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    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Compared to Lu Chen's carelessness, Li Zhen would be a lot more nervous.

     During the time Lu Chen left Hongkong and returned to Beijing, under the leadership of the supervisor Chen Wenqiang, the workshop side worked with Jiayang Pictures to prepare for the filming of "A Chinese Ghost Story". Everyone was too busy to feel not touching the ground. , She is no exception.

     It is precisely because of this that there was a disturbance against Lu Chen on the Internet. Li Zhen did not pass the message back to the capital in the first time, and was negligent.

     She thinks this will pass soon, as is the norm in the Hongkong entertainment industry. Unless someone vigorously promotes it, the focus of the media will shift quickly. There are so many eight-trigram news every day.

     Thinking about it now, the matter was concealed seriously, so she had to remind Lu Chen: "This Chen Yuanchen is not an ordinary person. He doesn't even give Liu Heavenly King the face. It's very sharp to write an article to curse others."

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "He makes him strong, and the breeze blows on the hills."


     Li Zhen was a little confused-although he didn't quite understand it, it sounded amazing.

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "It's nothing, go back and talk about it!"

     The filming of "A Chinese Ghost Story" is about to start. I don’t know how many things need to be done. Where does Lu Chen have the time and energy to fight with others? What if Chen Yuanchen is sharp and ignores him?Those Paparazzi and entertainment media must definitely wish for the whole world to be in chaos. I hope Lu Chen and Chen Yuanchen are torn apart. Lu Chen is not a fool. How could it be possible to follow this routine!

     Back to the Hongkong Workshop, Lu Chen did not see Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan until the evening.

     "Thanks for your hard work!"

     For two important members who have worked hard, Lu Chen has always treated three points with courtesy.

     Chen Wenqiang shook his head: "It should be."

     Although his words are humble, there is still a sense of contentment between his eyebrows.

     Chen Wenqiang certainly has a reason to be proud. Under his full promotion, Workshop and Jiayang Films cooperated closely. The "A Chinese Ghost Story" Film Crew was basically completed, with funds, personnel, and venues in place, and shooting could start at any time.

     In this process, Chen Wenqiang can be said to have done his best and ran around conscientiously, especially in the coordination with Lion Rock Studios. He has done a lot of work and used a lot of contacts.

     As the director of a film workshop, Chen Wenqiang's hard work is impeccable!

     When Lu Chen was in the capital, he kept in touch with Chen Wenqiang's, so he knows sth like the back of one's hand.

     Wan Xiaoquan agreed: "Old Chen is really hard. I have learned a lot by following him."When he came to Hongkong, he was a little bit dispensed. It was the result of helpless choice.

     But since he came into contact with the local community in Hongkong, Wan Xiaoquan found that coming here is not a bad choice. The movie market with great prospects for the future is suitable for him to re-exhibit his fist.

     Chen Wenqiang smiled and said: "Wan Dao made fun of me again. There is only this I can do. The filming depends on you."

     The two have been partners for some time, and their relationship is pretty good.

     Seeing such a situation, Lu Chen was completely relieved.

     In the evening, Lu Chen worked as a host and packed a large box in a nearby restaurant to entertain the new members of the Workshop who had just arrived in Hongkong and the original team, which was regarded as a meeting between the old and the new.

     During the dinner, Lu Chen introduced Wan Yong and others to Chen Wenqiang and Wan Xiaoquan.

     "They are considered to be the martial arts aerobatic team signed by our Workshop, and they are called Lu Family Class."

     Lu Chen explained in this way, simply playing the banner of "Lu Family Class".

     In Hongkong film and television industry, there are many martial artists who are part-time stunt performers. They have good basic skills and are very good at hardworking and enduring hardships. They often act as stand-ins for star actors to complete dangerous moves and fighting scenes.

     Low income, obscure and unknown, is the normal state of these people.Lu Chen is not recruiting locally in Hongkong, but to draw such a young team from Beijing, which surprised Chen Wenqiang, because the cost of such an approach is undoubtedly high.

     The price of hiring a stuntman is not expensive, at least it is cheaper and much easier than raising a team.

     Of course, Chen Wenqiang would not choose to say disappointing words at this time, and he was very polite with Wan Yong and others.

     But Chen Wenqiang's not to accept as correct nevertheless was felt by Lu Chen. He could more or less guess what Chen Wenqiang was thinking, but now is not the time to explain.

     Lu Chen said: "Uncle Qiang, they will have to trouble you to apply for their work visa and residence permit tomorrow."

     Mainlanders who go to work and reside in the three major special zones of Baodao, Hongkong and Australia City need to apply for corresponding documents for long-term work and residence, otherwise they will have a lot of trouble in life.

     Chen Wenqiang patted his chest: "No problem, leave it to me."

     Lu Chen nevertheless feels relieved when he is doing business. He raised his glass and toasted it to express his gratitude.

     After drinking for three rounds, everyone's chat box was opened. Chen Wenqiang told Lu Chen about a lot of things in the recent circle, and while talking, he talked about the controversy caused by Lu Chen on the Internet.

     And Chen Yuanchen.

     "Chen Yuanchen is one of the representatives of the local faction..."Chen Wenqiang said: "The characteristic of local members is that they must put the interests of Hong Kong people first and exclude foreign competition and immigration. It is said that he intends to stand for election next year."

     "I suspect that he is likely to be your target in this matter. The rumors on the Internet are estimated to be deliberately released by some people, so you can't take it lightly and don't underestimate their incitement."

     Earlier, Li Zhen told Lu Chen that Chen Yuanchen was very sharp, and Lu Chen didn't pay much attention to it, but now Chen Wenqiang has revealed a deep inside story to him, so he can't allow him to ignore it.

     In many cases, if you don't ask for trouble, trouble will come to your door. Ignoring and avoiding is not the solution.

     Lu Chen thought for a while and said, "Then find a chance to clarify, I was almost blocked by reporters at the airport this afternoon."

     He is still wondering how did these reporters know about their flight to Hong Kong?

     Chen Wenqiang laughed and said: "These Paparazzi have very good noses, and they have inside lines in major airline companies. Star artists will know in advance when they enter and exit the port. You'd better take the VIP channel in the future."

     Lu Chen said that he has learned a lesson-this routine is deep enough.

     Chen Wenqiang continued: "If you want to clarify the facts, then don't look for these Paparazzi reporters. Their pen is specifically for scribbling. It's better to be on TV."He said to Li Zhen: "A Zhen, you can pay attention these few days to see which TV station will send an invitation."

     Li Zhen nodded: "Okay."

     As a result, Chen Wenqiang hit the mark with a comment and Lu Chen returned to Hongkong. On the second day, three TV stations sent invitations for programs!


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