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Chapter Directory 458 One After Another
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Liu Gangsheng’s story can be written as an inspirational novel. His legend belongs to Hongkong, and he has witnessed the glorious past of Hongkong pop music and Hongkong movies.

     Lu Chen really didn't expect that the Heavenly King superstar actually followed his blog and gave him very kind support and appreciation.

     Lu Chen is also one of Liu Gangsheng's fans.

     When he was a child, he had watched many movies and TV Series starring Liu Gangsheng, such as "The Barrister", "Heroes of Hong Kong Island", "Life and Death", "Brave Detective", "Sword Out of Wudang", etc. It was a well-received masterpiece at the time, as well as Record by Liu Gangsheng.

     So far in his hometown, Lu Chen still retains more than a dozen CDAlbums of the Hongkong Heavenly King.

     Although the current Lu Chen has reached a considerable height in the industry, he still has great respect for this predecessor who is truly "Shuangxin of Virtue and Art".

     So Lu Chen immediately replied to Liu Gangsheng's comments, expressing his sincere gratitude to the Heavenly King superstar, expressing that he is a fan of the other party and looking forward to cooperating with his idol.

     Liu Gangsheng has a large number of fans on the Hong Kong Island blog. Lu Chen's respect and admiration has undoubtedly won their favor and has driven his fans to rise.As a result, when Lu Chen arrived at the workshop the next day, assistant Li Zhen reported to him with joy: "Young Lu, you are really amazing. Even Liu Heavenly King likes it. Now your fans have risen to 30. Ten thousand!"

     In China, it is very common for hot characters to increase tens or even millions of followers overnight in Inspur blogs, but in Hong Kong Island blogs, if such a rate of increase in followers is not achieved, it is quite rare.

     Many celebrities are keen on running blogs because the greater the number of fans, the greater the benefits they bring, including direct and indirect benefits. It has long been a common occurrence to endorse advertising products on blogs.

     The Hongkong Island blog is no exception. The new generation of artists in Hongkong like to play blogs. Li Zhen has seen a lot and is naturally happy for Lu Chen-this is Liu Gangsheng Liu Heavenly King who helped Lu Chen rise. !

     And Lu Chen just smiled at this, and quickly left it behind, because he didn't need to make money from this to earn popularity. Yesterday was more like an accident, nothing more than a surprise accident.

     He won't be airy because of this.

     But Lu Chen nevertheless underestimated Liu Gangsheng's influence in Hongkong and its influence on himself.

     Before he was sitting on the chair in the office, visitors came.There were as many as five people, and three of them were Lu Chen I met a few days ago-Jin Mingxiu, owner of Madam Jin Entertainment Company, and her two goddaughters Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyan.

     As for the other two, they should be assistants.

     Lu Chen was a little surprised. He promised Madam Jin at Shu Jing's charity dinner to create a debut work for the twins of Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyan within three days.

     But the time hasn't arrived yet, why do they rush to the door with a roar and roar?

     Isn't it because you are afraid of running away?

     Lu Chen was amused by his own thoughts. He received several uninvited guests in the reception room.

     "Madam Jin, what are you guys?"

     After seated, Lu Chen asked curiously, "Is there anything wrong?"

     Madam Jin said: "In fact, there is no big deal. Just bring your two daughters over and get familiar with them first. Later, let them visit Teacher Lu and learn more."

     Lu Chen laughed blankly: "You are too polite, I'm afraid I can't teach them anything."

     Madam Jin smiled and said, "Young Lu is really polite. Liu Heavenly King appreciates you very much. It must be enough and to spare to point these two girls to me."Lu Chen suddenly understood the impact of nevertheless last night's incident. Madam Jin apparently already knew the news in the Hong Kong Island blog, so he deliberately brought Twins over to brush her face.

     His status and weight in the Hongkong entertainment circle are different because of Liu Gangsheng's praise. Madam Jin just wants to get closer.

     To put it simply, the song written by Lu Chen, who was originally in Hongkong obscure and unknown, for Twins, and the song written for Twins by Lu Chen, who is now becoming more famous, will have a completely different publicity effect!

     Although this approach is a bit snobbery, she also has a reason.

     The combination proposal of Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyan was put forward by Lu Chen. He got the name of Twins. He also arranged the title song for the debut of the two girls. There is no problem at all with the title of "teacher".

     In the Hongkong entertainment industry, this relationship is actually very close.

     Madam Jin wants to kiss and add some kisses.

     Understanding Madam Jin's intentions, Lu Chen laughed blankly. He thought about it and said, "That's right, I have already written the work for Twins, so I will give it to you now."

     "Done it now?"

     Madam Jin was really taken aback.

     Originally, Lu Chen promised her three days, but she actually didn't care about three or five days at all. A good work takes time to polish, and it is not beautiful if it is too rushed to work.So today Madam Jin just brought Twins to get a familiar face, and didn't mean to remind the manuscript.

     Unexpectedly, Lu Chen actually said that it had been written, and it was only two days away!

     This million won’t be the first piece of perfunctory work, right?

     Although Madam Jin doesn't care about one million very much, but if that is the case, her mood will not be happy.

     Of course, as an old human being, Madam Jin also showed a pleasant surprise on the surface: "So fast?"

     Lu Chen can more or less guess the true thoughts in her mind, but she will not deliberately reveal it, and smiled and said: "Inspiration has been there for a long time, it is nothing more than writing."

     He asked Li Zhen to print out the music scores already stored in his computer.

     Madam Jin took the still hot printing paper and couldn't help but fall on the top title.

     It is the name of this song, called "Next Stop Heavenly Queen / days later".

     Next stop Heavenly Queen / days later?

     The title of this song is very interesting! Madam Jin couldn't help but his eyes lit up.

     She feels that her previous guess is probably wrong. The Shiyou ** that Lu Chen took out is not a perfunctory work, but a truly tailor-made work for Twins.

     In this way, Lu Chen's talent is really amazing, no wonder Liu Heavenly King would be so praised.Thinking of the song "Favourite in Life" circulating on the Internet, Madam Jin's confidence in Lu Chen increased sharply.

     Both Ji Xiaodie and Li Xinyan, who were sitting beside her, stick one's head out and look around and looked at the score.

     "Young Lu..."

     At this moment, Li Zhen appeared in the reception room again and said to Lu Chen: "Boss Zhou from Jiayang Films is here, and he wants to see you."

     Zhou Yi?

     Lu Chen remembered the name, wondering what the boss of Jiayang Films was doing in person.

     He looked at Madam Jin sitting in front of him, and his heart moved suddenly.


     The second more sent.
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