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Chapter Directory 494 Never Bow Your Head!
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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Although Ma Rongzhen is in desperation right now, he has been in the show business community for so many years and has a deep experience, so he understands what happened when he heard Lu Chen's words.

     "No!" He chop the nail and slice the iron replied: "Even if there is, I will never leave Film Crew, unless it is Young Lu that you let me go!"

     Lu Chen and Chen Wenqiang looked at each other, and both saw a glimmer of fortune in each other's eyes.

     If Ma Rongzhen runs too, it will be really troublesome!

     Lu Chen was relieved and said with a smile: "That's good, don't worry, I will definitely not let you go, we will work hard together to make this movie good."

     The character of this old drama bone is undoubtedly trustworthy.

     Ma Rongzhen asked with concern: "Young Lu, is it true that Liu Zhaohui doesn't want to shoot?"

     Lu Chen and Chen Wenqiang were stunned. The latter asked in surprise, "Brother Rongzhen, how did you know?"

     "This person..."

     A look of disdain flashed in Ma Rongzhen's eyes, and he said, "Not only is his head slippery, but he is extremely greedy for life, afraid of death. If others frighten him casually, he must shrink. It's nothing strange."

     It can be seen that Ma Rongzhen is very contemptuous of Liu Zhaohui, and the two may have had any grievances in the past.Lu Chen doesn't care about their eight-trigram, but Ma Rongzhen himself: "Uncle Ma, then you are not afraid, Honghua is behind Sheng Yitang."

     Ma Rongzhen smiled and said, "What am I afraid of?"

     "I have a bad life now. If Sheng Yitang makes trouble for me, then I will go out and fight with them. Hongkong now is not the Hongkong of decades ago. Jiang Family cannot cover the sky in Hongkong!"

     Ma Rongzhen said very candidly: "When Sheng Yitang was rich in the past, if Sheng Yitang troubled me, maybe I would shrink like Liu Zhaohui, but now I am really not afraid of anything. Only the old lady is left. If they are not afraid of causing public outrage, then just toss them around.

     "He Jiang Chenghua dared to break my way of survival, so I dared to lie down in front of his father's door with my old mother, and see who is ashamed!"

     Lu Chen was a bit speechless, but he was truly relieved of Ma Rongzhen.

     "Then you have to pay attention to safety, and be careful of their insidious tricks."

     Ma Rongzhen laughed and said, "Young Lu, they probably won't want to drive me away. I have a bad reputation in the show business community."

     Box office poison!

     Lu Chen suddenly remembered Ma Rongzhen's nickname, and burst into laughter.Ma Rongzhen sighed: "In fact, when encountering such a thing, the best solution is to find a big guy to agree. Unfortunately, I don't have any face anymore. I'm sorry I can't help you."

     "You can't say that..."

     Lu Chen shook his head and said, "Uncle Ma, you can help me by staying in Film Crew."

     Although Film Crew is facing constant troubles, Shooting's work cannot be interrupted because of this, otherwise the loss will be great.

     Those who opted out of Film Crew, Lu Chen didn't keep any of them. Anyone who wants to leave can leave. If you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won't taste sweet.

     As for Liu Zhaohui, he was invited by Jiayang Films, so Jiayang Films naturally gave an explanation.

     In the evening, Zhou Yi, the owner of Jiayang Pictures, called Lu Chen again.

     Honghua used an intermediary to provide conditions for "reconciliation."

     "Investment is a must..."

     Zhou Yi said on the phone that his voice sounded very tired, and he didn't have much energy: "As for the share, we need to sit down and talk together. The bottom line proposed by the middleman should not be less than 35%."

     "Honghua will establish a new film company for this purpose, and participate in the shooting and distribution of the new film as the main shareholder."

     A mouthful of at least 35% of the movie shares, Lu Chen's last thought of luck disappeared!The forces of these gangs are so greedy that even 1% of them are unreliable.

     However, he still patiently listened to Zhou Yi continuing to say: "In addition, Honghua proposed that they should choose someone to be the director and producer, and both male and female lead actors can remain unchanged."

     Well, Lu Chen can't listen anymore!

     The most important member of a film Crew is always the director and producer. Sometimes the two may be one, but most of the time, they jointly control the fate of shooting movies.

     Honghua not only wants to buy shares, but also takes away the director and producer, which is tantamount to taking the life and death of "A Chinese Ghost Story" in his own hands.

     How can Lu Chen agree?

     "Boss Zhou, you don't need to say any more, I won't agree to any of their conditions!"

     "If they insist on making troubles, then I can only stay with them to the end!"

     Lu Chen's answer chop the nail and slice the iron, with unshakable determination and confidence.

     That is never bow your head!

     Zhou Yi didn't feel any surprise. Instead of being himself, I'm afraid he would rather leave the stall than agree to such a bad condition-it would be like kneeling directly on the ground.After pondering for a moment, he nevertheless said his guess: "Young Lu, I think their ultimate goal is not how many shares they want, but to drive you away from Hongkong."

     Zhou Yi puts himself into Honghua's side. If he has taken a fancy to the movie "A Chinese Ghost Story" and wants to take it forcibly, then the time to make trouble is not now. It is the best opportunity to wait until the shooting process is over halfway.

     At that time, Lu Chen invested a large sum of money, and then he would lose a lot when he withdrew, and he might succumb.

     Now that you have to invest in shares and direct the producer at the beginning, do you really treat others as idiots?

     So Zhou Yi suspects that Honghua's purpose is to drive away Lu Chen!

     Lu Chen felt that Zhou Yi's guess was reasonable, but he was puzzled: "I'm leaving, what good is it for Honghua?"

     Lu Chen came to Hongkong to make a movie. There is no conflict with Honghua, who is currently in the catering business, and he had previously ordered boxed lunches to do business with the latter.

     Zhou Yi said: "I don't know, but I know Jiang Chenghua is a very shrewd person. He does not lose money, and he does not waste time and energy on harm others without benefiting oneself."

     "So what is the truth? I can only find a way to find out. Please pay attention to safety on your side."

     After finishing the conversation with Zhou Yi, Lu Chen thought for a while and dialed Wan Yong's cell phone.With so many incidents, although Film Crew has already called the police and lodged a complaint with the studio management agency, the safety of Film Crew has to be maintained by himself, so he asked Wan Yong to stay at the studio to take care of the equipment himself.

     After earnestly confessing a few words from Wan Yong, Lu Chen went to bed to rest.

     Early the next morning, he was awakened by the rapid ringing of the telephone in his sleep.

     Opening his eyes, Lu Chen immediately turned over and grabbed the landline on the bedside table, and put the microphone to his ear.


     Wan Yong's excited voice came from the microphone: "Young Lu, we have caught two troublemakers!"


     Lu Chen suddenly became sober.


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