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Chapter Directory 466 So Warm
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Times are developing, society is progressing, and the influence of modern civilization is everywhere. Mongolians who have lived a nomadic life for generations are gradually changing their way of life.

     Many young people in the tribes went out, they went to the prosperous big cities to see the more exciting world outside, some of them never returned, some of them went and came back again.

     But for those who leave and nevertheless who continue to stick to this land, the prairie will always be their home, their root, and the worry and spiritual sustenance that cannot be erased by thousands of mountains and rivers.

     The song "Beautiful grassland my home" by Lu Chen was not the voice of the herdsmen, so the touch on them was extremely violent, directly touching the soul.

     Let their moods be unquenched for a long time!


     The roar of Uncle Qiyan awakened those who were still immersed in the singing.

     I saw him carrying a large bowl of mare kumiss, strode to the front of Lu Chen, and said in a deep voice: "Young man, this is the best song I have heard in my life, this bowl of wine to you! "

     This Gegen Tana daddy, a Mongolian man, has a rugged look with a tiger-backed waist, a square-faced Chinese character, a dark red face, a thick and powerful beard and hair, and a sturdy breath comes and goes.But the eyes he looked at Lu Chen were full of appreciation.

     Lu Chen quickly put down the matouqin and took the huge wine bowl with both hands.

     Uncle Qiyan is the owner of this hunting ground, equivalent to the identity of the head of the tribe. He personally toasts Lu Chen, even if he is drunk after drinking, this bowl of wine cannot be rejected.

     Fortunately, mare kumiss is a low-alcohol wine, which is mild in nature, so Lu Chen brought the silver bowl to his mouth and drank the bowl in one breath without missing a drop.


     Uncle Qiyan once again gave a loud praise, and gave Lu Chen a thumbs up, and the surrounding herdsmen cheered in unison.

     Lu Chen used his own performance to conquer this group of jealous prairie guys.

     Zhang Ke, who was sitting not far away, saw it in his eyes and sighed in his heart. Although he is a film and television director and not a major in music, his understanding of music undoubtedly far exceeds that of ordinary people.

     Zhang Ke has never heard of this song "Beautiful grassland my home", but it is absolutely impossible for such a song with beautiful melody and touching lyrics to be obscure and unknown.

     The only explanation is that Lu Chen's original creation was improvised after he came to the Mongolian steppe.

     In the show business community, Lu Chen is known for his creative skills and is known as the No.1 in the new generation of singers.

     What a talent this is!Zhang Ke has met many capable and talented young people, but Lu Chen is undoubtedly the most impressive.

     Suddenly there was an idea in the mind of this great director.

     Uncle Qiyan asked: "Young man, who wrote this song you sang?"

     "His name is Lu Chen, and he is sister Fei'er's boyfriend!"

     At this moment, Gegen Tana came out to reveal Lu Chen’s identity. She looked at Lu Chen with eager eyes and asked: "Brother Lu Chen, this song is really good. Can you teach me? I want to sing to all the prairie people at this year's White Festival party!"

     "White Festival" is the most solemn and grand festival of the Mongolian people, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival. At the beginning of the first month of the lunar calendar, people worship each other, toast, have dinner, indulge in singing, dancing, and entertainment to congratulate each other on their well-being throughout the year.

     Uncle Qiyan smiled and stroked his daughter's head.

     This is his most cherished pearl.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "I wrote this song. If you like it, then I will let you sing it."


     Gegen Tana was surprised and delighted, clapping his hands and said, "That's great!"

     Her laughter sounded like a silver bell, full of joy and joy.Many people in Film Crew changed their eyes when looking at Gegen Tana, because the latter obviously did not know the price of a song by Lu Chen, but it was reckoned to be first or second best in the show business community!

     Lu Chen can miraculously rise in the entertainment industry and win Chen Fei'er's heart. The talent in music creation is the most important factor, and there are more than one or two new stars who have become popular with him.

     Gegen Tana got the song "Beautiful grassland my home", even if it was a cover, as long as the operation is repeated, does it mean that a star will rise on the grassland?

     Others can't ask for it, but she is a matter of one sentence, how can we not make people envy and hate!


     Uncle Qiyan was also surprised, his eyes widened, and he waved his hand and said, "Bring another bowl of wine!"

     The way this prairie man expresses his gratitude and admiration is always so simple, rude and direct!

     Lu Chen was so kind, so he had to drink another big bowl of kumiss.

     Even if the alcohol content of the horse milk wine is low, it can't stand this way of drinking. When the second bowl dries, his face turns red, really a bit drunk.

     Uncle Qi Yan laughed and patted Lu Chen on the shoulder hard: "Good guy!"

     Lu Chen could only smile wryly.

     After the bonfire dinner, Lu Chen was supported by Chen Fei'er and staggered back to her tent.Lying on the soft and comfortable bed with Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er hit the hot water, twisted the towel in the basin, and put it on his face tenderly.

     The heat penetrates into the skin through the pores, making it comfortable to press, and also dissipates Lu Chen's drunkenness a lot. He breathed out comfortably, and the whole person became sober.

     Chen Fei'er groaned: "You drank too much wine at night!"

     Lu Chen helplessly: "I don't want to, but they all came to me one by one."

     In addition to the herdsmen, there are also members of Film Crew who drink wine. Even Shi Lang toasts a bowl. Can he not drink it?

     It must be out of the question, so I drank too much.

     Chen Fei'er disliked: "I'm full of alcohol, don't touch me at night."

     Lu Chen smiled, suddenly reached out and grabbed her, pulled her directly into his arms, and kissed her.

     Vaguely said: "I'm going to touch it!"

     Chen Fei'er resisted with a smile, turned his head and said, "Then you sing a song to me, if I haven't heard it."

     She has made similar requests several times, and she gets a surprise every time.

     This time Lu Chen gave Gegen Tana a song!

     Lu Chen gave up the entanglement, pretending to consider from all angles, and after a while, he said, "Yes!"

     He held Chen Fei'er and hummed softly in her ear."In that far away place, there is a good girl."

     "People walked past her tent and looked back nostalgic."

     "Her pink smiling face is like a red sun."

     "Her beautiful eyes are like the shining moonlight at night."


     "I would like to be a lamb and follow her to herd the sheep. I would like her to hold a thin leather whip..."

     "Keep hitting me lightly."

     Lu Chen's singing became very light and light, and finally became undetectable, and turned into even breathing.

     He couldn't resist the drunkenness, and he fell asleep.

     Chen Fei'er clings to Lu Chen's generous chest, only wishing time to stay at this moment forever!

     So warm.


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