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Chapter Directory 492 Internal And External Problems
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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People who know and understand Zhou Yi appraise him as a true businessman, who value profit and despise love and justice. A true businessman often has great courage in the face of rich interests and dares to challenge the rules.

     Now that the trouble just appeared, Zhou Yi actually had the intention of shrinking, which really surprised Lu Chen.

     The cooperation between the two parties this time, Lu Chen gave up a large part of the interest. He is very confident in the box office of "A Chinese Ghost Story". This work, which is regarded as a classic in the dream world, will inevitably shine. Some light.

     The production cost of 30 million is very likely to bring several times or even ten times the profit!

     Of course, Zhou Yi certainly does not know the origin of "A Chinese Ghost Story", but it is impossible for him to not know anything at all about Lu Chen's influence and appeal in the Mainland, otherwise he will not actively promote cooperation.

     What was the decision to make him give up?

     Lu Chen prepared for the worst in his heart, not a word or movement and said: "Boss Zhou is serious, let's sit down and talk slowly."

     If we all know each other, we don't need to introduce each other in polite greetings. We all sit down together.Zhou Yi personally brought up the teapot and poured a cup of hot tea for Lu Chen. He sighed and said, "Young Lu, you must suspect that Jiayang Films or I have any grudges with Sheng Yitang behind Honghua, but I am I can say deal sincerely and fairly here, I have never offended anyone from Jiang Family."

     "If it's just Honghua's boss Jiang Chenghua, I'm not afraid, but his father Jiang Tai, I don't even have the qualifications to talk to him on an equal footing, and I will show respect from a distance when I meet him."

     Isn't it a problem with Jiayang Pictures?

     Lu Chen was stunned for a moment, then what happened?

     Zhou Yi obviously understood what he was thinking, and continued: "I have asked someone to investigate Jiang Chenghua's tone and find out what is going on. I believe there should be accurate news in these two days."

     "And according to my guess..."

     The owner of Jiayang Films hesitated for a moment, but he still wanted to talk.

     Lu Chen smiled faintly: "Boss Zhou has something to say, it doesn't matter if he guessed wrong."

     Zhou Yi said with a smile: "I guess Honghua wants to add something to this movie. I heard that Jiang Chenghua recently intends to set up his own entertainment company to enter the film and television industry."

     "It's just that under the current situation, it is not easy for him to find a suitable partner, so..."

     "So choose my movie as a stepping stone?"Lu Chen suddenly smiled: "I am a newcomer who has just come from the mainland, in his eyes is a fat sheep?"

     Zhou Yi's expression was a bit embarrassing, and he obviously agreed with Lu Chen's statement: "This is just my guess. The real situation depends on what the other party means."

     Lu Chen pondered for a moment, tapped his fingers on the desk lightly, and asked: "Then if Honghua really wants to invest in shares, I also agreed, what are your plans for the boss that week?"

     Zhou Yi act without taking time to think replied: "Then I will withdraw, I can't afford to offend the people of Jiang Family."

     His answer was really bachelor, and he directly admitted that he was afraid.

     Lu Chen heard the meaning: "Then what if I don't agree?"

     Zhou Yi's answer is still very bachelor: "Then Jiayang Pictures is willing to continue to cooperate, but we can't directly confront the people of Jiang Family. If Jiang Tai speaks, then I can only withdraw."

     Lu Chen understood.

     Although Zhou Yi said that he didn't dare to offend the people of Jiang Family, but the premise is that Jiang Family's Boss Jiang Tai was also involved in this matter, otherwise Jiayang Pictures would not give up cooperation.

     But it is unrealistic to expect Jiayang Films to deal with Honghua.Seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages, Zhou Yi is a typical business man's approach. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a little shameless, but he speaks bluntly, quite like a villain, and talks about everything on the table.

     Lu Chen was not angry. He thought for a while and said, "That's it for the time being. Honghua also asked Boss Zhou to listen for more useful news. If there is any cost involved, our Workshop is willing to bear it."

     "It's a big deal, a big talk!"

     Zhou Yi waved his hand again and again and said, "As soon as there is news, I will notify you immediately."

     Lu Chen nodded.

     This can only be the case for the time being. Shooting will have to continue tomorrow. He can't hear the call of pulling the cricket and not planting the land. He doesn't want to run back to the interior in a desperate manner.

     If you don't have a brave and fearless heart, then how can you be able to climb to the true peak even if you have the wealth of a world?

     When parting, Nie Mingzhu, who had not spoken just now, pours a cup of tea for Lu Chen.

     She said to Lu Chen: "I like the script very much, and I like the role of Nie Xiaoqian very much. Thank you, you gave me the opportunity to play this time, and I hope to continue working together happily."

     Lu Chen didn't quite understand Nie Mingzhu's statement, but he also accepted her kindness.After leaving Okun Hall, Wan Xiaoquan expressed his dissatisfaction with Zhou Yi in the car: "This person is too slippery and unreliable. Are we really going to continue to cooperate with him?"

     Lu Chen explained: "We will give up the cooperation with Jiayang Pictures now, things will be more troublesome. First of all, we have to figure out the real intentions of Honghua, and we will make plans at that time!"

     It's okay for Zhou Yi to make it clear, and Lu Chen kicks them away with the same name.

     The most important thing is that in the conversation just now, Lu Chen felt that Zhou Yi had a trump card. He was not as afraid of the Jiang Family as he said, but he seemed to be testing Lu Chen's attitude.

     As a result, an accident happened on the Fa'en Temple studio in Lion Rock Studios the next day.

     Someone threw two dead cats into the Shooting field, and nevertheless an inauspicious black cat, the cat's neck was twisted.

     "It should have been sneaked in in the early morning..."

     Wan Yong said to Lu Chen, who had just arrived on the set, "I let Xiao Chen and the others handle it, and didn't tell anyone."

     This is purely a disgusting man's method, the other party does not steal or snatch, and deliberately do something to disgust people.

     It is useless to report to the police. Hongkong police cannot take care of this trivial matter seriously, and it is easy to be photographed by Paparazzi for hype in the media after the report, which will only have a greater impact on Film Crew.Lu Chen followed Chen Wenqiang's advice and asked him to control the news secretly and not to publicize it.

     Lu Chen is very fortunate to have arranged two more to be stationed on the set last night. Otherwise, if there are loopholes in the management, it will be easy for the other party to find an opportunity, maybe it will cause more damage.

     However, what he didn't expect was that before noon, the fact that someone lost a dead cat on the set was spread in Film Crew. Everyone looked strange, and many Film Crew members were absent-minded.

     The shooting process was also very unsatisfactory. As a result, in the afternoon, someone proposed to quit Film Crew.


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