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Chapter Directory 511 You Are The Most Important
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
    Original: | Translation:

Lion Rock Film and Television Base, No. 5 Studio.

     In the huge shed set up in real scene, three high-definition digital cameras pointed upward at Chen Fei'er who was in the air at the same time, and she saw her flying in the air with long sleeves, accompanied by the sound of “shoo”, one after another blood-red silk With howling out, the scene is magnificent.

     The surroundings of the studio are all covered with green screens. This shooting technique of real scene + post-processing special effects is the most popular and most technologically mature.


     Wan Xiaoquan waved the script in his hand vigorously and said loudly: "Okay!"

     Shooting today is the most important scene in "A Chinese Ghost Story". Yan Chixia battles the Millennium Dryad. The atmosphere of the whole film reaches its culmination here**, and it is also the part that requires the most post-production.

     The scene is heavy, shooting is difficult, and the actors are demanding...

     Wan Xiaoquan originally had the idea of letting Chen Fei'er come on the field, but was rejected by the latter. The singer Heavenly Queen / days later personally went to the game to hang Wia. After many NGs, he finally finished the shot of today.

     Frequent NG brings high-intensity work pressure. Everyone was tired just now, but Chen Fei'er, who was the protagonist, was clenching his teeth. There was no reason for them to sit down and rest.

     Now that Shooting is finally completed, many Film Crew members couldn't help but cheered with joy.The wire suspending Chen Fei'er was slowly lowered. Just as her feet touched the ground, she suddenly lost her balance and fell down.

     nevertheless Lu Chen has quick eyes and hands, and hugs her quickly, "Fei'er!"

     The others immediately turned pale with fright and hurriedly gathered around.

     Including Wan Xiaoquan.

     If Chen Fei'er has any shortcomings, everyone’s life will not be easy. The impact on Film Crew is definitely huge. Whether Shooting can be completed on schedule will be a problem.

     Although wearing heavy makeup, the fatigue on Chen Fei'er's face could not be concealed. She leaned against Lu Chen's arms and smiled reluctantly and said, "I'm fine, it's just too tired."

     How could she not be tired? Today, she was hung in the air by steel wire for at least half of the time, and she had to make various fighting movements, which was almost paralyzed by her physical strength.

     Fortunately, Chen Fei'er has been exercising every day, and he has worked hard in filming on the prairie some time ago, so he can persevere in such a high-intensity shooting job.

     Because of this, she was too tired to speak, and sweat oozing from her forehead.

     Lu Chen quickly untied Chen Fei'er's Wia equipment, then hugged her up to the lounge.

     The assistant brought towels, ice packs, and water.After wiping the sweat and drinking water, Chen Fei'er's energy is obviously much better. She was just a little out of strength just now, and now she has almost recovered.

     But Wia who stayed for so long, coupled with the bumps in the shooting process, she has many bruises on her body, and it hurts when she touches it. Lu Chen couldn't help but complain: "Let you not use a substitute!"

     He really feels distressed.

     "A Chinese Ghost Story" involves a lot of fighting and special effects shots. The battle between the villain BOSSTree Demon Grandmother played by Chen Fei'er and Yan Chixia played by Ma Rongzhen is even more important.

     The action director of this movie is jointly held by Lu Chen and another professional. Lu Chen refers to many shots of the original Dream World in the memory, as different as can be from the previous ghost movies.

     At the same time, there are higher requirements for actors.

     Considering that Chen Fei'er had never filmed an action scene, Wan Xiaoquan proposed to let members of the Lu family class replace him, which was also approved by Lu Chen. However, Chen Fei'er refused and insisted on playing in person.

     She shook her head and said, "It's no fun to use a stand-in. Besides, this is your first movie!"

     There is a big difference between the shooting process with the substitute and the real body. The real body is naturally the most ideal and the best shot, but the premise is that the real body can make the required actions.In fact, it is not a problem for actors to use doubles, because some dangerous actions must be completed by stunt actors, and if the actor is injured and hospitalized during dangerous shots, it will drag down the entire Film Crew.

     It's just that now many celebrities, especially young actors, encounter slightly more difficult shots, and they habitually let substitutes on the field instead of trying to improve their abilities.

     In order to keep up with the progress, many directors and producers often default or even support this.

     The consequence of this approach is that when the audience is watching a movie or TV Series, they will always feel false and unreal when they see the camera of the avatar, and there are even piercings.

     Chen Fei'er is fully turning to film and television, and her requirements for herself are obviously not only satisfied with the female lead in "Blue Life and Death".

     If she doesn't do a good job, she will have to repeat it ten times until she is qualified. It is strange that she is not tired!

     Lu Chen was moved and said, "Compared to the movie, you are the most important."

     The pursuit of a career is certainly his life goal, but in Lu Chen's heart, the most important thing is not career and fame, but family, lover and friends!

     What about giving up the whole world for them?Chen Fei'er felt Lu Chen's sincerity and love from her heart. She Tiantian smiled and gently held Lu Chen's hand. A silent, sweet and warm atmosphere filled the small lounge.

     The assistant shrank into the corner without a word or movement, trying to make himself invisible, so as not to disturb the two of them.

     It's a pity that someone didn't see this scene.

     "Fei'er, are you okay?"

     Wan Xiaoquan came over and asked with concern: "Should I go to the hospital for a checkup or something?"

     Although Chen Fei'er is not a true Female Lead, in the eyes of this director, she is much heavier than Nie Mingzhu, so she is naturally very concerned.

     Chen Fei'er was a little embarrassed to let go of Lu Chen's hand and smiled and said, "I'm fine, just rest for one night."

     "Then take one more day off!"

     Wan Xiaoquan sternly said: "Tomorrow's Shooting shot is not very critical, let the double perform it."

     He was afraid that Chen Fei'er would come up with a stubborn temper and insist on acting by himself, and quickly added: "You have a good rest, then we will work hard together the day after tomorrow to finish filming all of your scenes."

     Lu Chen said quickly: "Wan Dao makes a lot of sense."

     Chen Fei'er gave Lu Chen a coquettish look, hesitated nevertheless and nodded: "Okay, Wandao."She's not the kind of person who doesn't know what's good or bad, and she won't have to do something that is obviously unnecessary.

     Wan Xiaoquan immediately as if relieved from a burden, smiled and said: "It has been ten days since you came to Hongkong. Let Lu Chen play with you tomorrow, and leave the rest to us."


     The first one is sent.
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