pop songs in the past decade, as the Nanhai Madman said.

     These newly added fans eagerly hope that Lu Chen can launch a music single and create more and better works.

     "Welcome to Hongkong!"

     "Mr. Lu Chen, although I didn't know you before today, I am already a fan of you now!"

     "The Favorite of My Life" is so nice, you sing so well, I watched that video ten times in a loop!"

     "Is this song written for your girlfriend?"

     "Thank you for letting me hear a good song..."

     After spending more than half an hour, Lu Chen finally finished browsing some of the comments and text messages. He ignored the cursing and mocking black powder sprays and felt that he needed to say something.After serious thinking, Lu Chen posted a new blog post on the Hong Kong Island blog for the first time.

     The title of the blog post is "Thanks to Hongkong Friends".

     In this blog post, Lu Chen expressed his gratitude to the Hongkong fans who supported him and liked his work, and specifically stated that he came to Hongkong to set up a film and television workshop this time, and he was preparing to make a film work, so there was no music single for the time being. Or Album's idea.

     This song "Favourite in Life" is Lu Chen's first Cantonese work. It was improvised at a gathering with friends at LaDolceVita97 in Lan Kwai Fong last night, so it was not a deliberate hype. He and Nanhai Madman are even more strangers. .

     Finally, Lu Chen stated in the blog post that he liked the prosperity and beauty of Hongkong very much, but he was very disgusted with the comments made by some people on the blog, which was contrary to Hongkong's image of openness and tolerance!

     This blog post by Lu Chen can be said to be polite and courteous, with a gentle but firm language. It is neither aggressive nor cowardly, showing an extraordinary pen.

     After the blog post was posted, it quickly received a large number of reposts and comments, the most obvious of which was that there were a lot fewer people who attacked and abused.What Lu Chen didn’t expect was that half an hour after the blog post was published, Liu Gangsheng, the biggest blogger on Hong Kong Island and the top celebrity in the Hongkong entertainment circle, even liked this new blog post, and commented and commented on it. Forward.

     In the comments, Liu Heavenly King first welcomed Lu Chen to Hongkong. He just watched the "Favorite of Life" bar playing video and said that he also likes this song very much and hopes to have the opportunity to cooperate with Lu Chen.

     In addition, he asked Lu Chen not to pay attention to malicious remarks, because those people do not represent Hongkong people.

     As soon as Liu Gangsheng's blog comment came out, the audience was immediately suppressed.

     This Hongkong Heavenly King superstar, born in the 1970s, is also understood by everyone in the Mainland. He was born poor but worked extremely hard. His personal achievements are inextricably linked to the Hongkong entertainment industry in the 1990s, and the latter flourished One of the signs, the real movie and TV song Sanxi master!

     Although Liu Gangsheng, now in his forties, has passed his peak period, his status in the minds of Hongkong people is unique and unmatched, and he has great influence in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

     This Liu Heavenly King Hong Kong Island blog has 17 million fans, which greatly exceeds the population of Hongkong, but this is not painted, but the registered members of the Hong Kong Island blog include Hong Kong Island, Baodao and Macau City. Places, as well as the Chinese communities in some countries in Southeast Asia.Liu Gangsheng's support for Lu Chen undoubtedly slapped the faces of those black fans. It is undoubtedly a great help to Lu Chen's foothold in Hongkong, and his hope to cooperate with Lu Chen is also enough to make people think.

     As the saying goes, there are twists and turns. After these twists and turns, Lu Chen is truly famous in Hongkong.

     The number of people who knew him soared to tens of thousands of times!


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