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Chapter Directory 462 Grassland Expedition
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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The shooting place of "Prosperity and Long Song" is a hunting ground more than 100 kilometers away from Shuiquan Wai.

     This hunting ground is located on the banks of the Shuiquan River, and the Shuiquan River is the only source of Xiaojing Lake. The hunting ground covers an area of hundreds of square kilometers, covered with blockbuster virgin forests and mountains, so there are many wild animals.

     Due to the needs of ecological protection, the hunting grounds have basically lost their hunting functions, but the name of the water spring hunting grounds has always been preserved and has become another good scenic spot.

     Film Crew was filmed at Shuiquan Hunting Ground yesterday. According to the plan, he will not return to Shuiquan Wai until tomorrow at least. This can only be achieved when Shooting goes smoothly.

     On the way to the Shuiquan Hunting Ground, the staff of Film Crew who acted as a temporary guide enthusiastically introduced Lu Chen to the environment there. The Shuiquan Hunting Ground also has Mongolian settlements, so the conditions are not very bad.

     He obviously didn't want Lu Chen to worry about Chen Fei'er's shooting life here, so that Lu Chen was relieved.

     Zhang Xiaofang drove very steadily. After about an hour and a half, he finally saw the wooden fence set on the periphery of the Shuiquan Hunting Ground and the battle flag flying high.Through the apparently temporary built gates, the off-road vehicle drove into the herders' settlements on the hunting grounds, and saw tents in picturesque disorder distributed at the foot of the mountain, and one of the golden tents was very eye-catching.

     "That's the Khan's Golden Tent!"

     The staff leading the way proudly pointed and introduced: "I set up with a group of brothers, and also invited a lot of herders to help. Many of the props in it were custom-purchased from Wumeng City."

     Lu Chen was surprised: "Are you a props master?"

     The other party said: "I am studying hard in this area, and my current position is props manager."

     He came to the Shuiquan Hunting Ground with the car and brought a few props.


     The car steadily parked next to a yurt, where several Film Crew tool carts have been parked.

     The staff jumped out of the car first, grabbed a colleague nearby and asked, "Do you know where Chen Fei'er is filming now?"

     The other party rolled his eyes: "What are you doing?"

     He snarled at Lu Chen who had just gotten off the car: "This one has come to visit the class."

     The colleague immediately looked straight: "Damn, this lord actually came here, it's really capable!"

     The lead party smiled and said: "The relationship is good, and it is understandable that you don't see it in a day like three autumns."Colleagues admire: "I have served it, it should be in the golden account now, it is estimated that the filming is about to be finished."

     The staff explained to Lu Chen.

     Of course, Lu Chen understands: "Then I will wait for Film Crew to finish filming, so I won't disturb your work."

     The staff member smiled and said, "Well, I'm going to send the props over first. I'm deprived of it."

     Lu Chen thanked again.

     After saying goodbye to the enthusiastic man, Lu Chen asked Zhang Xiaofang to stay in the car and wandered around the hunting grounds.

     Except for a few wooden houses, they are basically tents. There are a large number of captive cattle, sheep and horses outside, so the smell is not very good. They are all Mongolian people.

     They were very enthusiastic. When they saw Lu Chen, they took the initiative to say hello, and some even invited Lu Chen to sit in their tents.

     Lu Chen responded politely, but politely declined the invitation, saying that he still had things to do.

     "Are you here to film too?"

     I was wandering around to watch the excitement, suddenly a crisp sound came from the side, like an oriole.

     Lu Chen couldn't help but turned his head and saw a little Mongolian girl standing a few steps away.She is about thirteen or fourteen years old. She has dark skin but big and flexible eyes. She wears traditional national costumes with a red, pink, green and blue tunic dress. Her black hair is tied into small braids, and she has a pointed top The cap is inlaid with colorful gems, and she is a Mongolian Little Mei girl.

     She still holds a long whip in her hand

     Behind this little girl, there was a little kid with a snotty nose, probably her younger brother, pulling her sister's belt and peeking at Lu Chen timidly.

     Lu Chen felt funny. He leaned over and smiled and replied: "I'm not here to film, I'm here to visit the class.

     The other party's Mandarin is very standard, without any regional accent.

     "Explore class?"

     The little girl obviously didn't understand the meaning of the word.

     Lu Chen explained: "I came to see friends who are filming."


     The little girl suddenly realized: "That must be your very good friend, right?"

     Lu Chen smiled and nodded, and asked: "Little girl, what is your name?"

     The little girl replied seriously: "My name is Gegen Tana, and I will be an adult in two years."

     She meant that she was not young anymore.

     Lu Chen Haha: "Gegen Tana? The pearl on the grassland, a nice name!"Gegen Tana was surprised: "Do you know what my name means?"

     Lu Chen laughed and said nothing.

     In Mongolian, Gegen Tana means "Pearl", and Lu Chen is translated from Fang Mingyi's memory. The latter can speak simple Mongolian and once traveled on the Mongolian grasslands.

     It's just that in Fang Mingyi's world, Outer Mongolia has not returned to the motherland, and it has become a pain in the hearts of countless people.

     The memory appeared, and for a moment he couldn't help but lose consciousness.

     Gegen Tana rolled her black eyes and asked, "How long are you going to stay in the Shuiquan Hunting Ground?"

     Lu Chen woke up and replied with a smile: "It's only a day or two, I'm from Hongkong."


     Hongkong is undoubtedly a very distant place name for Gegen Tana, with a trace of at a loss on her face.

     "Who is your friend who visits the class?"

     Lu Chen said: "Her name is Chen Fei'er, do you know?"

     "Sister Fei'er?"

     Gegen Tana's eyes lit up suddenly: "Are you a friend of Fei'er sister?"

     She is very smart: "Boyfriend?"

     Lu Chen smiled and nodded.

     Unexpectedly, Gegen Tana's face collapsed a bit.

     "Lu Chen!"Lu Chen was about to speak when Zhang Xiaofang's shout suddenly came over there, making his heart tighten involuntarily.

     It must be the filming of the filming on the golden account, Chen Fei'er is coming out!

     He didn't care about chatting with this very interesting little Mongolian girl and said, "I'm going to go by, goodbye."

     "and many more!"

     Gegen Tana stopped Lu Chen abruptly, then put the whip in his hand into his hand and said, "This is for you, don't lose it!"

     After speaking, she pulled her brother and turned around and ran away, disappearing between the yurts in a blink of an eye.

     Lu Chen held the whip in a daze, and it was too late to refuse.

     But now he doesn't care about this little thing, because he has seen the figure appearing on the golden tent from a long distance away.

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think and ran in that direction.

     The familiar figure became clearer and clearer!


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