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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Chen Fei'er has more than 20 million fans on the Inspur blog, and is currently approaching the 30 million mark. The rapid growth in popularity is due to the successful launch of the two popular TV Series and the new Album.

     She is now like the sun at noon in the pop music world, entering the film and television circle all the way straight to the top, and she has the stance of becoming the heavenly queen / days later of the film and television song.

     So although Chen Fei'er does not have the most blog fans, many of them surpass her, her fan activity is extremely high. The percentage of clicks, comments, reposts, and likes on a blog post ranks among the top, and the number of fans includes the number. It is very low, unlike many celebrities who are frantically rushing to operate, so that zombie fans account for the majority.

     High numbers and high activity have brought high commercial benefits. If you want to make a soft business through Chen Fei'er's blog, there is no need to pay one or two million in remuneration.

     This is the case. In addition to the products of formal endorsements, Chen Fei'er also rarely uses blog posts to earn such "extra money". She regards the Inspur blog as a platform for communicating and interacting with fans, rather than a tool for commercial profit.

     It is precisely because of this that fans are also keen to read her blog, especially since recently, Chen Fei'er has shown his love for dog abuse on the blog from time to time, which always attracts a lot of complaints.What’s interesting is that many of the netizens who follow Chen Fei'er blog are Lu Chen fans and fan fans, because through Chen Fei'er’s blog, they can hear Lu Chen’s first-hand original works from time to time. .

     When this video blog post was posted today, Chen Fei'er didn't think too much. She liked Gegen Tana very much, and then felt that the pictures Lu Chen taught her to sing were beautiful and moving, so she came down and shared it with fans.

     Beautiful things should naturally be seen and appreciated by everyone.

     But just inadvertently, Chen Fei'er became popular with Gegen Tana!

     As a little Mongolian girl, Gegen Tana, who is a beautiful girl, can make the eyes of the majority of netizens shine first in terms of appearance. Her pure beauty, coupled with extremely ethnic costumes, and a natural voice, instantly Conquered countless otakus.

     The most important thing is that Lu Chen is by her side, and Chen Fei'er is shooting for her. The combined influence of the two is huge. There is no need to deliberately promote it, and it can still produce a sensational effect.

     In addition, "Beautiful grassland my home", a song with distinctive national characteristics and main melody style, also gives people a refreshing feeling.As a result, this video was reposted a lot on the Inspur blog. Many people in the show business community liked and commented upon seeing it, and then it was quickly spread to forums, post bars, and WeChat groups.

     This is where the power and charm of the Internet lies. What has just happened thousands of miles away can be transmitted to all directions in an instant, just like a butterfly on the grassland flapping its wings, and it may set off a storm in the distance!

     In the process, people couldn't help asking curiously: "Who is this little Mongolian girl?"

     It's a pity that Chen Fei'er shut down after posting the blog post. Her shooting task today is very heavy. She needs to go ahead and put on makeup and dress up. She has no time to follow the feedback on the blog and naturally can't answer fans' questions.

     The negotiation between Zhang Ke and Lu Chen went smoothly.

     Zhang Ke also likes this song "Beautiful grassland my home". His Shooting TV Series is also called "Song Shi Long Song Xing". Naturally, a lot of music works are needed to enrich the theme. Ancient music and ancient music are definitely indispensable, like "Beautiful grassland my home" "Songs with distinctive national characteristics can also be integrated into it.

     For Lu Chen, this improvised song is different from his other popular works. Its true value cannot and should not be measured by money, and in fact, in his position now, money is meaningless.Therefore, Lu Chen authorized CCTV to use this song with a symbolic copyright fee of 1 yuan.

     Such an approach was not pioneered by Lu Chen.

     Of course, Lu Chen can negotiate the licensing fee with CCTV according to his position at a clear price. CCTV will definitely get hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of them.

     But in this way, don't expect CCTV to invest resources to promote creators or creator-related content.

     Therefore, it's meaningless to care about it. The license fee for a song is only tens of thousands at most. It is a very cost-effective thing to exchange for a friendly cooperative relationship with CCTV.

     Zhang Ke contacted the relevant department of CCTV, Lu Chen contacted his own workshop, and both parties quickly settled the contract with the help of fax. It only took more than an hour before and after.

     Zhang Ke was very happy about this. After signing the contract, he shook hands with Lu Chen and said, "Don't worry, I won't bury this work!"

     In the opinion of Director Zhang Da, Lu Chen is really good at understanding others. If he negotiates with himself and CCTV for petty gains, it will inevitably involve a lot of his time and energy.

     That would be very bad mood.

     Since Lu Chen is willing to pay, he must give back.

     This is also the rule in the circle.

     Lu Chen smiled and said, "Thank you Zhang's love."Zhang Ke waved his hand, he thought for a moment, and said: "Today there is no way. If tomorrow, I will re-arrange the work and give Chen Fei'er a day off. Go out and play!"

     There is no special circumstance or reason of act of God, changing the Shooting plan specifically for an actor is undoubtedly a rare thing for Zhang Ke, a great director.

     It is also because he admires Lu Chen and Chen Fei'er, and Lu Chen flew from Hongkong to explore the class. It is reasonable and reasonable to give the two young people some time to get together.

     Lu Chen naturally can't thank sb enough.

     The next day, Chen Fei'er really got the opportunity to take a vacation, so Lu Chen borrowed two steeds from Uncle Qiyan, and went to the hunting grounds with Chen Fei'er to enjoy the beauty of the prairie and love each other. Lingering.

     It's a pity that good times are always short. On the third day of coming to the Shuiquan Hunting Ground, Lu Chen had to set foot on the returning Lu Chen.

     When parting, Chen Fei'er reluctantly gave up, but Gegen Tana cried and blushed.

     Although the time to get along is very short, this little Mongolian girl has a special affection for Lu Chen. She really hopes that Lu Chen can stay here and teach her to play the piano and sing.

     Seeing her so sad, Lu Chen had to make an agreement with her to give her a chance to come to the capital.On behalf of the herdsmen in the hunting ground, Uncle Qiyan sent a piece of hada representing good wishes to Lu Chen.

     Saying goodbye to his beloved girlfriend, farewell to the Mongolian steppe, on November 7, Lu Chen returned to the capital.


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