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Chapter Directory 490 Talk Collapsed
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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"A Chinese Ghost Story" Film Crew has nearly one hundred members. If you add a group performance temporarily hired, it would be more than one hundred.

     Even if it is calculated by 100 people, a total of 200 boxes of lunch are required for two meals a day. Originally 30 yuan/box, the basic cost of a day’s meal was 6000 yuan, but now it has soared to 55 yuan, which is 11,000 yuan, which requires an extra 4500 yuan.

     The scenes involved in this movie are basically in the Lion Rock Film and Television Base. Without going out, Film Crew will need to stay for at least one month, which means that more than 100,000 or 200,000 more will be needed!

     Honghua Catering is dark enough. You have to know that according to yesterday's box lunch, the maximum cost is 15 yuan in the mainland, and the large quantity can be discounted. His profit itself is very good.

     Prices in Hongkong are high, but not so high.

     Wan Xiaoquan sitting next to Lu Chen couldn't listen anymore: "You guys are..."

     Before he finished speaking, Lu Chen stopped him.

     Lu Chen looked unchanged, nodded and said: "If the quality of the catering can be guaranteed, we can accept the price of 55 yuan, but we will not pay for this batch of lunch at noon."

     Manager Jiang obviously did not expect that Lu Chen was so easy to talk, and his own lion opened his mouth, and Lu Chen agreed so simply.With his cunning, he couldn't help but stunned: "Really?"

     Lu Chen lifted his fingers and tapped on the desktop, and said lightly: "I'm not kidding."

     "That... that's good!"

     Manager Jiang suddenly smiled triumphantly, a greedy color flashed in his eyes, and continued: "In addition, the box lunch money belongs to the box lunch money, and you have to add more money for delivery."

     Honghua is crazy?

     At this moment, even Chen Wenqiang was angry: "Manager Jiang, is this unruly?"

     Societies also have rules for societies, especially the now albino societies, even if they are doing bullying, they must also follow the rules, otherwise the hapless nevertheless themselves will arouse public anger.

     Manager Jiang lion opened his mouth and nearly doubled the price of the lunch. Lu Chen agreed to it. Now he still has to pay for the meal, which is nothing but naked/naked extortion and blackmail.

     The taste inside is very wrong!

     Manager Jiang glanced at Chen Wenqiang meaningfully and said: "Brother Qiang, the rules are determined by everyone, don't you understand in this circle? Our Company's current rules are like this."

     He looked at Lu Chen as if he was looking at a fat sheep: "Young Lu, you are a big star in the fight for gold. You will definitely make a lot of money to come to Hongkong to make movies. It's not bad for us. Haha Hard money, right?""Ha ha..."

     Lu Chen smiled, but there was no smile in his eyes.

     "I don't like trouble. If you can use money to solve the problem, then I don't mind spending a financial loss may prevent disaster."

     "But this does not mean that I am afraid of trouble. Since your company has no sincerity in cooperation, there will be no need to send lunches in the future. I believe that we at Film Crew will not be out of food."

     To be honest, when Lu Chen chose to start his film career in Hongkong, the main reason was the new film support policy issued by the Hongkong government. With this policy, he could easily enter the domestic film market, and he could also gain a foothold in Hongkong radiation. The advantages of Treasure Island, Australia City and Southeast Asian countries are self-evident.

     However, the shortcut is not easy. Lu Chen really didn't take Hongkong's gang community into consideration at the time, because there is basically no such problem in domestic filmmaking or TV Series.

     As the so-called strong dragon cannot repress a snake, Lu Chen is not yet a strong dragon, so he is willing to spend more money for safety. As long as "A Chinese Ghost Story" is successfully released by Shooting, he will naturally earn it back twice as long as he pays. .

     But the other party's greed and shamelessness far exceeded Lu Chen's expectation, win an inch, want a foot bottomless pit of desire, which made his patience disappear completely!

     Without Zhang Butcher, do you have to eat pigs with fur?

     Nonsense!Hearing Lu Chen's refusal like chop the nail and slice the iron, and a 180-degree turn in his attitude, Manager Jiang's smile instantly solidified on his face, which looked quite ridiculous.

     Lu Chen didn't give him a chance to speak, and stood up and said, "Uncle Qiang, see off the guests."

     Being so unrelenting, Manager Jiang was furious. A strong man who had been standing behind him immediately took a step forward, stared and raised his finger at Lu Chen and shouted: "How did you talk to our manager Jiang? Don't give up on your face. Face!"

     A gang organization is a gang organization. The factor of violence has long been hidden in the blood, and it is definitely impossible to do such a monopolistic business of bullying and dominating the market without a strong force.

     The people brought by Manager Jiang are actually thugs. If you are hello and hello everyone, they are naturally furnishings, but when they turn their faces, they will show their strength!

     The furry arms are black and thick, and the fingers of the long radish are about to poke Lu Chen's face, and the stern beating is a 100% deterrent for ordinary people.

     However, Lu Chen is not an ordinary person, and he is not one who is cut off from others.

     There was no need for Lu Chen to respond. Wan Yong, who was sitting next to Lu Chen, suddenly shot, grabbed the opponent's finger like lightning, and pulled it up!

     "what!"The big five-and-three sturdy man let out a scream of can't help, which shocked everyone present.

     In the severe pain, he instinctively lifted his leg and wanted to kick Wan Yong, but Wan Yong's right foot kicked on his knee first, causing him to lose his balance and fell heavily to the ground!

     As a result of this nevertheless Wan Yong start off leniently, if it is a life-and-death struggle, this one’s finger bones and patella have now been broken into several pieces.

     Wan Yong let go, and stared sharply at the other beater who began to stir.

     No one doubts that if this guy has any changes, Wan Yong's thunder will inevitably strike back!

     Manager Jiang was also frightened. It took him a while before he came back to his senses, gritted his teeth and said: "Okay, business is not righteous, let's wait and see!"

     These two scenes are a bit incoherent speech, but no one finds it funny.

     The people at Honghua Food & Beverages got out in a desperate manner, and Wan Xiaoquan, Chen Wenqiang and others were not at all happy.

     Everyone knows that the real trouble is yet to come, and the other party will not let it go.

     Lu Chen looked at Lao Jia and said: "When you negotiated the cooperation, you Jiayang Films was guaranteed. Now that something like this is happening, I want to know what your boss meant."

     Compared to Lu Chen Workshop, Jiayang Films is a local snake.It is naturally the best choice to deal with the earth snakes with the earth snakes. Lu Chen is not afraid of things and will not easily take everything on himself, otherwise, what would he want his partners to do?

     Under the close gaze of his gaze, Lao Jia felt a lot of pressure, and there was fine sweat on his forehead.

     "Young Lu, Jiayang Pictures will give you an explanation."

     Lu Chen nodded: "That's the best."

     However, in his heart, he is very optimistic about Jiayang Pictures, because it is impossible for Honghua to not know the existence of Jiayang Pictures. This manager Jiang came here to slap her face.

     wipe one's eyes and wait!


     The second more sent.
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