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Chapter Directory 519 Anniversary
    Chinese Name: 完美大明星  Author: 完美大明星(Wánměi dà míngxīng, Perfect Superstar)
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In the traditional media circle of Hongkong, Hongkong Satellite TV and ATV are undoubtedly the real enemy.

     The grievances between the two wireless hegemons can be traced back decades, and the entanglement among them can completely make a long story of hundreds of episodes. The competition between each other has been throughout the history of Hongkong screens.

     It’s normal to have satellite TV and ATV among the guests attending the Bell Tower Music Salon. Whether it is Liu Hanyang, the music director of the ATV variety channel, nevertheless, and Li Mingyuan, the producer of the satellite TV music channel, they can all be regarded as members of the Hongkong pop music scene.

     As musicians, no one is a fool to sit in their respective positions.

     The topic originated from Lu Chen, Madam Jin's idea, and then to Liu Gangsheng's expression support, and finally evolved into a grand event for Hongkong musicians. Both Liu Hanyang and Li Mingyuan keenly smelled the taste of opportunity.

     In terms of variety show, TV and ATV are the best organizers to do my part. Every year, the TV’s Hong Kong sister selection and the ATV Asian sister selection have never been less than 20%.

     However, it is an indisputable fact that the ratings of the two major "sisters" have been declining year by year. Last year, in the selection of Hong Kong sisters, the ratings of the semi-finals once touched the bottom line of 20%. Hongkong Satellite TV spent a lot of effort to invest resources and finally did not break The red line.

     The situation of Ya Jie's selection is also not much better.The reason is very simple. Under the impact of the Internet tide, the life of traditional media is not so easy. After decades of selection by the Hong Kong sister and Yajie, they can't play any new tricks, and the audience is beginning to feel tired.

     Under such circumstances, seeking innovation has become the pursuit of the two major radio station program producers.

     "Hongkong New Song" is undoubtedly an excellent show.

     It has ideas, sources of funds, and support from Heavenly King experts like Liu Gangsheng...

     It's hard to fail!

     It's like a golden hen that just sprang out of the wild. Who doesn't want to take it home?

     Liu Hanyang and Li Mingyuan suddenly became aggressive roosters, staring at each other.

     If you missed the production of this promising draft game, it would be difficult for anyone to return.

     The smell of gunpowder between the two became stronger and stronger.

     Nevertheless Liu Gangsheng is rich in experience, and smiled and said: "The two don’t fight for the time being. Now "Hongkong New Song" is just a preliminary idea. It’s best if you make a plan first, and then let everyone see which one is better. Whoever chooses, what do you think?"

     Liu Heavenly King deserves to be Liu Heavenly King. He easily resolved the dispute between the two and set a new benchmark for "Hongkong New Sing", greatly increasing the operability.Regardless of the TV Nevertheless ATV, whichever plan is outstanding, choose which one, and the supporters of this project will vote for the plan, which is fair and reasonable.

     Liu Hanyang and Li Mingyuan have nothing to say, and the guests present applauded and agreed.

     I don't know who started it, and warm applause rang out in the bar again, because everyone witnessed the birth of a Hongkong pop music event, and this is likely to change the future of Hongkong music.

     Lu Chen, Chen Fei'er, Liu Gangsheng and Madam Jin were surrounded by everyone, and the applause was given to them.

     Some of the people around them are well-known vagabond singers in the music world, some are seniors in the industry, and some media executives, such as Ye Xuan, can't squeeze into the first two circles.

     As for the previous Jiang Wei who had announced that he would defeat Lu Chen, he had to stay in the corner with a few friends.

     Compared to Liu Gangsheng, they are not as good as the stars under the moon.

     Liu Gangsheng's appreciation of Lu Chen made Jiang Wei's previous provocations seem ridiculous.

     At this time, the Host Guo Huaian of the Music Salon finally appeared and said with a smile: "Everyone, our chef has prepared today's special dishes for you. It is important to talk about things, and to eat is equally important!"One of the traditions of the Bell Tower Music Salon is to have a reception dinner, usually a western buffet. The chef hires famous masters in Hongkong, and these western chefs will come up with their most proud work during the meal.

     The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became relaxed. Everyone talked and laughed and went to taste the delicious food.

     Liu Gangsheng said to Lu Chen: "How about some food first, and then we sit down and talk?"

     Lu Chen smiled and said: "seek but fail to get!"

     Liu Gangsheng looks just over forty years old. He has an impressive face, handsome and fortitude, and has the maturity and self-confidence that time has settled down.

     In fact, this big Hongkong Heavenly King is 54 years old now.

     In the body of the Heavenly King superstar, Lu Chen saw the shadow of Tan Hong. The two are similar in many ways.

     They were also the strongest in their respective fields. They were so soft when they won the prizes that they lost interest, but Tan Hong chose to retire early, and Liu Gangsheng was also active in the music and film circles.

     But for the Hongkong Heavenly King, fame and profit are no longer important at all. He sincerely wants to do something for Hongkong's pop music, and wants to save the Cantonese pop songs that are already imminent danger.This is the most important reason why Liu Gangsheng appreciates Lu Chen, because what he sees in Lu Chen is the hope for the future of Chinese pop music.

     For Lu Chen, being able to communicate face-to-face with his teenage idol is really amazing. There is a kind of dream that can be realized and exceeds the satisfaction of desire.

     "I hope you can stay in Hongkong..."

     The Hongkong Heavenly King said to Lu Chen very seriously: "Create more and better Cantonese songs. If you can't stay, please create more Cantonese works in the future..."

     "A good song like "Favorite in Life"!"

     Lu Chen nodded, and solemnly replied: "I must work hard."

     Liu Gangsheng smiled. He gave Lu Chen a personal business card of his own: "You can find me whenever you have anything."

     Liu Gangsheng's personal business cards are rarely given to others, except for real friends.

     Madam Jin smiled and said, "I will take a picture of you, as a memento."

     Liu Gangsheng, who was about to leave first, readily agreed. He not only took photos with Lu Chen, but also took several photos with Chen Fei'er and the three of them.

     Then some of the photos were uploaded to his blog by Chen Fei'er using his mobile phone.

     Suddenly it caused quite a stir in her and Lu Chen fan circles."Liu Heavenly King!"

     "It's so cool to take a photo of two handsome old and new guys!"

     "Ahhhh, can it be said that Liu Gangsheng will also make a cameo in the new movie? I like him very much!"

     "My Chen is so hot and talented, Liu Heavenly King must appreciate it!"

     "Look forward to the cooperation between My Chen My Fei and Liu Heavenly King!"

     "Cooperation +1..."

     Regardless of the uproar on the Internet, the Bell Tower Music Salon is undoubtedly a key step for Lu Chen to integrate into the Hongkong entertainment circle.

     Two days later, Chen Fei'er, who finished all shooting work of "A Chinese Ghost Story", left Hongkong.

     As a result, Lu Chen's first film has entered a rapid sprint stage.

     On December 29th, "A Chinese Ghost Story" officially ended.


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