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Chapter Directory 463 Grassland Expedition
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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With a weary step, Chen Fei'er walked out of the Khan's golden tent that served as a temporary set.

     What she wants to do most now is to go back to the yurt where she lives, lie down on a bed covered with blankets and sleep beautifully, without thinking about anything, and then sleep until dawn!

     Running on location is very troublesome and tiring. It is undoubtedly a big test for Chen Fei'er to travel thousands of kilometers from the bustling and comfortable big city to this endless Mongolian steppe to film.

     She debuted as a vagabond singer and has guest-starred in several movies before. "Blue Life and Death" is her first female lead role, and she has really entered the film and television industry.

     But whether it’s "Blue Life and Death" nevertheless "Full House", the two urban emotional drama Shooting work is very stressful, but Film Crew takes care of her very thoughtfully, and many shots are done in shooting in the studio, so It's not so hard.

     "Prosperity and Long Songs" is completely different. As CCTV's annual drama, this full-length TV Series involves many characters. Chen Fei'er is not a top celebrity among them. Naturally, don't want to get the best care.Moreover, Zhang Ke, the director of this TV Series, has always been known for his strict requirements on actors in the show business community. He has a great reputation and is backed by the towering tree of CCTV. He dares to speak for the mistakes made by any big-name superstar. bluntly pointed out, even scolded.

     If a shot does not meet his requirements, Zhang Ke will let the actor perform repeatedly until he is finally satisfied.

     Through the training of the two TV Series, Chen Fei'er's acting skills can be said to have improved a lot compared to the previous ones, but it is obvious that she has not fully reached the standard of Zhang Ke, so she has not suffered less in this regard.

     The most important thing is that Chen Fei'er will grit her teeth and persevere even if she suffers hardship, not only because this TV Series can greatly improve her position in the show business community, she wants to give all People prove their abilities.

     Of course, she has worked harder since then.

     At this moment, Chen Fei'er couldn't help but think of Lu Chen in Hongkong. He must have been very smart, maybe he is drinking coffee with a certain beauty...

     "Lu Chen!"

     Just as Chen Fei'er indulge in flights of fancy, the assistant who was next to her suddenly screamed.

     "Sister Fei, Lu Chen is here!"

     Chen Fei'er was stunned for a moment, wondering if he had auditory hallucinations.How come Lu Chen? This is not the capital of the capital or the Jinling Film and Television City, but the hinterland of the vast Mongolian steppe, hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest city.

     However, the next moment, Chen Fei'er saw Lu Chen running towards him!

     It really is Lu Chen!

     Chen Fei'er couldn't believe her eyes. The huge surprise instantly made her tears blurred. All the fatigue, grievance, and sourness in her heart disappeared, leaving only the incomparable sweetness.

     Regardless of being in full view, she rushed forward and plunged into Lu Chen's arms.

     Lu Chen hugged Chen Fei'er. In contrast, he was more sensible. He noticed all kinds of strange eyes from all around him, so he could only hold back his inner impulse and didn't make excessively intimate actions.

     He patted his girlfriend on the back, and he whispered: "You have lost weight..."

     The tears in his eyes fell all of a sudden, Chen Fei'er wanted to cry bitterly in his arms, but at last he did not forget where he was.

     She gently broke away from Lu Chen's embrace, and embarrassedly reached out her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes, and asked, "Why are you here?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "I miss you, so I came."

     Ahhh~The crowd onlookers said that the words of love were so sour that they had goose bumps all over their bodies. Many single dogs suffered 10,000 critical damages at the same time, and they couldn't keep watching.

     "Chen Fei'er, is this your boyfriend?"

     The words of approval came from a black and thin middle-aged man, he was about forty or fifty years old, he was wearing a dark gray jacket, his hair was messy and his cheekbones were high, and his eyes looked at them with piercing eyes.

     Chen Fei'er quickly introduced to Lu Chen: "This is our director Zhang Ke."

     "Hello Zhang Dao!"

     Lu Chen immediately stepped forward and proactively stretched out his hands to the other party: "I am Lu Chen, I have long admired your name!"

     Director Zhang Ke Zhang Da, it is estimated that the people all over the country know it, and Lu Chen is no exception.

     He is the director of CCTV’s direct line of the Queen’s TV Series. He used to shoot "Qin", "Sui and Tang Dynasty", "Daming Empire", "Opium War" and other large historical serials. He is not only well-known in China, but also in Asian film and television circles. .

     In front of this senior in the show business community, Lu Chen is a junior no matter how many TV and movies he makes.

     Zhang Ke shook hands with Lu Chen, and a smile appeared on his serious face: "I know you, Zhang Wentian once mentioned you to me, is Wan Xiaoquan helping you now?"Lu Chen replied respectfully: "Yes, Wan Dao is currently preparing my first film in Hongkong."

     Zhang Ke nodded: "Wan Xiaoquan is not easy, you are very good."

     He looked at Chen Fei'er and said, "As Chen Fei'er's boyfriend, you are qualified."

     Everyone laughed.

     At this moment, there are a lot of people around, many of them are actors from Film Crew. They are still wearing costumes for the performance. They can stand in high positions, and the group performers can only look at them from afar and point their fingers.

     Actors admire and admire Lu Chen, while actresses are mostly admired and jealous.

     Celebrity troupes are very common, but if you come here to do troupes, it is not something ordinary people can do.

     Lu Chen was a little embarrassed by their laugh.

     Chen Fei'er pursed her mouth and smiled. The corner of the mouth evokes the taste of happiness, and she introduces other actors to Lu Chen.

     "This is Brother Shi Langshi."

     "This is Teacher Yan Kangyan!"

     "Sister Ruan..."

     The main actors introduced to Lu Chen by Chen Fei'er are all wrist-level figures in the film and television industry. The biggest name is undoubtedly Shi Lang, who plays the leading role, and the slam actor of the three major domestic film awards. He has played several roles. A movie and TV Series Appealing to the Masses.Shi Lang is tall and handsome, and he looks like a positive figure. He has a very good attitude towards Lu Chen, without the slightest prestige.

     After the introduction of a circle of people, Zhang Ke said: "Go ahead, remember not to delay shooting tomorrow."

     meaningful and heartfelt words have profound meaning.

     Several actresses laughed eagerly, Shi Lang and others also laughed very ambiguously.

     Chen Fei'er's face was flushed with laughter, and he quickly pulled Lu Chen and ran to the tent where he lived.


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