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Chapter Directory 495 Block The Door
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In the early hours of yesterday morning, the Fa'en Temple was thrown into the studio by a dead cat, and Wan Yong was suffocated in his heart.

     Lu Chen did not blame the person responsible for guarding the studio, because the studio is so big, without the monitoring equipment, the people who stay behind can only take care of the important equipment, and there is no way to prevent this malicious behavior.

     But Wan Yong felt ashamed.

     Because it was several members of the Lu family class who watched the set, and his subordinates in charge, he believed that he was responsible for such a thing.

     Wan Yong is no ordinary person.

     He has been in the army for many years, and he has long honed his outstanding skills, and he also mastered special military skills, but he has not had any ample scope for abilities after he was discharged.

     Now in such a situation, Wan Yong certainly can't tolerate a few people in the gangs and associations who are arrogantly engaged in the fear of the consequences under his own nose, so he personally led the team to station on the set last night.

     And after discussing with Lu Chen, he also bought a set of simple monitoring equipment locally to install and set up.

     Once this former military elite got serious, only a few gangsters would not have enough attention. They were also arrested in the early hours of this morning, and they got all the money!

     "Just two yellow-haired youngsters!"Wan Yong said triumphantly: "With a little bit of rectification and a few strokes, all the tricks are done. They are the little horses under Honghua. They are usually responsible for delivering lunch or something. They brought us two dead dogs and a bucket. Dog blood, I want to pollute our studio."

     Losing dead cats is not enough, and even sprinkling dog blood, Lu Chen has seen the shamelessness and nastyness of this kind of gang community.

     He asked, "Isn't it hurt?"

     Hongkong is a place of legal system, and it is a common law system. There are a large number of lawyers. Small matters of chicken feathers and garlic skins often have to be settled in court.

     Wan Yong caught the troublemaker and didn't call the police right away. Instead, he tried to vent his anger first. If he hurt the other party, it would be very troublesome.

     At that time, Honghua will definitely take advantage of the problem, and Film Crew will become unreasonable if it is reasonable.

     Wan Yong smiled and said: "Don't worry about my method. Even if you send these two guys to the hospital for an MRI, you will never be able to detect the slightest injury. I originally prepared more than a dozen routines, but I haven't got two sets yet. After finishing their noses and tears, they all moved."

     Lu Chen not to know whether to laugh or cry, because Wan Yong still sounds dissatisfied.

     He said: "You did a good job, then I will come over now and call the police when I arrive."

     When the police came, he should be able to put some pressure on the other party if he was there.After thinking about it, Lu Chen called Zhou Yi.

     As a result, it was Zhou Yi's assistant secretary who answered the phone, saying that the boss was still taking a break, and Lu Chen didn't care, and told the other party about the set.

     Then he hurriedly washed and cleaned, and then contacted Chen Wenqiang to rush to Lion Mountain.

     Chen Wenqiang was very happy to know that the people at the scene had all the stolen goods. He said that he finally let out a sigh of relief. I believe that this time Honghua can get some lawsuits and relieve the pressure on Film Crew.

     But what they didn't expect was that Wan Yong made a phone call in the middle of the car.

     Just a few minutes ago, a group of people wearing Honghua dining uniforms appeared at Fa'en Temple. They blocked the entrance of the studio firmly and clamored for Film Crew to be released!

     It's really rampant!

     Lu Chen act without taking time to think replied: "You immediately call the police and guard the set not to let them rush in. Uncle Qiang and I will be there in another 10 minutes!"

     Wan Yong said: "Don't worry, those who stay here are good players. Unless they move the guys, I can guarantee that they won't be able to rush in if I double it."

     "Then it's all up to you!"

     After finishing the call with Wan Yong, Lu Chen said to Chen Wenqiang: "Uncle Qiang, inform the studio."To be honest, Lu Chen is very dissatisfied with the management of Lion Rock Studios. "A Chinese Ghost Story" Film Crew encountered such a problem. It is impossible for the other party to be completely ignorant, but pretend to be deaf and dumb.

     If there is no internal collusion between Honghua and the management of the studio, Lu Chen would never believe it.

     It's nothing more than deceiving yourself as a foreigner.

     But the irritation is irritated, Lu Chen still has to do what should be done, no matter what the management's reaction is, he must clearly express his attitude.

     The Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle carrying the two accelerated, Zhang Xiaofang showed his car skills without saying a word. It took 10 minutes to complete a normal driving distance, and it only took more than 5 minutes to reach the destination.

     After parking the car in the parking lot, the three hurried to the studio, only to see a group of people surrounding the gate of Fa'en Temple from a distance, confronting Wan Yong and several Film Crew personnel.

     The police hadn't arrived yet, and people from the studio were also not seen. There were a few sneaky Paparazzi with cameras in their hands nearby who were taking pictures. It is estimated that Honghua must have recruited them.

     Surrounding the studio are the 20th and 30th people. They are all young, uniformly wearing blue uniforms with the Honghua Food and Beverage Logo, and they are very arrogant.

     "Release immediately, otherwise don't blame us rude!""Brothers, the mainland boy detained our brother, can we agree?"

     "Release! Apologize! Lose money!"

     "What shit Film Crew, whoever grabbed our jobs and arrested us, I did it with you today!"

     "Go back to the mainland!"

     Most of these Honghua people are empty hand, empty fist, but there are also a few people holding baseball bats.

     As early as the 1970s and 1980s, when the Hongkong gang was the strongest, the fighting among the three major triad organizations was extremely fierce, and they often wounded people. At that time, machete and dagger were necessary for manpower. Pistols and even rifles appeared in gang fights Among.

     In Hongkong at that time, ordinary people were in danger, for fear that they would be stabbed or eaten a stray bullet while walking on the street. Some gang members were simply unreasonable and dared to kill people with trivial things.

     This social reality is also reflected in Hongkong movies and TV Series. Gangster, police and gangster movies are popular for a while, and the protagonists in the drama are often members of the society, deliberately flattering, affecting countless young people in Hongkong.

     After several severe blows, these violent gangs have disappeared, and the societies that have emerged later will wear legal vests on themselves, and will no longer fight and kill at will.Moreover, the Hongkong government has extremely strict controls on firearms and controlled knives, and severe penalties will be imposed if they are violated. No one dares to take to the streets openly.

     But dogs can’t change eating/shit. As the most direct and effective means, the factor of violence has already penetrated into the bones of gang members, and many times they will still show off their strength.

     Of course, the control of knives and firearms must not be used. If they are used, they are a taboo. Therefore, a hard and easy-to-use baseball bat becomes the best weapon for these people.

     When Lu Chen appeared on the set with Chen Wenqiang and Zhang Xiaofang, someone immediately noticed him.


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